US scientists create cloth that can listen

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  1. "OK." Lucius started eating his food.
  2. Liddo | Ceremonial Pit | Evening

    Interactions: Shilia, Abel @Tealous & Hallucinations

    Liddo was somewhat saddened when the blue spirit suddenly vanished in a swirl of airy ribbons. He personally felt like the departure was premature, but as he looked ahead, he realized that wasn't the case at all. It seemed that the hallucination made time pass far faster than reality, as he and the group now stood before the church. Slapping on a smile that was drilled into his senses like a gash whipped across the back of slave, the Amalgy nodded in silent pleasantries with his fellow Zealots. However, none of them returned the gesture--as he expected. They either pretended as if he didn't exist or simply pivoted away from him.

    The responses hurt but not anymore than the usual. He didn't blame them. Besides, he was indeed the failure of the church; public shunning was the most merciful treatment he could've received. Regardless, his mood bounced back and his eyes landed eagerly on the chalice that Shilia placed in his hands. He smiled brightly at the woman and rushed out, "Meaning without pause gives way beyond destruction." His tone swam in gratefulness. He took a deep whiff of the mystery liquid inside... underlying hint of the earthy, blessed scent of Kilabock River. Was it perhaps just water strained from there? Either way, he barely had much of a chance to think about it because a particular jolt in his sense caught him off guard. He couldn't quite describe it, but the best comparison he could gather was the sensation of fingertips lovingly ghosting across his nerves like a long passed mother. It felt...fulfilling. He didn't know until now that a piece of his soul was missing.

    Eyes wide and lips parted in wonder, he tipped the chalice back and took a long sip without hesitance. It was room temperature, but slid down his throat pleasantly. It certainly tasted of water, so his theory must've been right. Or close, at the very least. Besides, he had nothing to worry about. The sacrifice didn't entail poison or death, only glory and Idneus's love. The contents, as far as he was concerned, were safe. He looked over at Abel and gestured to her own chalice.

    "Consume fragility of its finest?" He couldn't understand everyone else's refusal to drink; it sort of worried him. Disobeying the procedures of the ceremony seemed like sacrilege. What if it upset Idneus? They would never receive His love properly at this rate...

    Then something caught Liddo's attention. A family of indents on his chalice caught the flickering torch lights, momentarily highlighting their grooves and crevices. It made an image of something, but he couldn't quite place it. The design was primal, severely lacking in detail, and hard to comprehend. There were also indentions on Abel's cup as well and, from what he could tell, on a few others.

    He tilted his head like a curious Tabre Cat and pointed at Abel's chalice, the question clear on his face.

  3. XD so 'the harem should be our only one' has turned into 'two harem rps, two other rps' (that I'm assuming ended) and a romance rp :P

    I assume that the two women dont actually know one another before the club. Sure could be interesting :P
  4. Mmm....lets go with the third one. Although, I am not sure if that really fits a ninja rp. Maybe we should stick with a realistic rp, or some other kind? Mmm.....maybe make her a real neko. Mmm, I may make my girl an adult still to add a bit drama.... Mmm....maybe a wolf-girl..... (lol)
  5. "Ia that why you stay around?"
  6. oh so it is good to know time to call my mother XD
  7. Kendra Lindler

    "Aye," I drawl out wit a grin at Sylvie's comment bout havin' feet. I look down at 'em, which're danglin' off nearly six inches off da floor. Damn, she's startin' to grow on meh! Ahhhh, where do da days go?? I chuckle 'n say, "I know you got 'em. What a damn relief! Thought we left 'em in da park or somethin'!" I was bout to keep on, but Scott catches my attention a bit 'n I nod in gratitude.

    "Thanks fo' understandin', Scotty C." Hah! Scotty C! Sound like some kinda rapper! Imma stick wit dat one, boi! Sounds might fine 'n catchy, if ya ask me. As I head on in da direction of our room, I hear Sylvie mumblin' some kinda complaint, but I know from our connection dat dis huggin' stuff don' bother her at all. Well, even wit'out da connection, it's pretty damn obvious dat she ain't gonna bite my head off fo' it. Heh, da kid's too precious man. I just adjust my hold on her 'n keep it movin' while noddin', mumblin' an "A'ight, cool" under my breath.

    Pretty damn quick, she dozes off, so I make sure to walk as slow 'n steady as possible. She needs da rest, so I don' wanna jostle her awake or anythin'. As I walk, my mind drifts off a bit to older days. Deep down, I'm hopin' it's off to times b'fore we was taken but, of course, knowin' my ole scarred up brain, it slingshots my ass straight to da darker ones. To when Sylvie 'n I were held captive. To when they took her. To when it felt like my whole world was comin' down round me in shambles.

    He blubbers like a goddamn baby. It's fuckin' pathetic.

    "P-please! Don't! I--I'll pay you! How much do you want?!"

    I don't hear 'em. I can't hear nothin' outside of da blood poundin' through my head 'n coloring my eyes red wit rage. Oh, it's gonna be fuckin' red everywhere...

    Crumblin' rubble. Screams of agony, followed by whimpers of a man who thought he was fuckin' invincible.

    "D-don't do this..."


    I hesitate, just now realizin' how fragile his skull is in da palm of my hands--

    A yelp. Sickenin' sounds. Guilt. Silence. Sylvie--

    Sylvie's head snaps up, which in turn snaps me outta my funk. Ah, shit! Sure am glad I didn' get off track 'n lose my way; looks like I still know where I'm goin'. But dat don't matter right now. Da fear 'n devastation rollin' off of Sylvie nearly drowns me 'n I take it all in until my chest burns. Ah, kid...

    "Mama..." she mumbles while tightenin' her hold on me. I gently squeeze in return 'n pat her back, tryna calm her nerves. Dis ain't da first time dis happened, but it don' help to less da guilt. Fuck man...if only I had found her sooner...

    "It's a'ight," I whisper, "You're a'ight. We a'ight. Everythin's gonna be okay. Nothin' gonna hurt ya ever 'gain; I got'chu." I press a kiss to her head, hopin' dat it'll help. Gawd, I wish she didn' have to deal wit dis. It fuckin' hurts to see her hurt, 'n it's got fuckin' nothin' to do wit my abilities. Dis kid is my heart man.

    "Love is a burnin' thing, 'n it makes a fiery ring..." I start hummin' lowly. Ring of fire, da song dat bonded us. Da first time I ever got her sing along wit me. Da moment I knew dat dis kid had stolen a spot in my heart 'n wasn' movin' out anytime soon. Hot damn, I really was a goner back den, huh? "Bound by wild desire...I fell into a ring of fire..."

    As we reach da room, I carefully use one hand to click it open 'n slip my way in, kickin' da door closed wit my foot. I keep softly singin' da song 'n rubbin' her back, bouncin' her a lil in my arms. I settle her down into bed, pullin' da sheets ovuh her. Jeez...she really is so fuckin' young, way too young to deal wit dis shit. I wish I could take it all on me; I'd be okay wit dat. I really would. Her wild hair gets in her eyes, 'n I carefully brush 'em aside. I try to flash my cheekiest smile.

    "Get some sleep, kid. Fo' me, a'ight?"

  8. All jokes aside. >_>

    This is actually pretty amazing.

  9. dats cause ur a faget
  10. Everyone and everything is a faget, derp.
  11. Ahaha, I love this phrase. The piece must have been written by an author in the UK, it's such a British thing to say.
  12. This is why we can't have nice things.

    Shit. If the socks that my brother ruined and somehow dyed blue while doing the laundry could listen, they'd want revenge on my brother.
  13. Now only if scientists can create a husband that can listen!

    AH. HA. HA. HA!
  14. Who comes up with this shit?
    I mean, who really sits down and is like "I want to invent something."
    1: "Hey! Let's spend millions of dollars on clothes!"
    2: "I don't think that's a great idea."
    3: "BUT HOW?"
    2: "Guys."
    1: "We'll give them some cool power, like, like.."