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  1. Hello lovelies,

    Our mission statement a Iwaku is always to create a fun, safe and welcoming environment for people to play, mingle and have fun in.

    To help with this we hire staff who we believe to be reliable and trustworthy to safeguard the rules and safety of all of you.

    We do however know that we are human, and our staff are human (expect Grumpy). Mistakes can be made and not everyone is going to get along with everyone, even staff members. So if you feel that a staff member crosses a line they shouldn't, just like when a member does they can and SHOULD be reported.

    If you believe a staff member has behavioral issue, handles a case incorrectly, abuses their moderation powers, their position or violates any of the rules of the forum (especially the rules about smut outside of age groups) you can click the "Report a Staffer" button under "helpful Links" found at the bottom right of any forum page.

    Every case is viewed by the administrators and anonymity is guaranteed if requested.

    Now happy playing!
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  2. Oh! And when you report a staff member, the only ones that will see it will be the Admins! Vay, Diana and Rory. O_O So you don't have to be scared.
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  3. Unless it's one of us you're reporting, then PMing one of the other is probably better. >>
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  4. If you're a young girl who resents big sister types, report Ozzie.

    If you mistakenly think I'm your dad/ex-husband/both, report me. (It'll probably still be treated as a staff dispute)

    If a grammar nazi you verily do be, report Vay.

    If you've been caught with your pants down and are making one last-ditch attempt to pull the wool over everyone's eyes, report Grumpy.

    If you went into the CBox and didn't clearly establish parameters, report Myrn.

    If you can't tell the difference between Fijoli, FatalRendezvous and Dawn, report Fluffy. It was probably her.

    If you don't have a fucking clue who BlueFalcon and Melon are.... report them. It'll do wonders for their profile.

    *forgets who the rest of the staff are*
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  5. I've always seen Ozzie as the big brother type... You've chattered my dreams Asmo :(
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  7. He'll still be haunting this forum, even when he is a spirit.
  8. I never piss anybody off enough to get reported (that I know of)

    I wanna be one of the cool kids! T_T

  9. Thanks. I thought we had a thing when we shared a joke that one time a few weeks back.
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  10. We shared only lies and misery.
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  11. If I remember correctly, which I very well may not, you were reported for being too cute.
  12. True story.
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