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  1. Jada Wright boarded the USS Titan after ensuring the Vulcan orchids were all properly stored and secured for transport. There was already a misting station and proper lighting secured in the extra terrarium bay. These were delicate plants and required precise lighting and misting if they were to survive. As Chief science officer, it was her responsibility to see to such details and make the appropriate preparations in such cases.

    She had been to Vulcan on three other occasions and found it to be a tranquil and interesting planet. Her parents would have been very uncomfortable. but she thrived on new experiences and gathering any knowledge she could about the vast universe that stretched out before the Federation. Her parents were back on earth, wishing no one had ever ventured into space. They had tried to talk her out of joining the academy, but she would not be deterred. It had been eight years since she had left earth, but she did communicate with them regularly.

    Having secured the orchids, she went to the terrarium to check on her preparations there. It was not long after she arrived that the orchids were transported there as well. They had to be physically delivered, because it had been proven these orchids did not survive the teleportation process well. She carefully placed each one and then set all the controls to automatically deliver mist and light as required. She let out a gush of air as she finished.

    secure in the knowledge that her assigned task was successfully completed, Jada left the Terrarium bay and made her way back toward the science lab.

    Michael Franklin was busy running system checks on the main thrusters as well as the forward shields. These were the last tests necessary before they could embark on the long journey to Bajorn to deliver the orchids. Seemed to him a really long trip to deliver flowers but orders were orders. He called out to his second, "Up another level," knowing he would understand. They had been working together for several years and were comfortable with each other's processes and communication level. He kept communication at a minimum as a rule, but sometimes he chose to be more open and forthright. The right person could get him to talk, his second was not one of those people.

    "Ok shut her down," he said as he stood and went to make his report. He tapped his communicator, "Ready in engineering Captain," he said, "Awaiting your command." He tapped it again and sat on the stool near the controls. He knew they would be leaving shortly, but he had no idea if everyone was aboard or not. He dragged his left hand through his hair and circled his head to loosen up his tired muscles a bit. Fixing that secondary thruster had taken two days and it had been a tight squeeze in there. He could use a massage and a hot shower, but both would have to wait.
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  2. Shipping out Orchids was the last thing anyone really thought of as fun. It was the last thing anyone really thought of as profitable, it was the last thing anyone thought of period! However, in this particular case it did prove to be quite the opportunity. The Ferangi Astrometric Officer off the USS Titan picked away at the keys of this vessel hidden away in his little nook of the science lab. Actually, many ferengi didn’t understand why he joined Starfleet at all. It wasn’t profitable, they said, it didn’t garner value, they accused. They were all wrong. So wrong in fact that he enjoyed knowing he had quite the latinum bank at home. Running his company on the side of his missions was easy. He charted chcarts, pointed out opportunities, and his company would run honest Federation based business. In fact they even had a share of the profits on this deal, because his mapping skills were required and the maps that navigated this quadrant of space came from his company,. In short, Astrometric Officer Thel Taheel was quite happy.. With his last dits of his report finished he send the data to a PADD and prepared to present it to the Chief Science Officer. He stood all of four and eleven inches tall, was a pleasant shade of burnt orange, an had a series of beautiful green eyes. His ear lobes were pronounced, strong like a goo business mans should be, but smooth and tender like a lovers. His entire face was actually quite smooth a trait he often exploited.

    After standing to his feet, checking his attire incase the Chief was a stickler on attire, and making sure his boots were properly fixed he approached the chief officer. “Sir, Lt. Thel Taheel here to present the most resent update to our course, the First Officer was awaiting it’s delivery from you, pending my finishing it. “ He then stood still, eyes forward presenting the pad slightly towards the officer. This Ferangi seemed to be a high respect for rules, position, and order. Something that his species was known for, after all it never hurts to suck up to the boss. However, Lt. Thel didn’t seem to have a mischievous err to him. He honestly respected this woman, her accomplishments, and most importantly, as a fellow Senior Officer, who just so happened to also report to the Chief Science Officer, he had to establish good working relations. He was just transferred to this vessel all of eighteen hours ago, his stuff wasn’t unpacked yet! It’d be a shame to let his feelings of her being a hu-mon get in the way of that, besides she wasn’t too awful a looking female, for a hu-mon.

    • - -
    It was a long, and rather hectic schedule to get ready for this mission, however, it really wasn’t too bad when one was logical about it. Starfleet had accepted her papers, she ahd past her test, and everything was good. Sub-Commander T’rel of Vulcan was officially transferred and the new first officer of the USS Titan for as long as the captain wished, and or as long as they were inside the Vulcan trading routes that had recently opened up in deeper, more un chartered, portions of space. So when she was boarding the ship she made note of taking visual reference of every part of the ship, putting specs and blue prints to actual hard core wiring and listing. She finished checking in with sickbay, now running three and a half minutes late because the doctor misplaced a file. However, soon she was on the bridge. It wasn’t long before she was making sure things were running smoothly and right when the bell struck for her to meet the captain she was, indeed, at his office. Albiet, she was missing one cup of Vulcan Chi Tea, a needed part of every day for her, it hadn’t been too much of an issue.

    She approached the door and knocked on it, hearing the announcements stating that they could indeed depart. The captain wouldn’t probably give the orders himself, after all it was the first android captain in Starfleet. Cpt. Data, finally commissioned to handle something more. She was proud to take this assignment, she had studied the captains works quite detailed. To be honest it was a bit of an obsession, if Vulcans had such things. She tapped at the com, knocked on the door and waited. Her hair was in a bun, firmly placed at the base of her skull giving her a more streamline look, her ears were slightly more pronounced than most Vulcans, but nothing too out of the ordinary. She stood rather tall and lanky, about six feet without the heels for boots that she wore. Her face had little to no makeup, it was hard to tell with her smooth completion. She stepped inside, once permission was granted, and stood straight as aboard. “Sub Commander T’Rel reporting for duty sir.”
  3. Jada had just laid her own report pad down on her desk when the new Astrometics Officer approached her. She had worked very hard to attain this position, but she wasn't the kind of person who stepped on or over others to achieve her personal goals. She just worked hard and was very good at her job. Her mind was a marvel, her professors used to say. She never gave it much thought really, but she did give a data prototype a run for its money once and that was quite satisfying indeed.

    He was being quite personable for a Ferengi. She was grateful that he seemed at least to be conscientious and his report was complete and perfectly in order. "Thank you," she said as she listened as he relayed his report. He could have just waited for her to read it, but this was far more efficient and welcome to her. "Forgive me for not meeting with you before now, but I had to attend to the shipment," she smiled, "I am Chief Science Officer Jada Wright," She said formally, "And you are most welcome Lt. Thel Taheel."

    She moved to her desk, "Have you had a chance to settle in Lt.?" she asked, knowing he couldn't possibly have been on board longer than a few hours. "This is quite a large ship...take some time to map out the location of everything." She grinned at her tiny attempt at humor. She wasn't considered funny by most people but she did attempt it occasionally.

    Michael awaited the orders to engage. He had three others working with him in engineering, less than normal, but he hoped they would be accepting more at the first starfleet base. He didn't exactly like being understaffed, but things were as they were, no point belaboring things. The crew he had were competent and reliable, and that was all was concerned about. They had taken on quite a few new officers, and were the guinea pigs for the first android commander. He liked Data just fine but he wasn't too awfully sure about him being the commander. NO soul, meant that at times his views would be skewed and separate. Hopefully his fears would never come to light and this would be a smooth journey to Bajoren.

    One of the changes had been a new astrometics officer and a Ferengi at that. He could only hope he wasn't the normal crooked type. If someone ever heard his mental comments to himself they might mistakenly think him a bigot, but he was never one to judge someone by racial stereotypes. He met people and made up his own mind about them without regard to any other input. The new astrometician would be no different. They also had a brand spanking new Second as well, A Vulcan. How much more analytical could this crew get? An android and a Vulcan, the two most detached types of people serving in the federation.

    "We should be getting the engage sign any minute men," he said in a commanding voice that carried throughout the Engineering bay, "Be at the ready."
  4. The young man nodded his head, the small sash that draped from ear to ear being a Science Officer blue color and waggled a bit as he nodded his head in acknowledgment of her acknowledgement of the report. A smile prose on his face, showing of his teeth slightly, but not much. For some federation Ferangi their teeth were often the most hidden things. Hu-mon’s seemed repulsed by them, perhaps their jagged edges or dingy look? However, Thel was smart and came prepared for the business. His teeth weren’t dingy, weren’t jagged, and most importantly, his teeth were recently sharpened with a platinum tooth sharpener in his belongs. So, even the slightest sign of his teeth to the Hu-mon female would show her those changes, whether she cared or not. “I haven’t had too much of a chance to look around and get comfortable. However, in my briefing for the mission I researched and saw the blue prints, I feel like I know the place already.” He commented to his superior. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, and just so you know. I am well versed in many different area’s of sciences, astrometrics is just my forte.” He calmly explained. “So if you are ever too short handed and need assistance, please do not hesitate to call me.” With that he saluted , held it there, and showed he was done talking.

    In truth Thel wasn’t attracted to any Hu-mon, he loved their money however. Though this wasn’t quite the best profit on a shipment he’s ever seen. He waited for her to dismiss him only to pause and speak to her in a rather calm and informal way, something he noticed some federation members doing between one another as an ice breaker. “Oh, and Sir, I usually get a gaming ring together on Saturdays. We’ll be playing in the mess hall I’m pretty sure. All kinds of games from Tan-go to Poker. I think someone even mentioned an old earth game called Monopoly. I don’t know hwo to play it, but it sounds very, enjoyable.” He searched for his last word, doing his best not to say “Profitable”, Hu-mons didn’t seem to believe that Greed was in fact eternal. Something he was very sad about. Joining the Feds was as strange a life as any. However, it was rewarding in its own, non-greedy way. They had him once upon a deep space exploration vessel for two years, that was interesting. It was actually where he managed to get a lot of the information on this region of space. As he was again the chief stellar cartographer for the region and made all sorts of maps, all of them available to the Federation, however many of them couldn’t understand his strange nomenclature system. The ferangi had a much better system that he still sticks too, and translates as needed. In short, it was an odd mission, but fun.

    The Vulcan spoke with Captain Data and soon enough found herself back on the bridge, ready to order everything underway. She looked to the Com officer and spoke. “Open a channel to all decks and all stations please.” She asked and sat down in the Captains chair, as she had the bridge. “This is First Officer Sub Commander T’rel to all hands. Prepare for departure from the Space Dock, whenw e are clear please go to Warp 6.” She then looked to the helm. “Lay in our positioning and take us out slowly, impulse only, when we are clear you know what to do.” She with that she wasquite, watching the bridge crew rok, seeing the empty Engineering station. The Chief must be down in engeneering making sure all of the preparations were underway. A logical place for him to be.
  5. Jada had never met a more agreeable Ferengi and in some ways that was disconcerting. They ahd a very different set of life values and ways. Treachery and greed were applauded and rewarded even, so his being to accommodating gave her a bit of pause. "Your personnel file is actually quite impressive Officer Taheel. I was very relieved to have such an experienced astrometic and scientist on board." That was the absolute truth. She was used to be severely understaffed, because ehr department was where they would cut corners if they needed more security or engineering. So having someone that could pull double duty was a real comfort to her.

    He saluted and she returned the salute and smiled, "We need not be so formal within the science lab, Taheel." she said with a smile, "But thank you for the show of respect." She had thought he was done, but he began to address her again so she gave him her full attention. She was good at listening and he'd learn it was one of her better qualities. He invited her to a gaming circle. She was totally shocked and she was sure it showed on her face. "Why thank you Taheel." she said genuinely touched by the invitation. On her last assignment not one person had befriended her. She wasn't sure why but she just did her job and read a lot, which to her was a useful expenditure of her time. "I would be delighted to teach you to play Monopoly, though I dare say you will win every time, since it is a strategy game involving the accumulation of the most wealth and property." She chuckled a bit, "Please remind me." she asked, "I am horrible with the passage of time on ship...horrible."

    She heard the First officer's announcement and nodded, "Seems we are off..."

    Michael heard the first officer, "Ahh the Vulcan is at the helm," he said not at all shocked. He tapped his comm badge, "Understood, Commander," he replied, "Impulse power engaged." His crew was busy scurrying around attending to their tasks while he engaged the engines. The ship slowly moved through the bay door of the dock and cleared the station. He waited until they were totally clear and then tapped his comm again, "Engaging Warp drive." he said and then released the comm.

    To his men he instructed, "Increase to warp one..." He watched the gauges and was satisfied with the stress levels. Front shields engaged Mr. Watters. Taking us to warp six." He gently increased the speed a little at a time so the crew members weren't jolted or disoriented and once they were steady at warp six he checked all the stresses and parameters again before nodding. "Great work gentlemen," he acknowledged, "Off I go to hobnob with the bridge." He didn't really consider himself to be an officer on their same level though he was. he had no real command authority unless all of them died, and he had no desire to see that happen, or actually be in command.

    He made his way through the halls and to the lift that transported Officers to the Bridge. THe lift slid open and he emerged and moved to the Captain's chair, "Forgive me Commander Trel," he said, "We had some difficulty with the shields and the warp engine before we arrived here, I wanted to be sure everything would function without problems." He saluted and waited for her to dismiss him before taking his seat at engineering.
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