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  1. ~ A roleplay between senpai and Crimson77 ~


    ❋ 四月は君の嘘 ❋
    Your Lie in April

    Theme Song


    I met a girl underneath a cherry blossom tree
    and that is when my fate began to change . . .


    S T O R Y L I N E

    Theodore Williams was a child prodigy who dominated the world of music; he was what you called a genius, the next Beethoven. But after he lost his ill mother from the inevitable cruelty of cancer, his life shattered apart and the motivation he had before was gone. That was all proven when he stopped playing in the middle of a concert, scandalously leaving the stage without a word. Ever since then, he never laid his hands on a piano again. As years passed by, he became tone-deaf when it comes to playing the keyed instrument. He accepted this realization, thinking it was for the best.

    Until he met her.

    Elizabeth Slisbury is an amazing but hidden violinist who shows passion through her instrumental playing's. She is the complete opposite of the now-sullen highschooler—and they wouldn't have crossed path if Cecilia Rye, Theodore's childhood friend, had not introduced them.

    His once quiet life took a drift turn when Elizabeth nudged into his personal thoughts. Through her own way, her positive vibes started to influence Theodore; slowly, but surely, back to the music world he was meant to thrive in. Only this time, the "robotic" structure that he used to have began to peel away—as he gradually developed his own style. And perhaps along the way, Theodore will find the true meaning to become a newly-reborn pianist.
    M A I N C A S T

    Theodore Williams . . . played by @senpai
    Elizabeth Slisbury . . . played by @Crimson77
    Cecilia Rye . . . played by @senpai

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  2. [​IMG]


    Chapter 1
    .:.A Monotone World.:.


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  3. [​IMG]
    {History Classroom ~> Rooftop}

    Theodore had a dream. The same dream that haunted him two weeks from now; leaving him sick to the stomach and a sour look on his face, because from what he remembers, precisely no less; is him playing the piano years back at a recital concert.

    It was odd to remember an event that he forgotten so long ago, and nothing particularly happened that was considered "memorable". It was just another tedious day on the padded bench, his fingers flying to each piano keys like he was instructed to do so. When he finished—hitting the last tab in a dramatic flair—there was a familiar roar of applauds from the audience as they scream his name. Typical. But this illusion stuck to his head like flatten bubblegum on his favorite sneakers; an annoying issue he'd click his tongue at. Theodore tried closing his eyes; squeezing it shut even, but that didn't erase the constant memory that played in the back of his head like a broken record. Nor had the sound of sweet melody that danced, a waltz he couldn't get rid of no matter how loud he drowns himself in gritty underground music, the complete opposite of the classical genre he despise.

    He could feel his subconscious taunting him.

    "Doesn't this mean you want to play the piano?" It says in a honey tone overly-coated.

    Shut up.

    "But I'm not lying, aren't I?" It snickered. "You don't have to deny it. After all, I am you."

    You're annoying.

    "You know you want to . . ." It whispered, persistent. "Just do it. Play for us again."

    The bell rung, signaling that class was over and it was time for lunch. Right away, chatters from other students came to life and overlapped the teacher's announcement about something no one cared about. Chairs scrapped against the floor, feet shuffling and laughter lost in the sea of voices. It was lively; anyone who catches this wave would be uplifted in some sort of way, but Theodore was immune to the warmth. He didn't feel anything. It's not like he was involved in their irrelevant conversations—why should it affect him?

    His shoulders slumped, resting as if weights are restraining him from sitting up, his folded arms tightened. He tucked his head within the limbs, not wanting to stand as the seat he occupied was warmed up.

    "Williams," His teacher sounded disapproving, eyebrows knitted and lips that frowned, (Theodore didn't have to see to know, it's not the first time this happened), "You can't always sleep in my class. If you keep up this kind of behavior, then we might have a problem here."

    There was no respond, an awkward silence falling in place when the last student left the classroom, the echos of their footsteps trailing to the packed hallways. His teacher sighed, a way of letting Theodore know he gives up.


    It wasn't a long walk from his class to the rooftop if you ignore the blockages he had to force through. Most of the time, the blonde had to come to a halt every few seconds and he was constantly brushing, bumping, brushing, bumping into other students. At least none of them noticed, or they didn't seem to be faltered. He was treated like dust . . . Well, that was fine; he can use it as an advantage so he wouldn't have to deal with unnecessary remarks of people snapping at him to watch where he's going (Although clearly he should be the one angry).

    It was approximately an eight minute walk when he reached to his destination. He shoved his earphones in his ears, idly prodding away on his phone. With clever fingers, he tapped "Music Player" and went on shuffle playing whatever. Any song would do fine at the moment; he needs the distraction.

    ". . . Little black submarines
    Operator please
    Put me back on the line
    Told my girl I'd be back
    Operator please
    This is wreckin' my mind . . ."

    He knew Cecilia was waiting from him upstairs; impatiently, probably; since he was slower than usual. But he took his time time anyway.

    ". . . Oh can it be
    The voices calling me
    They get lost
    And out of time
    I should've seen it glow
    But everybody knows
    That a broken heart is blind
    That a broken heart is blind . . ."

    The singer hummed, whispering melancholic sorrows. Theodore finally made the last step of the staircase and took short stride to the rusty door. He slipped out his hand that was in his uniform pocket and turned the knob opened. Wind flew by, sweeping his curly bangs and he had to squint his eyes to adjust the change of lighting. The sun filled the building inside but it was sheltered in darkness once again when he shut the door behind him. Hopefully he didn't lock himself out like last time. That was quite the drama.

    He inhaled the fresh scent of April, taking in the outside scenery and it was the same as ever. From here, he can make out the convention store he'd swing by afterschool; that is, if he step to the fences further. But he didn't.

    Theodore was not alone.

    ". . . Pick you up, let you down
    When I wanna go
    To a place I can hide
    You know me, I had plans
    But they just disappeared
    To the back of my mind . . ."

    Apparently, Cecilia and Theodore wasn't the only one who found out about the hangout spot they practically claimed for the semester; there was a girl by the barbed wires. Her hair picked up the spring breeze and flowed along, her back turned to Theodore so he didn't see what she looked like. Regardless who she was, she was invading his spot.

    . . . But he rather not say, and she seemed to be in deep thoughts anyway, seeing she didn't even turn when he entered the rooftop. Theodore glanced around, trying to pick out another spot where he can relax until Cecilia comes. Speaking of which, where is she?

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    * Rooftop *

    Elizabeth didn't know what to feel. The morning hadn't been as eventful as it usually was, thank goodness. However, she felt as though she was missing a part of herself. That was the reason she was here, was it not? To start over... until it ends? But she didn't know where to begin. Her parents and new teachers were supportive and she enjoyed wandering about the school, feeling so light and free but she felt like she was missing an important piece of herself. Was this what people always struggled with? What was the word people always used? She forgets. It didn't matter she supposed. Perhaps she would learn the word when she found it for herself.

    She was given time to herself before she would be introduced to her new class and Elizabeth wanted to reassure herself that she was fine. As she hummed finish the melody, she felt a little more relieved. Singing had always helped her calmed down, especially what she felt at the time. Taking in a deep breath and feeling the cool breeze against her skin, Elizabeth felt a little more confident than she had when she woke up.

    Feeling as though another person was with her, Elizabeth turned to observe what she thought was an empty rooftop. However, her eyes had met with another and Elizabeth's breath hitched in her throat. How long was he there for? she wondered as she stared at the blonde hair lighter than her own ruffle through the breeze.

    Snapping her conscious back to reality, Elizabeth opened her mouth to speak. It quickly shut as she pondered on what to say. Her eyebrows scrunched for a moment before she parted her lips once more, "Hello, I didn't think anyone would come up to the roof." she spoke ever so gently. Her voice was loud enough to be heard from where the boy stood, she hoped.

    Offering him a smile, as she pushed her hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear, "Is it fine if I stay? Or did you want some privacy?" she asked, politely. Her hands intertwined with it each other as she fiddled her fingers.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Apparently, the stranger in front of him did not know what "earphones" meant because she spoke anyway, lips moving and inaudible statements Theodore predicted coming out. His eyes fell on the blonde's face and he had no idea what she was saying. His dark circles slightly deepened when he gave her a disgruntled reaction, eyebrows adjusting into fine crinkles when he tried to make out her words, due to no avail. The song he was playing blared into his ears, which was probably not good for his hearings in the future, but the musical solo was reaching to its climax and it was absolutely captivating; he couldn't just put it down.

    But she smiled, a gesture most people wouldn't offer to a brooding teen like him. It wasn't entirely "startling" to the point where he's shocked because someone actually talked to him other than Cecilia; but it was unexpected. It was out of politeness, he thought. She was only being nice. Regardless of whatever intention she had, or no intention at all; at least she didn't tell him to bugger off and find someplace else. Then they would have a problem.

    The stranger closed her mouth, her hands fiddling together like she was waiting for his reply.


    He plucked one of his earphone out from his inner shell. It was only fair to show manners after a civil one-sided exchange.

    "I didn't catch that," He says, tersely. He throws her a bored glance, scanning any trace of discomfort before continuing on, "Can you repeat what you've just said?" It sounded flippant, an attitude he needed to fix or people would get the wrong idea; though that's what Cecilia advised and Theodore could only care less. But it was something he didn't intend; including the questioning brow that lifted. It was as natural as breathing, and people who didn't know him any better would assume he's annoyed.

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  6. [​IMG]
    * Rooftop *

    Elizabeth's facial expression showed no change. However, her inner self wondered what this boy must be thinking as he stared so boringly at her. "U-uh," Elizabeth stuttered. Maybe he didn't want her to be here? Or did he really not hear what she had just said? It was then she saw the ear-piece in one ear and the other between his fingers. He honestly hadn't heard what she had said and Elizabeth couldn't help but let out a breathe of relief.

    "I asked if it was alright if I stayed up on the roof?" Elizabeth repeated, a hand reaching to the back of her neck. "Or did you want some privacy?" she finished, smiling kindly at the boy. She didn't want to make him feel like he didn't have a choice. Elizabeth honestly didn't mind if he asked her to leave but she would appreciate if he allowed her to stay. After all, she was suppose to meet with a friend up here.

    Patiently, she waited for an answer as she listened to the familiar melody blast through the tiny piece of ear phone. How loud did the boy set his music to? For her to hear it a few feet away, it must have definitely been pretty darn loud.​
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