Using the Zodiac for Character Development!

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  1. Oh! Lucrezia! She'd be a great middle man for the job.

    She can even try her magical sultry routine like she did on Cody, only on someone at twisted as Lorentz, it just fails miserably. Instead, she could have the scent of blood or maybe some blood puppets with her...and THAT gets Lorentz's attention. He would find them more fascinating that a hot chick.

    Daaaang, Red Woman Saga was a long-ass time ago....
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  2. Yeah. That'll be interesting, having her flanked by two monsters. Also before I post, what was the name of the place in Thailand you opened Sam with in Otherverse Reboot? That's where I was trying to set the dock scene.
  3. ok, since we're both rather intrigued by the idea that puck would make a cool imaginary friend, let's do this

    start out in the hospital. natalia's been dealing with a fraying grip on reality, and talking to her imaginary friend ain't helping much. puck, for his part, wants to see what natalia can do, usher her toward godhood one moment while fucking around with the next (as one does!). how she escapes the hospital is up to you, or will probably become evident as we play. (puck just gives me someone the play as during the hospital scenes).

    Natalia meets up w/ raven after she escapes. Raven is flying in from London to investigate strange magical patterns in the Boston area, so she probably will beeline it for Aunt Cherie's house after Natalia escapes to Cherie's. alternatively, perhaps Lucrezia/Lorentz are already on their way to apprehend Natalia, leading to a confrontation during which Raven can show up to render aid.

    this version of Raven is a college freshman, age 18. originally, i was going to have her be part of Hushcobb or Specter, but in this scenario, i think she'd be better off as an Ivory Tower mage doing research. being the (even more) impulsive young woman that she is, she thinks its a great idea to go gallivating across international borders to check out a mana-generating phenomenon. what could possibly go wrong? furthermore, this gives Raven and Natalia a chance to develop the "sisterly" dynamic that they had in Otherverse.

    eventually, Natalia's team and Sam's team will meet up, and while Raven might find Sam attractive, i'm not going have them develop into their relationship for a Volume or two (just to give a few in-game years of time skip)
  4. "She might not want to learn everything but she should at least be taught something and then she can find her way."
  5. draft post for my next post

    basically I'm following sam's perspective of the factory battle, which will mean he needs to shut down the lights; he also encounters one of the blood puppets and figures out their weakness.

    I left ambiguous spots for Jade and Crossfire's position/roles/actions during the battle. I can see each of us doing a section of the overall fight.

    I did put spots where Sam can assist Jade from afar (he drops an elevator to create a smokescreen so she can handily win her end of the fight), and a spot where Crossfire assists Sam when the latter gets pinned by gunfire. Sam also shuts off the lights, giving Jade and Cross a combat advantage.

    and at the end of the post, I make a suggestion that either cross, jade, or both will have met the other blood puppet (and its progeny)

    other than that, the specifics of the fight are completely up the air.

    I can see cross or jade being the ones to find the girls.


    draft (open)

    FEBRUARY 9, 2017

    Sam ran under the cover of night across the back lot toward the loading bays, safe within the certainty of Crossfire's uncanny eyes watching over him. Sam safety-vaulted over a guide-rail set up where freight trucks would have driven up to the bay and landed softly by the large loading doors. He drew forth the folding plastic machete Crossfire gave him back in Pattaya and deployed its full length with a snap of his wrist. He gave the door's large lock a heavy swing, particularly the spot where the lock was bolted into the aluminum door. While the lock itself was tough, the connection between it and the door was not. A few swings frayed that connection and a sharp kick knocked the lock clean off. Sam wedged the machete under the door and worked it open, pushing it up the rest of the way just high enough for him to roll under.

    He took stock of the rear of the factory. Heavy machinery and conveyor belts loomed around him, casting ominous shadows in the eerily empty chamber. He folded the machete closed, tucked it away, and brought his P90 to his cheek. The clang of a footstep on a catwalk overhead sent him into an instinctive roll across the ground and behind a stack of metal crates. The rapport of gunfire and the sparks of bullets ricocheting off the crates was confirmation that he had been spotted. Sam slipped out from behind cover, took a bead on a gangster armed with a handgun positioned on the catwalk above, and fired. The other man gurgled once and fell over, quite dead from three hits to his chest.

    Gunfire, cries of pain, and the snap of bone echoed from the front of the factory. Sam guessed that Jade was well along her own mission. As the fighting ahead intensified, he could hear the frantic steps of other gangsters heading to assist their beleaguered fellows.

    He spotted four of them coming out of a side door to the east, behind some heavy machinery. Sam remorselessly opened fire on them. At least that was four that Jade wouldn't have to deal with. More gangsters were on the catwalks, most heading toward Jade's position. A few spotted Sam, forcing him to run in a crouch under the cover of the machinery around him. He returned fire when he could, keeping close to cover and selecting his targets well; each exchange ended with at least one opponent dead.

    The tide of battle shifted when shots broke through the windows, taking out the gangsters on the catwalk one at a time; Crossfire was selecting his targets as well, sniping them down from his perch outside.

    "Nice shot, Cross," Sam said into his headset. "Jade's going to need some backup." This indeed was just like old times, before he and Jade left Hushcobb, before so much had changed. They moved with the precision and efficiency of a well-greased machine, a trinity of the devil's own angels of death.

    Jade's voice came through the headset. "Hope you found that damn light switch, Ebayan! Its getting a little hairy over here!"

    "Crossfire's on route to support," he responded. "And I see the entry to the basement level."

    "Yeah, I need the assist two minutes ago!"

    Sam glanced around and spotted the freight elevator near Jade's position. "Get to the elevator and get ready to hit the deck! You have ten seconds!" He counted under his breath as he took a bead on the exposed elevator -- specifically, where the cables would be. He fired in a horizontal line, back and forth, the bullets sending out plaster and dust into the air where it punched through the protective siding of the elevator shaft. A metallic groan filled the air along with the snap of cables. "Move it, Jade!" he shouted into his headset. A second later, Jade's side of the factory filled up with dust and smoke as the elevator crashed onto the first floor.

    "Dust cloud helped, Sam," she said; the ambient noise in the headset sounded suspiciously like gunfire and fists slamming to flesh. "Thanks for the assist!"

    "Acknowledged." Sam made his way to a door marked "Maintenance" and kicked it open, revealing a stairway leading down and weakly illuminated by light fixtures. He kept his rifle at the ready as he entered the basement. A long hall greeted him. A quick check of the rooms leading out of the hall revealed janitorial supplies, replacement parts in storage, and various tool sheds. Eventually, though, he found the electrical hub -- banks of fuse boxes and wiring maps of the entire facility.

    "I'm in position," Sam reported, slinging his rifle behind him from its strap. He studied the maps briefly to get a sense of the facility's electrical layout before determining which fuse box he needed. "Cross, Jade -- light's out," he warned, shutting off the power and slipping his nightvision goggles into place. Darkness shrouded the basement...and everywhere else in the factory. He could still hear the sounds of fighting overhead, but also the panicked cries of Lorentz's goons.

    And then he heard something completely different.

    Something predatory. Something feral.

    Sam turned back to the hallway and saw a nightmare out of hell.

    It was slightly taller than a large human man, all spindly limbs and spines, with claws at the end of its fingers and toes. Its head was featureless, save for a too-wide mouth with a prehensile tongue and far too many teeth. But most disturbing of all was that it was made of muscle, sinew, and gore. Ichor dripped of it and onto the floor and the stench of death surrounded it like a cloying pall.

    Sam opened fire instantly, causing the creature to jerk back at each hit and howl at him. But it didn't slow down at all. In fact, it leaped at him with the ferocity of a hunting cat and managed to rake its claws against Sam's chest as the shorter man stumbled back. He fell into a backward roll, coming up in a crouch and firing again. Again, the beast jerked with each hit, but refused to go down.

    Sam ejected the empty magazine and slammed in a fresh one. He got off another few shots before the monster reached him once more. He blocked its next attack with the rifle and brought the stock upward and into its chin. He followed up with a strike to the abdomen with the stock, an elbow strike to the jaw, and a parting spinning sidekick to put some space between them. Since it was readily apparent that bullets were not going to stop this abomination, Sam took the opportunity to retreat into the hallway. The creature stalked toward him, still growling like a hungry animal.

    It leaped at him again, its clawed feet digging into his quadriceps while its fingers stabbed into his shoulders; its weight toppled Sam to the ground, with the beast atop him. Despite the pain, Sam had the foresight to raise his rifle protectively over his face, jamming its action into the creature's snapping jaws.

    Sam then tried to underhook the creature's right arm and shoulder in an attempt to roll it over so he could claim a more advantanegous mounted position. As his bare head touched its gory flesh, the monster roared in agony and leaped off him. Sam hissed as its claws ripped themselves free of his flesh. He saw how the monster began to leak motes of light -- mana -- from where he touched it.

    "So that's what's holding you together," Sam murmured in realization.

    It was his ace in the hole, his touch. A touch that canceled magic.

    For as long as he could remember, magic failed to affect him. It made healing from injury an arduous process, since mages were unable to employ their powers to aid him. However, it also meant that he was immune to direct magical attack. And it also meant that his touch could temporarily sever a mage's ability to use mana. He called his innate antimagic field the 'Empiric Field of Reality,' the ultimate defense against the creatures that went bump in the night.

    It seemed it had a devastating effect on creatures made of mana, as well.

    The creature was still wailing in pain, scratching deep rivulets into its own gory flesh as it raked at the spot Sam touched. Sam calmly drew his pistol and put a bullet into the distracted monster's skull. The entire head exploded and it crumpled to the ground.

    "Jade, Cross," Sam said into his headset. "Lorentz has friends. Not sure what they are, but they're big, ugly, and gory. They're made of magic, so my touch can hurt them. Not sure what else they can do, but they're basically bulletproof unless you destroy the head."

    "Yeah, about that," Crossfire's voice replied, "we already met them."

    other ideas include Puck having something to say to the imprisoned Natalia and Cross/Jade facing off w/ Lorentz
  6. "She could learn worse things from him."