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  1. Hallo Iwaku! This is a friendly community reminder about making sure your REAL AGE is set on your account.

    Iwaku has age restricted areas. One for Adults 18+ and one for Teenagers 13-17. This is so ALL of our members are able to roleplay lascivious content with an age group that is LEGAL and SAFE to write with.

    A teenager trying to roleplay sexy content with an adult can get that adult investigated and even arrested. That adult could spend time in JAIL. Adults trying to sneak roleplaying sexy content with a teenager could lure them in to dangerous and harmful situations. They could be stalked by a pervert or worse. We have SEEN this happen to real people.

    We enforce this rule VERY strictly. When we catch people deliberately and willfully lying about their age or using multiple accounts to do mature roleplaying outside of their age group, we ban their accounts. If we feel someone behaving like a sexual predator, on some occasions we report them to parents/authorities when possible.

    In addition, we might also have to ban members that KNOW they are doing sexy roleplaying with members that are lying about their age, but ignored the risk and chose to do it anyway. That is being an accessory to dangerous behavior.

    If you think your age might be incorrect (whether by accident or because you missed the warning when you registered) please send a PM to VAY or DIANA and we can fix that for you and get you where you are supposed to be! And don't forget to report a member if you feel they are lying about their age to access mature areas.
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  2. Will get to it then. I believe I added my real age however; I'll merely look into it. Need to update on my page some anyway.
  3. You need to PM an admin to change your registration age for you.
  4. This is just a friendly reminder to contact Vay or Diana, when dealing with age verification issues. Each of the admins has their own little "niches" on the forum and they cover those areas. I am in charge of RP development. Thanks for understanding.
  5. Send me a PM with your birthdate and I can get that fixed for you!