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  1. Got any useful advice you'd like to share with the rest of the class? ;3

    Anything from funny to household hacks to easy life lessons? If you think it's useful, plonk it down here. ^_^

    Uhm, and just a request, let's try to keep it a more positive kind of thread. Thanks!
  2. "Don't expect others to truly help you if you don't help yourself first."
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  3. Procrastinating on important things is never worth it. You either put it off while being kinda stressed about the upcoming thing and then perhaps leave yourself with too little time to actually so it, or you can just get it out of the way now and enjoy your free time without the thing hanging over your head. Save yourself the stress, just do important things as soon as you can.
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  4. -If you're ever feeling lazy and know you have things you should be doing, ask yourself why. You would be amazed at how productive you become when you start looking at yourself critically. If the house needs cleaning, ask yourself if you would be proud to have company in it's current state. You'll start feeling pretty self conscious before long and get it done.

    -If you deal with padlocks in the winter, keep a lighter on you all the time and graphite powder where it's accessible to the lock (i.e. your truck). The lighter helps unstick the lock if it's frozen and the graphite keeps it from freezing again.

    -Common sense, but fill up on gas 2-3 days before a long weekend. Your wallet will thank you.

    -If you're a gamer, try doing quick workouts between levels or deaths or whatever. Whenever I die in a game, I make myself do 10 push ups or sit ups. Any exercise is better than none, and it accumulates if you make it routine.

    -Rinse your dishes well before putting them in the dishwasher, no matter how good it is or the detergent you use. Even the toughest gunk comes off after it's soaked for a couple hours.

    -Buy cold water detergent for washing your clothes. It just just as good of a job as regular studf and it cuts down on your heating bills considerably.

    -If you have graphic tees or other printed designs, wash them inside out. It protects the design from the wash and dry cycle.

    -If you find yourself craving snack foods and don't think that's a great idea, buy gum. It satisifes the urge to gobble down a lot of crappy food frequently.
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  5. Even with just normal hand washing dishes, rinsing them first helps a whole lot as well. Cuts down on scrubbing time.
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  6. Here's one that may sound silly but hey I think it's useful!

    If you think you've found the one but still aren't living together, maybe send said person a pic of yourself right after you've woken up. Everyone knows what you look like made up, but not the other way around. If someone still loves you with your sleep ridden droopy eyes and drool encrusted face, they're a keeper.
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  7. You don't have to be great to start.

    You do have to start to be great.
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  8. Throwing shite is a good way to get it in your face.

    Never get into a fight that you cannot finish.

    Ketchup on mac'n'cheese is blasphemy.

    Don't hate what you don't understand.

    Think before you speak and act.
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  9. I do disagree with this one XD But to each their own!
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  10. *hisses*
  11. Sometimes, it's ok to half-ass something, if it at least gets you started. I've never liked the mentality of "don't half-ass anything", because it makes it seem like you shouldn't do anything at all if you can't do a complete and thorough job with it. But... if you only have the time, energy, or motivation, to do part of something... do that. Just get started. Starting is often the hardest part, and, once you start something, it's a lot easier to continue from there, and you might be able to get a lot more done than you thought. But, even if you don't make a ton of progress, at least you made some, and that's better than nothing. Sometimes you have to half-ass something to begin with to at least get started. (I've seen this advice directed at mentally ill people before, but I think it can also be useful for procrastinators, perfectionists, or anyone who has trouble starting things.)

    Also, hair conditioner makes a pretty good substitute for shaving cream.
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  12. Loneliness isn't justification for staying in a toxic relationship. Be it a partner, friend, or family. You gotta stick up for yourself and your wellbeing no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel at times.

    Aside from that, another thing: putting lotion on toilet paper works great to remove foundation when you're out of face wipes. Leaves your skin all nice and stuff.
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  13. I was once asked what it takes for the average person to earn a black belt.

    The answer: The average person doesn't.

    Strive for greatness.
  14. I will dump extra ketchup on my KD next time I have it, upload a picture, and send it to you.
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  15. I would like a picture too. :bsmile:

    I suddenly want to eat some mac and cheese with ketchup badly.

    Here's a really useful household hack if you like to eat hard boiled eggs. Once they're done and you've cooled them down, drained the water and then put the lid back on. Moved it around in a semi vigorous manner so that the eggs hit against each other and the side of the pot. Not TOO hard though o.o Anyway, after a little while, remove the lid and you'll see they're super easy to peel. The whole process should take like 2 minutes or less, depending on how many eggs you have.

    Tried and tested, Greenie approved!:bsmile:
  16. Unless she specifically asks for it.....

    Don’t be silly, wrap your willy.
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  17. Pull and pray
    1. You are not special. You are not unique. One hundred billion people have lived before you, from princes to paupers, from saints to sinners, and they're all dead now. So get it out of your head that you're unique--because you're not. It's only going to defeat you when life repeatedly demonstrates how not-special you are. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can become an adult.
    2. The only person you will live with for your entire life is yourself. Be sure it's someone you can stand to look at in the mirror.
    3. Life isn't fair. Life isn't even consciously aware to know that it's being unfair. So don't complain about it being unfair, stop focusing on the problem: Focus on the solution. Don't think "that wasn't fair" think "how can I deal with it?"
    4. When you have much, give freely without expecting anything in return. When you have nothing, ask for nothing, and thank everyone who gives freely of their own volition. Charity is only as meaningful as the intent with which it is given.
    5. You cannot control what happens to you. Only what you do about it. A hero is not a man who never faces setbacks or obstacles, but is a man that tries to resolve them without asking if it is fair.
    6. Lust is selfish. Love is selfless. If you're not old enough to understand this yet, then I envy your naivety. If you're over thirty and don't understand this, then I pity your ignorance.
    7. Self-pity is the ugliest emotion there is. It is the man who cuts off his own legs and cries that life isn't fair. People will feel sorry for you when you stop feeling sorry for yourself.
    8. Don't pursue your dreams. Not because they can't give you objectives, or show you your passions--these are good things to have, and escapism is healthy. A dream, however, is what it is because it is a reflection of an ideal that is unobtainable in reality. Pursue what is in front of you. Walk the road in front you before you start dreaming of castles and princesses. If you wish to obtain something, first ask yourself how to get there, and start pursuing it. One step at a time.
    9. Learn to be satisfied with who you are and what you do. Don't expect reality to conform to you, conform to reality.
    10. A good friend is willing to tell you when you're doing something stupid. A great friend is willing to tell you that while comforting your emotional wounds. Never throw them away.
    11. Listen to ideas that make you uncomfortable. Even evil ideas, from immoral men, can hide kernals of truth and wisdom. Besides that, you cannot defeat evil without first knowing evil.
    12. Never lose yourself to one identity. You are more than a religion, you are more than a sexuality, you are more than a lifestyle, you are more than a political position. If you lose yourself to these things, you surrender your individuality to become a drone to someone else's ambitions. Nothing good ever happens to the cogs in the machine when the owner is done with it.
    13. Those who mind, don't matter. Those who matter, don't mind. Get this stuck in your head and repeat it at teenagers until they memorize it.
    14. The key to a good life is mastery over oneself. Mastery over the body, and mastery over the mind. Be disciplined, control your emotions, but don't suppress them--express them, in a healthy way, in a way where you are in control. If your emotions are in control over you, then you are not anything more than a beast--one that does not fit in civilization, and one who will have no control over their future.
    15. Work out regularly and eat some fruits and vegetables. You don't have to aim for six pack abs, but just take a stroll around the block, do a few crunches or sit ups and push ups. Push yourself a little further. A mind without a body to match, is wasted potential.
    Fifteen things to remember to make a humble, happy life.
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  18. Put your sponge in the dishwasher every so often. It legit works. Top rack or else you'll do more harm than good.

    Never put bras in the dryer. The elastic will get messed up and you'll be out $10-$80 faster than you want to be.

    Seriously, change your sheets and pillowcases. Even if changing them out is a pain, it feels so good afterwards and your skin will thank you.

    Dress up every once in a while! This goes out to the guys as well. Putting on a nice outfit instead of your usual wardrobe can make the day seem a little bit better.

    Be a duck; let it roll off your back. If you can. Sometimes it's really hard, and I am one of those people. Starting to adjust to seeing yourself in a better light is difficult, but in the long run it's worth it. Your opinion of yourself can change your perspective so much it's better than all the exercise, healthy eating, and expensive goods. Those are help and can be important, but your mental health shouldn't be sacrificed for them.
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  19. You can't control what happens to you, but you CAN control how you respond to it. Handle your shit like a boss. <3
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