Using the Zodiac for Character Development!

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  1. If you ever get stuck on trying to figure out how to fluff out and make a character personality more three dimensional, the ZODIAC can be really useful. With both the Chinese and Western zodiac, you have complete personality profiles.

    So here's some handy Zodiac links!

    - Western Signs
    - Chinese Zodiac
    - Celtic Zodiac

    Do you ever consider zodiac signs when creating character profiles?

    Don't forget to share some cool resources if you have some!
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  2. Yeeees, this stuff is really useful, I mean, I don't specifically say like "OH THIS GUY'S A TAURUS SO HE LIKES CASH AND STUFF!" but like, pick up characteristics that'd be useful and apply them to a character, for example, Taurus could be mostly loner romantic type, or an egomaniacal villain who does things for the safety of himself, or whatever.
  3. Not really. In fact, I hadn't thought of it at all until you mentioned it. It might be not be very important, unless there's something "zodiac" about the rp itself, I think.

    Reminds of me of Fruits Basket. The Zodiac played a major part it that story <3
  4. All the time, but it largely will depend on the character and plotline involved. For Western Characters I use the Stars. For Eastern Asian, the "Chinese."
  5. This is really helpful!
  6. I like to use these as motifs rather than character personality inspirations.

    Like, outright calling someone a dragon scorpion, or something.