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  1. I am looking for someone who wants to partake in a fairly random and adorable roleplay with me. It takes place in a daycare that has been built on land that has a trans-dimensional field around it. We would play as teachers who are from an organization that records information and monitors changes dealing with dimensions and dimensional travel. The teachers would be the ones to locate and inform the organization about the dimensional field's capabilities.

    Despite all of that, expect it to be pretty random and adorable and maybe slice of life-ish. It won't be too serious. We'll have fun :)
    Just fill out the character sheet or if you have any questions ask here or PM me. This will be fun, so come on! xD

    Here's the link to the thread:

    Here's the character sheet:
    When/Why they started working at the kindergarten:

    Here's my character.

    Name: Miyazaki Oshino

    Age: 23

    Ability: opening and closing dimensions fields/portals

    When/Why they started working at the kindergarten: She had been a complete klutz and lost her last job because of wrecking a very expensive display at the museum while apprehending a criminal, who still got away. She ended up taking up a position at a daycare and after seeing how much fun it was to work with children, she took the necessary classes and certification to work as a teacher. Oshino works undercover for an organization, P.I.E.C.E.(Protectors of Inter-dimensional Composure Efficiently) that keeps an eye on inter-dimensional activity but they don't provide her more than a place to stay, she has to find work to keep it up and be on the look out for any out of the ordinary happenings.

    When Usagi no Niwa opened there were strange rumors surrounding the construction of the building. Oshino eventually went to investigate the grounds herself and found that there was a huge inter-dimensional field surrounding the grounds. As soon as the director was accepting applications she applied first thing.


    Hobbies: drawing, playing detective when there's time, mapping out the town, drawing blueprints for the tech division to use(one day)

    Quirks: She has a habit of biting her finger when trying not to say something that is confidential or secret.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.