USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere

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198 Years Ago Today: The American frigate USS Constitution defeats the British frigate HMS Guerriere off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada earning her nickname "Old Ironsides". This is the first in a series of British naval defeats against the smaller US navy. Most of the Royal Navy is tied up in the war against Napoleon in Europe, so it's full weight was never used against the US Navy. US Ships tended to be smaller, faster, but lacked many heavy guns, making the US Govt. turn to legalized piracy to distract the British.
A very gentlemanly sort of battle, wasn't it? Thanks for the link Daiki, I enjoyed it.

I wonder if anyone ever does historical reenactments at sea... that's something I'd pay good money to see.
Also: lost of the British frigates in the new world were old and outclassed all the newer ships being used in Europe.
I like this! It wad interesting! I never really knew much of this subject & Thank you Rory!

All the ships used in Pirates of the Carribean are actual used vessals for both historical and reenacting purposes. I've worked on the reconstruction of the USS Nigara a few years back.
I know.... the "Interceptor" appeared on the holodeck of star trek once under the name ...... guess.... "Enterprise"

Her real names "Lady Washington"
I've been on the Lady several times. If I didn't have horrible seasickness I could have even gone out on the ocean in her once. *siiiiigh*
Shes a beauty, biggest boat I've been on was a 30 foot seagoing sailing catamaran used fr light coastal cargo hauls for low priority freight or pesengers. My parents had weird friends.