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  1. We have all experienced it, you make an awesome character for a story, and you have tons of ideas of what your character is going to do in said story.
    But then the story dies, or ends before you get a chance to have fun, and you'll almost certainly not be able to use the character ever again.
    And if you are, then you'll most likely have to change something about the character so it fits into the new story.

    Then there are the characters you make that you really want to use somewhere, but no RP that fits them show up.
    So you either forget about these characters, or simply go on to make another usable character for those RPs that always show up.

    And what about those scenarios and chance meetings you have planned in your head but never get the opportunity to play out because the characters you need for them doesn't really fit into the same general story.
    And the mashups and multiversal RPs out there are almost always made for a certain type of characters, with a setting that doesnt really fit or allow your idea.


    So, I propose opening a multiversal meetingspot for any and all characters, giving you the chance to finally RP some with them :D

    Any takers?
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  2. Smells intriguing. I will bite.
  3. I am interested in, mostly because some of my role plays I had way back, I have only really truly completed 1 out of all the ones I've created....
  4. How lovely, now this idea of mine would not entail an actual plot or the like, but instead focus on a setting and premise to allow any character from anywhere to become part of it for what amount of time the RPer deems reasonable :)

    My idea, while cliche and cringeworthy, is a multiversal location at which characters find themselves. Either by choice, chance or even necessity.

    Now, if that setting feels decent enough I'll continue working on it.
    Any angles and ideas are of course welcome, as are any questions. ^^
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  5. Welp, I feel like I can use this thing to my advantages with a few characters I suppose.

    I'm interested, Windpipe. ^^
  6. I've seen many of these come and go around Iwaku, and they all have been awesome, finished or not.
    I've mostly seen Cafe settings where people will just fall in. It's usually a spot between dimensions, accessible from everywhere (whether by accident or actually choosing to have access) and has literally any food. The owners are usually kept a mystery, unless someone takes up that role. there also was an inn upstairs, but no one really used it other than to hide characters temporarily.
    There was an Intersection, which is another place between dimensions. This place was a gateway to other dimensions. It had a low police force and rising crime rates when i toyed with it. There were more than just cafes, with diverse restaurants, stores, inns, and other types of buildings you would find in a small town.
    I saw a town, which seemed more to be purgatory than anything. Most people who ended up there came there because they died or just coincidentally ended up there. The buildings in the town would form to the will of the person who entered. There was a lifesource/respawn center, which was the fountain everyone started at.
    Then again, there are survival places. People can get thrown into a dangerous situation and try to survive. Those can be pretty fun
    these are just examples of settings i have seen in the past, in which many aspects of them can be switched around and messed with. I'm totally up for this, and glad to help with the creation. :D The only hard part is choosing which character to use (and make sure to put on a limit of how many characters one person can have. I would recommend three at most, but usually its easier with one or two.)
  7. I might join this, I have been needing to to reintroduce my Raptoids from a monster RP that died a long time ago. Might even make an RP of my own with them too. But,for now I'll keep an eye on this one.
  8. You have my tentative interest.
  9. @TyranntX: That's a nice picture you got there, mostly about a T-Rex fully equipped to deal with a Bug Invasion similar to the Tyranids. Which would be quite neat to see actually.

    This role play is definitely different from all the others I've actually done, mostly because, I was primarily a Lurker and only posted RPs, which were GM'd by me randomly.
  10. Lovely to have everyone be interested in the concept, as @Katrina Iceheart says, this kind of RP has been done a lot, with different POVs and settings.
    What I wish to give you would be a place where any character can take part, be it a relaxed cafe or the heat of an endless battle ^^

    Now, my idea for the amount of characters you are allowed is limitless. Or more accurately, you can use an unlimited amount of characters, as long as they are not part of the RP at the same time. At any given time I would agree on the two or three limit.

    For the setting itself, it will of course be in connection to a multiverse, to reasonably allow any character. (If anyone like me gets irritated on the matter of beyond-world structural layout xD)
    But Im not entirely sure on what kind of place it should be, at the moment Im debating it being a kind of floating island, as it would thus be able to house a bunch of available locations. The central location would probably be a cafe, tavern or likewise, as the main point of the RP is the usage of, and training with, characters, and what better place than somewhere you can interact with an array of other diverse individuals ?
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  11. I would be interested in this. Not certain I can fit it into my schedule but I'll try.
  12. fine fine Wind I shall make some kind of appearance in this.
    expect some Existence weekly reads and Existential crisis from a guardian.....o_O that is all I can imagine as of this moment to add to this in any way...
  13. I've been looking for a rp like this forever!! I'm in
  14. Soooo is this still a thing?
  15. Yeah it would be cool to see a IC get off the ground for once. It seems like a lot of them are dying as of late.
  16. If @Windstormugly does end up dropping this idea then I wouldn't mind doing something like this and moderating in his place.
  17. @daniel reaver @Katrina Iceheart @TyranntX @GlassTrinity

    I intend to get this RP going, thé last month has simply been too hectic IRL. Its damn fun being a middle-school teacher stand-in, but does it ever blank out your mind xD
    I should have enough time starting next week, but I'll keep you posted on my progress so you don't lose interest ^^
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  18. I would possibly be interested depending on the overall writing level of those involved, not to be a prude but I have left roleplays simply because the writing wasn't provocative enough ^^;
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