Utsukushii Bara Academy Enrollment

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  1. [​IMG]

    (Mens uniform is as shown below first years wear a red striped tie second years wear a purple striped tie and third years wear a blue striped tie)

    (Girls uniform is as shown below colors also range the same as the mens with year colors)

    Welcome everyone to Utsukushii Bara Academy. the school for talented young ladies and gentalmen...here we do not just teach the basics of school knawlage we pride ourselves on the charm manners and elegence of our gifted young students....oooookay enough of that intro...now on to the fun stuff! here at Utskushii Bara theres so many fun clubs and clyb activitys mainly seld by the young girls who make up the schools very own host club!

    Me Alice Of Hearts:president-Cutesy Lolita.

    Ravenbelle:vice president-brainy chick.

    AliceHeart-mischievious one.

    Muffin-strong silent #1

    Nimh-strong silent #2

    Yami-Goth-lolita into dark and spooky stuff

    Muno:mischievious set of twins.

    now mind you thses lovely girls all have there own unique personalitys which words do not do justice wanna know more about these young girls please feel free to enroll or even sign up as a host and i sure hope you are all as excited as i am! ill be posting the character skel soon and opening the thread as soon as i hear from each of these young ladys ^.^ thank you all and hope to see you at enrollment! -^.^-
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  2. Id love to join in if you would not mind?
  3. no i dont mind at all ill let you know once i finish the skel and post the thread ^.^
  4. alright sounds great!
  5. just so you know its a female host club but we do entertain male clients ^.^ or you can just be a part of the school what ever youd like and im not against a mens host club being formed either ^.^
  6. Lol am i aloud to rp being a female?
  7. yes of course i was mearly stateing something i should have in the first post i made =P no worries that was bad on my part sorry ^.^
  8. no harm done but i love the idea so im excited
  9. im glad to hear that if you wouldnt mind letting me know the personality you like to portray and id also like to inform you some of the female hosts depening on the persons point of view on the matter also entertain other females ^.^
  10. My character would be open to any sexuality shes gonna be very nice to everyone and be very flirty. Shes a 16 year old who loves her friends
  11. alright thanks ^.^
  12. Looks like OHSHC! I wanna join! Please?
  13. of course! ^.^ please keep an eye out because ill be posting the skel here so people can just post them here and then when all the lovley ladys of the club are acounted for we will begin ^.^ also if you wish to be a host please let me know your character type so i can add you to the list please and thanks a bunch ^.^
  14. Jw do I get to be a host?
  15. I want to be the natural and caring type. A 2nd year please.
  16. Ill be a 3rd year
  17. yes of course just let me know if you could come up with kind of astary type-ish name like i have for the others if not ill try my best to place you in the right catagory oky? ^.^ and also to chibi i want to make sure you know there may be some sceanes in this rp that are either yaoi and yuri related due to some peoples prefrences i took a peek at your resume i just want to be sure you dont get uncomfortable reading the post so i wante to warn you ahead of time there is no requierment for this type if you dont chose to be but i will warn those who post a dislikeing to it about it in my rps so please just be sure your ok to post i dont want to ruin it for you just trying to be nice ^.^
  18. Wow thats really nice of you Alice! As long as I dont have to play those roles, im alright. Astary-type names?
  19. Miku Kaguruzaka? Does that woork?
  20. ooooh! my alice made a woopsy! XD i meant a name that catagorizes your personality like mine is the lolita type cutesy and little kid ish sometimes bratty or pouty but in a loveable way like your type could be hmmm i guess it could be the meternal type but i dont want anyone thinking of that in an insest way...so maybe umm hmmm i also read on your resume that you also can be the tsundere type maybe something like the angelic type....with a twist? im not sure but i hope this helps sorry i must not have been reading corectly when i typed that XD
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