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  1. Don't worry, Hell hasn't frozen and I'm still Minibit

    but I'm trying to name a character who's going to be only identified (insofar as I can see at the moment) by his online handle, and I want that handle to be good and, as some of you know, I'm shit at naming things

    So here's what you know about this character, spit some usernames at me!

    • Male
    • Super techhead/computer geek
    • Cocky
    • Morally ambivalent
    • Keeps online identity 100% separate from IRL identity
    • Story role is a minor villain
    • Pro Hacker
    • Lives in London, England

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  2. xX_mlg69_r4dm45t3r_Xx

    Just kidding.

    Something snappy, that fits the personality he doesn't have. Mocking stereotypes, probably. ClassyBrit. TeaIsMyGlee. Gent McTech-face.
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  3. Indicative of location

    THe last one's more doable, but I'd like something mildly more original for a techy character
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  4. The bot names in Awesomenauts, a scifi 2D MOBA, are all really solid since most of them were named by Kickstarter backers; maybe something in the list will jump out at you? Bots - Official Awesomenauts Wiki
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  5. Right, didn't think of that identity means location as well. Bit of a derp.

    Anyways, I'm perhaps not the person to give you ideas. Goid luck!
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  6. I appreciate the attempt! Thanks n_n
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  7. "God" seems to be up that guy's alleyway.
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  8. Lol! If the character was out-and-out arrogant I'd take it, but I'm not going for quite that level, just cocky :P
  9. How about "C0ntr0lFr34k"? :3
  10. masterful90fps

    BitMaster (bonus of referencing Minibit!)

    TerraBytten (punmanship, hooo!)


    RearKey (backdoor opener?)


    Any of these could, of course, have numbers, but what cocky person would want those?
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  11. How about something simple, but impact and maybe memorable?


    Or if you wanna get a little more l33t with it, XerXe$. Taking on the name of a powerful god-king might fit the bill and it's easy to see someone like that as villainous.
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  12. Omg I love it

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