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  1. People keep changing their g'damned usernames and it drives me batty cause I can barely keep track of you chucklefucks as it is. O___O But thas cool, your name is your identity and should reflect who you are, right? I even had a different internet name once upon a time.

    What are some of your past user names? What meanings did they hold?

    My first internet name was Blueberry Princess. It was a nickname I got pre-internet because every time my friend's boyfriend saw me the only color I wore was BLUE. And princess because well.... I've always been a princess. 8D

    My second name was Skyelight which usually got shortened to Skye! It was originally the name of my Sailor Moon fan character that I just ended up using myself for awhile cause it was pretties.

    Finally, when I just didn't feel comfortable in that anymore I started using Diana. Diana isn't the name my parents gave me, but even when I was a little tiny kid I didn't like my birth name. Diana is the one I gave myself when I was little and later I found out mom was GONNA name me that but changed her mind.

    When I started using it online, everyone thought I was Diana the Cat from Sailor Moon, though. >:[ I would scream I'M NOT A CAT so much that I would login with Diana Notacat. Thus, that has been my internet identity since... before 2001. O______O A very long time.

    Sometimes I still think about changing my net name... but nothing ever fits. t____t
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  2. I'm trying out a new name because it's started to make me feel really weird that strangers on the internet call me by the same name that my boss does. I've been Ozzie for... a while, but it's not my first online handle by a long shot.
  3. My original one was Bengal1992.

    It was a Childhood Nickname, as well as the year I pretended I was born on the internet. Although, my grammar made it obvious, but no one really cared.

    After that, I was on the 39Clues boards. My 'Codename' was CommandoAlliance... I forget the number. 35? I think? That one was one of my favorites. For some reason.

    Then, it was Kirito Swordsman. I was going through a major SAO phase, and yeah. I've pretty much let that name go.

    My current name was created on the Guild, because I was a huge fan of Paladins, and still am! I thought I needed 'The' so I wouldn't sound like an asshat. and Silver was a badass color.
  4. Most are some variation of "Kaga". It started with "Kagamine" (which was a Vocaloid reference) but was often shortened to Kaga. And, because I had a lot of IRL friends that I also talked to online a lot on RPing sites like these, "Kaga" started to become an IRL nickname, as well. @_@ But I was kind of cool with that. I like the sound of it a lot more than my real first name (especially since my real first name is so annoyingly common that when someone tries to call my name, me and two other girls in the room turn our heads), and, after a while, I just started to identify a lot more with it than my real name. There are no other Kagas around, so it just felt so much more... me. It eventually reached the point where I just started telling new acquaintances right off the bat that my name was Kaga.

    But then it felt weird having teachers and other Professional AdultsTM call me that, so I've started to revert back on that a bit. @_@ And now I'm sort of in an awkward situation where I hesitate when someone asks me my name, cuz I'm not sure what would be more appropriate to tell them, and I don't want them to get confused if they hear most other people calling me by my other name...

    Anywhoodle! Most of my online names are now some variant thereof. Usually just "Kaga" if it isn't taken. That's also what I name my player character in most video games.



    An IRL friend of mine (whom I hadn't gotten the chance to hang out with in quite a while prior to this conversation) recently told me that she managed to find my Tumblr account... Like, out of all the accounts on Tumblr, she found me, without even really trying (and I'm pretty sure without knowing I even had a Tumblr??). And how did she manage to do this and know for sure it was me? First, my name had "Kaga" in it, which made her think, "Is that her...?", and then she took a closer look and saw that I was posting about the Beatles.


    Other short-lived usernames that I've had include FishFlakes and InternetLeech. I'm not sure where FishFlakes came from, but I just liked the sound of it. Same with InternetLeech.

    I've also been tempted to try out "Ellowell" at some point, just because I think it would be a cool username in general (try pronouncing it out loud and you might figure out why). But, by the time I thought of it I was too attached to Kaga to think to use it for anything. XD If it's a site I care about, I'll want to use Kaga, and if it's a site I don't care much about and don't expect to visit often, then using anything other than Kaga will cause me to quickly forget my username and be unable to log in. o.o So... yeah.
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  5. Sage.

    Then I weeaboo'd it hard and became Seiji.

    Been that way since!

    My gamer name was spacecowboy. But that's fairly common these days, so I turned it into spacegutar.
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  6. The first time I ever had to make a username was for Command and Conquer red alert to play online. As a big fan of Tiberian Sun I wanted to be called HandofNod.

    It was taken. So I shortened it and added numbers cause that's what people did. So it became Hando101. It stuck until I came up with Kiarrn, which has been my default for well over a decade.

    Windsong was a gifted name by a super spiritual friend. There's a doc file somewhere with their explanation as to why they called me that. Something about being so quiet I'm not there but able to be loud enough that buildings will fall. It was sincere, so that's what I use on Iwaku.
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  7. I've only really had two major username changes in my time on the Internet. I started out using Mrcandyman2000, it was just some random screen name I came up with, nothing special, but it sorta just stuck with me. Eventually that got shortened into just Candy, because that's what everyone would usually call me. And since that happened right around the same time I started getting into Vocaloids, it quickly evolved into Hatsune Candy, which is what I've been using ever since. I don't really have plans to ever change that, either.
  8. I actually never had a default username before I started using Jorick back in... early 2006 I think. It was the name of my main World of Warcraft character and I liked it enough to use it elsewhere and it just stuck. Before then I would either use a permutation of my real name (garbled enough to make it hard for anyone to find me IRL based on it) or come up with a unique name for each site or game or whatever I was doing.
  9. My first username was Starlight because I wanted to be Starfire's twin from teen titans
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  10. Been using Kestrel for over 8 years now. Different usernames lay with different memories, but Kestrel is the one attached to roleplaying.

    As for it's meaning:
  11. Melancholy- Love, Love, Love that word

    Melon- my nickname that was given to me by @Red Velvet and @Xnijmai

    Scintilla- Really liked the word tbh

    As for my current name, I just really like space and I just like Uranus. It's also funny when people say YOUR-anus
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  12. My first screen name was a play on my real name, which I won't put here, but my part of it included my first name--Sarah--only with a Z. My little step sister at the time couldn't pronounce the S, so she said it with a Z. I hated it but I couldn't think of anything else, so it was basically my name with the Zarah and a bunch of other changes to make it look cool.

    I later changed it to Rainjay (based off of a roleplay, it was my character's name. The roleplay ran for years so it was my username for quite awhile).

    It had several variations - Rainjay, Rainjays, Rainjayz, rainjay, etc.

    And then I also started to use Itzarah (It's Sarah) a few years after Rainjay.

    I've always kind of wanted to get a new screen name but it's kind of hard to just make one up, especially since I've been using Rainjay for... seven years now. Wow.

    And of course nicknames came with it; Z, Jay, and Rainy most commonly. I find it kind of funny how people pick up on the same nicknames even on completely unrelated sites.
  13. Uzamaki117
    This was perhaps the first username I really came up with, and it was limited to GameFaqs. GameFaqs being one of the first sites I ever used because gaming was my entire life for a lot of it.
    The reasoning for the name was basically I was also getting into Naruto and Halo at the time, Uzamaki being Naruto's (misspelled) last name, and 117 being for John 117.

    My Xbox LIVE Gamertag for one specific reason. A few months before I got my 360 I was playing Halo 3 at a friends house. During it I got into his humorous situation of getting my Warthog stuck with three enemies surrounding me. But these three were completely incompetent because in my struggles to gradullay reverse, move forward, reverse, move foward etc. to get out I ended up accidently running over all three of them. To which my friend seeing this exclaimed "Holy Shit dude! You're the Splater King!" so it stuck.

    What my username started to evolve into as I got a bit older. I got into the 360 a lot, and with LIVE all my classmates were commenting that there seemed to be no moment I wasn't playing.

    Old YouTube Channel name I made during my "Learning more about God" stage of religious questioning. Parents soon freaked out about me getting exposed to extremists though so the channel was 'removed' (when it truth I just removed the videos and changed the name to TCCX360). This remains the default login for YouTube to this day, where with Google's now account system is now three different YouTube handles.
    • Gwazi Magnum - This is the YouTube of mine that a number of Iwaku people have found. It's basically just me uploading video emotes.
    • TheAtheistCanadian - A side channel I made with the intention of re-entering the serious video field of YouTube one day, ultimately decided against it for the time being.
    • BreakingPulsar - A side channel originally made to record game play footage with my friend Zukaro on a game called "PULSAR - The Lost Colony". He ended up getting too busy to do much though so the channel only has a few videos, and is otherwise just use to record footage for bug reports when needed.
    Duvnar Magnum
    My Original RP username, I was joining a Star Wars simulation site called "Star Wars Combine". Duvnar Magnum ended up being what I got in the random name generator because I couldn't think of anything. My first order of business though in said game was to join the New Republic... They were disorganized as hell so it never happened. But in the waiting process I was sent to site's 'Meeting Hall' to kill time. This was where I was first introduced to forum RP's. 2 years later we had our own site for the universe RP me and my friends created, ended it with a bang and we all moved to the RP Guild.

    Gwazi Magnum
    Back in said Star Wars RP's Duvnar got himself an adopted son. I named him "Gwazi" because it was a cool name I got from a game I played at the time called Gladius. Got so active on the Guild that everyone started calling me Gwazi, so it stuck.

    Magic Magnum
    Short live. But spawned from a Guild Wars 2 incident where my character stripped naked and danced in the middle of the Human Capital.
    Soon enough bunch of others did the same, so a friend of mine called me "Magic Magnum" in reference to Magic Mike.

    And then there's
    This mess


    Gen. = General because of the whole Revolution thing that ended up taking off soon after joining Iwaku.
    PI = The 'PI' stands for "Privates Inspector", spawned from some sort of buffoonery through Cbox.
    Senpai = People started calling me Senpai, so the name was altered to fit it.
    Godzi = Like Senpai, but people are calling me a God (See the Church of Gonzi for details)
    Magic = Combination of Magic Magnum and Gwazi Senpai... I was feeling random.
    Santa Christ = Jolly Christmas Shenanigans
    Sir ____ The First = A poke at Iwaku's "Closed Gates" feature. Me going around saying "I am Sir Gwazi! From the Elite Iwaku! Ta-Ta!".
    Unchangeable = When my name got so long people started demanding I change it.
    Trumpwaku = Another result of the "Closed Gates" decision. People jokingly compared it to Donald Trump. I chose to take the joke one step further. :3
    Tim = A quick troll at @Kaga-kun when she and others in the RP started saying my constant name changes were getting too confusing.
  14. I literally never even noticed you had this name. I thought you went straight from Trumpwaku to classic Gwazi.

    When your name changes so often, that your attempt at trolling other members about the fact that your name changes so often doesn't even work because it goes by too fast for the target of your trolling to notice, that's when you know it's out of control. :P
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  15. The only time I use a different username is when my usual name is already taken.
    Icystorm is my Warrior cat name that I created..a large number of years ago, and it has stuck ever since. Most people call me Icy for short, and it works since I can have a pretty icy personality.
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  16. Minibit. And before that... Minibit.

    I haven't actually changed my username since I've been here, but y'all have done a good job changing it for me! I don't have the official list with me, but let's see how many nicks you guys have given me that I can do from memory

    • Minibitty
    • Minibutts
    • The Bitz
    • Gigabit
    • Kilobit
    • Minibitch
    • Drunkenbit
    • Sillybit
    • Awesomebit
    • Armourbit
    • Staffybit
    • Canadabit
    • Loudbit
    • Laggybit
    • Sexybit
    • Goofybit
    • Nerdybit
    • Mini-itty-bitty
    • Mini
    • Minibunchesofoats
    • Weirdobit
    I know there's more, but I can't remember them.

    So far Minibunchesofoats and The Bitz are my faves
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  17. I've only ever been Touch of Insanity on this site. However, on others I was 'Star' because I like stargazing a lot. Then my other name was Blazed*, it comes off pretty bad. I had no idea what 'blazed' was for a while. I was thought it was a cute name for a blazing star since the name had already been taken. The site then removed the * from the name because it no longer worked with the system update. I was that for a loooong time. I believe it was about two years ago I finally came upon Touch of Insanity. :)
  18. I originally joined this website as 'Vega' but changed it to Fauna about a year ago. I found it more whimsical. Also I just wanted to start over.

    Otherwise I've never really had a set username I've used on the net since I was but wee, when I used the name 'Naaji' which was shortened from my Neopets username 'Naajurui'. I think I got that from a name generator somewhere haha. Most of the time now I just go by 'Kat' which is my nick-name irl. The reason I don't go by that name here is because I use this website as some kind of escape from real life. I like being able to be someone who isn't Kat. If I could, I would use the name Alice here, but I can't change my username to that because I guess it belongs to a banned account or something. :c

    I've also taken a liking to 'Lamia' as a username... before that I'd just use whatever hipster name I could come up with, usually the name of some hipster song from some hipster band.

    I am not interesting. :(
  19. There was "Candy10243" (Don't ask...just don't)

    Then there was "MageofCheesiness" which was my first IGN for League of Legends...

    but that has since changed to "Mr Mr" because I wanted a shorter IGN COZ REASONS K (and I think K-pop fans will get the reference)

    Steam display name is NotYata (hahahhahhahahah)

    I also have a Youtube channel...WHICH HAS NO VIDEOS LOL (It's Tenshi)


    This is not my 1st account on Iwaku :D (It was account called "Eletroman's Cheese" (I KNOW I MISSPELT THE DAMN WORD)

    But that account was deleted coz reasons.

    And then roll right to around now, Yata Misaki was not the first name of THIS account. It was "Reisi Munakata" (I was a huge "K-Project" fan okay)

    Oh and also I changed my username to "Fushimi Saruhiko" at one point to troll a friend.
    • Cpt. Toellner; Used since 2003, on the Earth 2025 Text Game, primary name for a number of games and sites.
      • Dedication to my father, the actual Captain Toellner.
    • Blitzkrieg; Also (DSB Blitzkrieg or ODST Blitzkrieg.) My main callsign, used primarily dueing my time with the DropShock Brigade gaming clan and my three years with Team Legion scenario paintball.
      • Name is appropriate for my "run and gun" style of play, sports and video games.
    • Little Spud; First online name I actually used.
      • Came as a nickname from a few summers spent at Boy Scout Camp.
    • Common Gaming Handles:
      • Resa Vadumee (Runescape).
        • Actually a combination of my two favorite Elites from the Halo series.
      • Cynios (Nationstates).
        • Named after the fictional planet I created in Elementary school.
      • Shaper_Of_Fates (Various RTS games)
      • Caesari Legio (X-Box)
      • N00b Commander (Early X-Box)

    I also have literally dozens of alt names for reasons I will keep to myself.
    As well as a few names I'd like to remain secret for reasons.
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