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  1. Quick question. What are the user colors and what do they stand for? like I know a few that I've seen/paid attention to. Like light green is donators, green is active members, orange is new members, blue is a staff member, grey is inactive, and red is an administrator, but what is light blue and white? Are there others I haven't seen?
  2. Update: found this in the FAQ but it still doesn't say who white members are.
  3. white members should have the text guest underneath them, and they are members who has erased their account.
  4. At the moment there are also "rainbow" users whose names match the background style you are using. This is a big that Diana is working to fix!
  5. If you see a member who is NOT a guest user that has a color that is not listed in the FAQ, that is a style bug I have not been able to fix yet. O_O

    The account colors are:

    Admin = red
    Staff = purple
    Volunteer = cyan
    Donator = seagreen
    Member =olivie green
    Lurker = light grey
    Inactive = dark grey
    Banned = black/strikeout
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  6. Thanks Diana! XD
  7. Here's two baby owls for your paymnet.

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  8. Purple? o_o I think it looks like dark blue... Don't tell me this is a 'is the dress blue or white' thing D:
  9. It most certainly is NOT purple. It's like a blueish purple.
  10. It's purple, you two are silly.
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  11. you're silly D: -bans jorick-
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  12. Technically it's "slateblue". O___O It's pretty much a blue tinted purple. More on the Indigo side than Violet.
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  13. ...RGB screens cannot display violet. Everything violet you see on your screen is a lie.
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  14. I'm seeing Purple.
  15. Looks like purple to me.
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