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  1. Welcome to utopia, far away from civilization a group of people have decided to band together to form a new civilization....a utopia and you are one of them. This is semi based off the show.

    Character Sheet:
    Age: (12-30)
    Physical Appearance:
    Strengths: (What does you character bring to this civilization)
    Sexual Orientation:

    A fenced in square quarter mile in the middle is the house which has one bathroom with two showers two sinks and one toilet, there are two large bed rooms, and a very large open area which acts as a kitchen/living room. The kitchen contains a stove, sink, and refrigerator. The living room contains a table, a couch and three lounge chairs. Throughout the rest of utopia there is a lake, a small forest a barn with chickens, three cows, and six pigs. The rest is up to the Utopianism to build.