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  1. The year is 3017 it is truly an amazing future. People have evolved to the point of gaining super natural powers. In this day and age those with amazing abilities are considered the cream of the crop and given all the benefits in life. Those with amazing abilities are offered scholarships to all the best schools, given high paying jobs and if the person is brave enough they become Heroes. Hero's who are willing to put their lives on the line are scouted by Elite the super hero defense force, who protects the world from those who use their powers for evil.

    In this world those who don't have powers or have what been categorized as a useless power are treated like trash. They're forced to work manual labor, they attend the public schools and are only taught how to prepare for a life of mediocrity. In this life those with useless powers who want to become heroes are pretty much laughed at and thought of as a waste of time.

    In the world of Heroes The best of the best is known as Dominator, a hero with the ability of invulnerability. He and the rest of Elite fight the villains who are lead by the evil Dementor. Dementor's ability is the power to command his blood however he see's fit, he can create weapons, armor etc. During one of their battles, just as Dominator was about to deal the final Blow Dementor pulled away and surrendered. Dominator arrested Dementor and took him to the Elite headquarters. As Dominator was celebrating with the rest of Elite, a mysterious explosion occurred in Dementor's cell. As Dominator went to Dementor's cell to check on him he discovered it was decoy. As Dominator left the holding cell a piece of debris hit him on the head, it hurt him. Dominator checked his head and he was bleeding. it was then that he realized his power had been erased.

    All of Elite's powers had been erased, it seemed as though the decoy was fitted with a device that emitted waves that completely nullified the Power genes. That's when Dementor finally made his move. He took over a television broadcast stating that he has placed several of these decoys around the world. He ended his transmission with these words "Join the Villains and rule over this new dark society. or lose you abilities forever." The decoys went off and those who didn't contact Dementor was subject to having their power erased, well almost every body. The nobody's of society those who were given a useless power weren't affected.

    Elite saw this as their only hope, so they reached out to those who were classified as Useless and gave them the opportunity to save the world. Dementor and his band of Villains are busy conquering the world to notice what Elite is up to. The choice is yours, will you take the pillar and become the hero the world needs or will you turn your back on the world that turned it's back on you?


    No overpowered characters

    no taking over other characters

    no killing unless you have the other characters approval

    at least 3 sentences each post

    be active, if not it messes with the flow.

    don't just drop off, if your gonna bail let me know so we can kill off your character.

    have fun


    Character sheet

    ability (remember useless power. Think parlor trick, changing hair, eye color etc)
    brief background (three sentences MAX)
    other (not neccessary but if you feel like you want to add stuff feel free here )

    Accepted Heroes.

    -Rainbow Catherine Feather Brooks
    -Hisashi Komuro
    -Astria Newton
    -Toby Newton
    -Anton Adler
  2. Experiment 1, The reason this power is 'useless' is using it to a high degree will kill him.

    His Hetrochromia only appears when he uses his powers.
    E=Mc2. Simiply put, he can convert matter to energy and back. The most he dare do is enough to send stones flying round, or heat tea. for he dosn't understand the escalating nature of the ability (IE 5g of matter would be equal 100kilotons of tnt) so it is really useless untill he learns to control it. Ten Grams of inorganic matter is the maximum conversion.
    brief background (three sentences MAX)
    Born to a mother, his dad left when he was a kid. He dosn't care much for real 'supers' he just dosn't want his life to be affected. He'd rather see everyon normal rather than everyone super.
    other (not neccessary but if you feel like you want to add stuff feel free here )

    This is more of a 'can I do this' than anything.
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  3. My char will up tomorrow.
  4. It is tomorrow....oh right. I forget I don't sleep. and I'm in gmt.
  5. Picture

    name: Anton Adler
    age: 26

    sex: Male

    ability: Light shift (Anton is able to shift the light around small object to make them appear a few inches to the side or up or down but they are in the same position as when he started. Largest object is his fist above that he just can't but objects smaller are fair game. Max length of distortion is 12 inches.)

    brief background: Anton was born and raised in a good household with loving patents, unfortunately at age 14 his parents died in a motor incident their was no foul play and it was just the luck of the draw that they were driving down a road when the rock wall framing the road gave way above them. Anton asked to be emancipated and live on his own as his parents while not incredibly rich did have a lot of money left to Anton that would cover him until his 18th birthday, a judge agreed as long as a social worker looked in on him from time to time. As he finished school he learned of his power through a fight, when he went to punch the person they dodged into his attack which lead to Anton's current job. Anton is a fighter, he fought in a tournament reminiscent of the old MMA fights from the early 21st century they allowed him to use his power so it was kinda the obvious choice for a career. never paid the "super heroes" any attention as he never found it that big of a deal at the time but now that "super villains" were taking control he was just a tad upset since both groups seemed like children that were the biggest on the block, using their "superior powers" to show off (Read as protect) or throw a tantrum (Read as super villain things) around the rest of us.

    other: He has adopted the habit of carrying a kukri style blade on his person after the villains took over and regular crooks got just a bit bolder.
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  6. Picture
    (Same Eye's as Astria though)
    Astria Newton // Toby Newton

    15 // 15

    Female // Male

    "Water is patient, Toby. Water just waits. Wears down the cliff tops, the mountains. The whole of the world. Water always wins."

    Manipulative Puppetry

    The user takes control over motor functions of others against their will as if they were a marionette, subjects are still conscious, but can’t resist the user's puppet control, Astria can hold this power up to three minutes at a time although the longer she uses it the weaker she gets.


    May become overpowered through subject's greater will, at first it's very hard but the longer she uses the power the easier it becomes.
    This power can only be used after a set time: Anything under 1 minute is a 2 minute recharge time, anything in the 1 to 2 minute range and its a 4 minute recharge but anything over two minutes and under three is a 5 - 10 minute recharge depending on her "Life Adrenalin"
    If unaware of a subjects presence or loss of interest upon maintaining control, the subjects are no longer influenced by the skill.
    May be unable to focus upon multiple subjects for long periods.
    May be unable to force upon movement when out of line of sight.
    Gesture or mimicry may be needed to enforce actions upon subjects.
    Some targets could be immune.

    "You might find this a little ... Shocking"

    Manipulative Electricity

    User can shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.


    May be unable to create electricity, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
    Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits.
    Electricity can be insulated by non-conductive matter such as air.
    Electricity may be redirected by certain materials.
    May be limited only to the path of least resistance.
    May become useless if confronted electrical resistant material such as rubber or silicate.
    May have to find electrical sources of power in order to recharge.
    Reflection Manipulation could cause a problem since it's unclear if users are immune or not.
    May have problems using electronics.
    Users may short circuit if hit with water.
    Electricity needs a conductor like metal or water too move through.

    brief background

    Toby and Astria were born to a fairly poor family it was only luck that the Hero's of the world were whipped of their powers, the radiation of the explosion didn't effect anyone really although each explosion awoke the power that was locked away inside them they don't know they have it and they don't know how to control it.


    Toby and Astria are Bipolar

    Astria is Bisexual and Toby is Questioning

    Astria and Toby have a thing called "Life Adrenaline" it's what allows their power to recharge, if they are in a life or death situation that causes their survival skills to kick in then the adrenaline levels are high, but it their relaxed and practicing their powers (After they can actually use them!) their is no adrenaline.​
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  7. Oh joy Anton is the oldest so far.
  8. Looking good so far guys, I like the potential for all of these powers just remember they are classified as useless.

    @The Mernsicle your abilities don't seem useless, if you can scale them back a little like the puppet tier can only control people for 10 seconds or can only go in their mind and control the left hand. For example. The electricity power says you can create but in limitations says you can only manipulate. Let's go with manipulate only and only the amount that your using so if you use a battery it's only 9volts. Other than that good job.

    @EddiEddi - that power seems to have potential to grow, I think a bigger limitation will help. Something like can only use rocks to convert energy and also the ability can't increase from there since it'll be a useful power if it's allowed to refine.

    @Dakota K5 great job that is exactly the type of power I was looking for.
  9. BTW after the changes are made your all excepted I'll have my cs up soon.
  10. Allright, how about inorganic objects only? so he can't effect food, wood, anything that was once living, so, a tootsypop would be ok I guess? but yeah, mostly it'd be stuff like stone, metal ect, how does that sound?
  11. @EddiEddi sounds good, although make sure it's only a small amount at a time
  12. Ten grams max.
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  13. th (2).jpg

    name - Hisashi Komuro

    age - 19

    sex - M

    Ability - Demonic - Hisashi has the power to project an image of himself as a demon into his enemies mind.

    Why it's useless - Hisashi can only perform this on people who are already scarred. They're heart beat has to be elevated. not only that certain conditions have to be met in order to activate this ability. Hisashi has to have a direct line of sight with his opponent or else the image fades ( no blinking ), His heart rate has to remain normal any fluctuations and the image fades, I.E. Running, being scared, or nervous.

    What his opponent sees -


    Backstory - Hisashi grew up as a real believer in justice, he often dreamt of joining Elite when he was an adult. He aced all of his classes and was thought to have a bright future in front of him when his power was suddenly classified as useless. Dominator his idol himself told Hisashi that his power would be useless in a real life situation. Hisashi now works as a part timer at a convenience store.

    other - Hisashi tried out to be a part of Elite and although origianaly they approved of his power he was later dismissed due to his limitations.
  14. Bleh, I know I will have my char up before I log out. Just thinking up a cool character. Already got the eye color power which will turn into a cool power later down the line^^
  15. Edited in limits.
  16. [​IMG]


    Rainbow Catherine Feather Brooks



    Color Manipulation- Right Now, Rainbow Can Only Change The Color Of Her Eyes, Hair & The Clothes She Is Wearing.

    If you can guess by her name, Rainbow was born to parents who... were very unique to say the least. She had a fun upbringing, her parents let her express herself in the way she wanted to. She discovered her powers at a young age. When her parents would pick her up from the playground or when she was doing something fun, her eyes would be yellow... if she was sad her eyes would turn blue. Rainbow started to show other forms of color control, she started changing her hair color on command, her parents didn't know anything about Elite or Superheroes, but they knew that the superheroes of Elite would be the only ones to help Rainbow control her powers. Rainbow wanted soo bad to become an Elite, but they saw her power as the weakest of weak... so of course they laughed in her face and shunned her at a young age. Rainbow wants to prove them wrong and show them that "Color Power" can actually do some real damage.

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  17. @Kurogane86 Rainbow is up. Hopefully she is good^^
  18. That looks awesome! I can't wait to see how people make their own powers useful, I've got a few ideas in mind for myself, but most of them rely on energy conversion.
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