Using the Zodiac for Character Development!

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  1. Oh! Lucrezia! She'd be a great middle man for the job.

    She can even try her magical sultry routine like she did on Cody, only on someone at twisted as Lorentz, it just fails miserably. Instead, she could have the scent of blood or maybe some blood puppets with her...and THAT gets Lorentz's attention. He would find them more fascinating that a hot chick.

    Daaaang, Red Woman Saga was a long-ass time ago....
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  2. Yeah. That'll be interesting, having her flanked by two monsters. Also before I post, what was the name of the place in Thailand you opened Sam with in Otherverse Reboot? That's where I was trying to set the dock scene.
  3. Not really. In fact, I hadn't thought of it at all until you mentioned it. It might be not be very important, unless there's something "zodiac" about the rp itself, I think.

    Reminds of me of Fruits Basket. The Zodiac played a major part it that story <3
  4. All the time, but it largely will depend on the character and plotline involved. For Western Characters I use the Stars. For Eastern Asian, the "Chinese."
  5. This is really helpful!
  6. I like to use these as motifs rather than character personality inspirations.

    Like, outright calling someone a dragon scorpion, or something.