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  1. We are approaching this a tad differently today. Instead of pictures y'all will be challenged to use your words. Sometimes you can't find the perfect picture for your character. Instead of just settling for one and writing a paragraph about what needs to be changed, just use your words. Words are powerful things. If they are used the right way they can create intricate images.

    Keep your character matching the setting. You can take it however you wish. You can make it a steampunk version or go with a more accurate angle.

    Setting: Victorian England 1837-1901


    Appearance: (Use your words.)
    History: (Things to think about: Does their history impact their appearance? Scars, markings, piece of clothing... etc Remember, history somewhat dictates personality.)
    Personality: (Things to think about: Do their clothes reflect their personality? Maybe their eyes say something about them? How does their history impact their personality?)
    (Anything you think needs to be added. Weapons? Powers? How does it fit into the setting?)
  2. Re: Character Exercise: Use your words

    Name: Kasumi Ishikawa
    Age: 17 years Old

    Appearance: Tall, Her Skin's Pale, to the point where you're not sure whenever she's sick or not, With the color of her hair, white as Snow they make an amazing combinations, but what really makes it hypnotizing are Her eyes are her eyes... the deepest Black, usually when people look at her eyes they would get lost in them, they hold so many emotions, not really good ones... , but you can see how lonely those eyes are, with her hair and skin tone they really make her look almost like a Fragile Doll.
    History: When She was 7 she lost her family, there was a fire in her house, ever since she has lived with her Uncle, a nice guy, the only problem is the rest of her family, Uncle really cares for her and gives her a lot of attention, or at least he used to, When she turned 14 her uncle died leaving her with her evil Daughter and Wife, who were of course only mean to her. Two years later they sent hear Abroad, And Kasumi was all alone again.. at the age of 17.
    Personality: Because of that she decided to turn herself into a cold-hearted-stone, she didn't allow anyone to aproach to her... except for her best friend, of course... But since she's not with her anymore. She doesn't smiles to anyone but her guitar and the sound of music, that's what kept her alive.
    Optional: Even though Kasumi's like that.. She's smart.. But a bit Clumsy....
  3. Name: Sebastian Johnson
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Sebastian is an amazing 6'1 and weighs 180lbs in pure muscle. While is hair is longer than his father would like, it complaints his defined cheekbones and his short stubby nose. It also highlights his plump round lips that, in retrospect, are always a slight pink color. His hair is color is the color of honey with highlights of sun droplets. The warm color of his hair with his blue eyes and his sun-kissed skin make him seem more like outside person. He always wears a white blouse with ruffles on it-- like that of a pirates-- along with a pair of black trousers and a pair of black combat boots. He always wears a dark red bow tie and a black top hat with a matching dark red bow tie.
    History: Sebastian was born June 8th, 1837. He grew up in a home of nobles with his father was a general in the British army while his mother died when his younger sister was born. He was the oldest of ten by four years, then the siblings came each year. Not all by his mother, three of his siblings from her, three from the next wife, three from the wife after that, and one of his mom now. When he was 10 he enlisted in the British army. His dad was proud of him for following in his footsteps. Sebastian enlisted for a period of 21 years moving throw the ranks to become a general in just 15. Before joining he made his dad promise that his siblings, all nine of them, would be sent to college. His dad agreed not really having much choice. During the Cape of Good Hope, he was thrown in battle where he was shot in his shoulder and stabbed in the side. Not worried about dying, he kept fighting on earning him a higher position in the army.
    Personality: Sebastian is a fearless man, however, he has a soft side for children and women. From his clothes one might think he is a flamboyant person, which is true. His eyes are always filled with warmth which reflects his warm personality. He is caring and would sacrifice himself for his brothers.
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