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    We dug up a Username Translator that we created a little while back. Much of it still applies. What does your username say about you?
  2. LOOOOL The Beer Goggles and the L337 one were the best for me xD
  3. .... I think the only place where I could align my names are in the Pun one.
  4. It probably would set me as a Severus.
  5. I don't think mine fits in any of those. :P
  6. ..... T_________T

    I'm an old lady. ;________;
  7. I suppose mine is closest to the "real name" one.
    But not quite?
  8. Hmm... hmm... hmm... No idea were I fit xD Do I fit to any of those? x)
  9. ‚ÄčI fit in the category of Awesome. :D
  10. I am totally nowheres on that list! I love being better than the internet : )
  11. I don't think I fit in there to well. But it's quite an amusing read.
  12. I like what The Real Name says about you. Pretty obvious. :D
  13. I'm... I'm not covered! the name Fel is not covered under any of these!
  14. Sarah is a real name, but not MY real name... DUNDUNDUN!
    I am unclassified.
  16. I'm old :C Even though it's a nickname, not my real name xD I assume it still counts since it's what everybody calls me except my family ^^;
  17. What happens when people start introducing you by your online handle irl?