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  1. Name: Raven Ariella Roth
    Age: 17
    Animal Control, Astral Projection, Blast Power. Blood Control
    Cosmic Awareness, Darkness Manipulation, Divine Powers
    Electricity Control, Empathy, Energy Based Constructs, Fire Control, Flight, Force Field, Healing, Intellect, Levitation, Magic, Magnetism, Necromancy, Phasing / Ghost, Precognition, Psionic, Psychic, Shape Shifter, Siphon Abilities, Size Manipulation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleport, Time Manipulation, Weather Control, Willpower-Based Constructs

    Strengths:Attractive Female, Agility, Intelligent
    Weakness: Feels others emotion and sometimes feeds off of it, Demonic Heritage, doesn't share emotions well.
    Personality: Calm, comes off as a goth to many for she does not really share her emotions. She isn't known for being the first to make friends but once she does she will slowly seem to open up as you might say.
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    Background: Sitting in the living room reading. She was doing her usual when Garfield/Beastboy had accidentally knocked the book out of her hands. She glared at him and Victor/Cyborg had laughed. "What's so funny?" Raven asked in her monotone voice. "Nothing Rea." "I don't think it's nothing Victor." She stood and slowly picked up her book. Garfield had almost lost his grip on the controller Raven had quickly moved out of the way book in hand and threw on her hood. "What was that for Rea?" "What do you mean? I didn't do anything." "Sure you didn't." Gar looked at Victor and he laughed more. Raven headed out of the room for she knew if they keep acting like idiots she might lose it. She was going to her room to mediate when Tim/Robin he stared at her as though wondering why she was still there. Once Raven made it to her room soon after Victor was at her door. "What is it Victor?" "Raven we need to talk." "About?" "Well you haven't been acting normal lately. Hell you never act normal what am I saying? Anyways I've noticed you haven't been to calm lately and in battle you seem to enjoy well... Causing our opponents pain. I'm scared that you could kill someone." "Kill someone? Victor I don't think I know what your getting at." "Well the other day remember your fight with Gar." Raven nodded for how could she forget it was a nightmare Gar had pushed her past her breaking point on announce of a whole new level. "Yeah your point is?" "Well you almost killed him Raven and I think it would be best if you left for a time or so." "Or so? Does this mean I'm off the team? Are you kicking me out Cyborg?" Raven's voice rose in tone with angry. Victor winced at the sudden change. "No of course not besides that's not my say it's Nightwing's and Kori's. I just think you should take a break you know be on your own a bit." "My own? Fine whatever." Raven thought how she really felt the best she could she knew this might happen one day she just wasn't sure when. She went in her room gathered all her things and made them fit in one bag thanks to a spell. She then teleported out of the tower and began to look for a place to stay she soon found an apartment near her favorite cafe and book store within Jump City.


    She was in an apartment after a fight she had with the team.

    ‘They never understood me. They call me evil just because of my father well there wrong. I’m not, I can prove it.’ I look up out of my meditation. ‘They say I’m creepy weird, witch. I’ll prove it to them I’m different.’ I stood and walked over to the couch. ‘I miss Garfield but he was the worst of them all I thought he knew me better than that.’ My eyes traveled to the communicator I had snuck with me when they made me leave with my things. ‘Maybe one day they’ll take me back but until then I need to think of something. I’ll be a larger target on my own for my father and the church maybe not Slade and the others or a least for now till they realize I’m, not with the Titans right now.’
    She walked over to the window and looked out. Then she decided to grab a blue hoody for she was wearing a disguise and was in a black t-shirt and jeans. She grabbed the communicator and a black cell phone which she had bought to tell Rose to keep in touch for Rose understood Raven’s position better than most and they were just begging to be great friends. She headed out onto the streets not quite sure where to go so she began to walk and let her feet take her.​
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  2. Ghost shadowed Raven invisibly. Someone wanted her alive and he needed the cash. His footsteps were quieter than any ninja. His hand on his pistol he moved faster, catching up to her, intending to drag her into a nearby alley, knock her out and deliver her to his employer. An easy textbook maneuver.
  3. As usual, Chrome was sitting at his usual spot at the sidewalk, sat against one of the walls of the clothes shops he was behind. He gave a yawn, and looked around him briefly, pulling down the beanie over his hair. It didn't matter how much or how well he played his trusty brass harmonica - no one these days even cared to give him even the slightest of money. His stomach grumbled, and Chrome winces a bit as he lit a cigarette in his mouth. He needed to do something about this. He shakily gets up, slipping on his brown leather jacket as he walked down the streets thoughtfully. On his walk, he could spot a girl in a blue hooded top ahead. Usually his eyes drifted about the crowd, but there was something... different about her. It wasn't of love or anything, but there was just something strange that he couldn't quite put his finger on. He slips on a pair of sunglasses, his hands in the pockets of his jacket as he uses the cover of the sunglasses to get a better analysis of the girl - not in a perverted way, of course. He tries to look inconspicuous as possible, but Chrome winces a little as a aluminium can started unnaturally rolling towards him.
    "Crap... Stop. Not now. Stop." He mutters to himself, although he couldn't help it as another can starts rolling towards him as if he were a magnet. He hoped no one noticed.
  4. Raven stopped. She looked around a bit to see where she seemed to be going. 'I guess the bookstore by the looks of it.' She glanced to see if that would be best and felt like someone had been following her. 'Not another one. Who could it be now? Someone from school? Maybe I'm over paranoid.' She noticed someone was said something about 'stop' but she wasn't sure what. She noticed a can seem to roll over to him. She made sure not to stare for she didn't want to scare him or anything. She got out her phone to see if she might have missed a text on a crime but saw nothing. 'Oh well maybe if there is anything Rose thinks they don't need me or maybe she forgot I wanted an update.' She heard something near her seem to catch fire. She glanced at it and put out the fire with a flick of her hand and at the same time she closed her phone and put it back in her pocket. 'Shit I need to be more careful. Don't think about the team.' She wondered if anyone noticed. 'This might not be wise if I'm begin followed but I need to stay low. Short cut through the alley to the book store it is. I'll just try and stay well aware of my surroundings.' She began to walk again this time not as fast to see if she could pick up on anyone that maybe be following her.
  5. Chrome continues to glare at the girl, though his head was turned away from her, his sunglasses shading his observing stare. The cans continued to crinkle towards him, and with a discreet twitch of his elbow, he blown the cans away as a gust of wind comes in synchronisation to avoid suspicion. There was something about the girl he needed to check, and he couldn't quite know what. As he slowly walks behind the girl, blending in with the crowd so hopefully it didn't catch on he was following her, he can hear the ringing of a phone in his pocket. He casually presses the accept call button, pressing the phone to his ear as he walked.
    "Who's talking." Chrome asked blankly as he walked.
    "Hey, hey, hey, metal boy! How's life treatin' ya?" A loud, smooth voice said to Chrome through the phone.
    "T.J? What is it." Chrome asked blankly, still keeping his eye on the girl.
    "Heyyy, cheer up, man! Didn't that lil' fix I gave you cheer you up?"
    "I'm not interested in your drugs. Now, what do you want."
    "Aww, come on, bro! Live a little! Anyway... I may need a lil' hand with a bunch of punks he-"
    "Piss off. I'm busy. I'll consider it later, T.J, but I ain't fighting no sides in your little gang wars unless innocents are involved." Chrome says monotonically, and hangs up the phone. He redirected his attention to watching this girl a little more, then he would reconsider one of his buddies', T.J., requests.
  6. Raven stopped once at alley way entrance. 'Well here it is.' *Sigh* 'Gezz I wish I had a way to tell if something big going on. Maybe...' She looked well there still a few people around so I can't teleport to the other side closer to the bookstore. 'What should I do?' She realized her hood was down and put it up slowly as if it was causally as to not draw any attention. She then brought out her phone to check the time. 'Good there open. I wonder if Nick's there.' Nick was a new employ of the bookstore and Raven had been giving him tips on how to help quickly find books for customers who were having trouble. She decided to stand a moment to text Rose to give her an up date on her day. "Hey Rose. It's slow for me again today. Hope the teams doing fine without me. Are you and Cassie able to handle the boys? I'm sure you are. Remember if you need an extra hand or a medic give me a call or text." She clicked send. Five seconds latter Rose replied. "Hey Raven. Were fine and it's slow for us too. Garfield tried pulling one of his pranks on me though Cassie gave me a heads up thanks to Tim. I promise I'll let you know. And Victor still hasn't said anything about letting you come back. I'm sorry Raven. BTW I have to go. Call you latter. okay?" "It's fine Rose not your fault. Talk to you later." Raven hit send once more. Raven the decided to go ahead and start walking closer to the bookstore. 'Maybe I'll find out who all is following me. If I'm lucky it's no one out to get me just someone curious. Or not... Maybe it could be both.'
  7. Chrome blended in with the crowd, keeping a close eye on the girl behind his sunglasses. Of anything, he could use a bite to eat, but he'd be damned if he could afford anything but one of these cold ready meals at the stores. He never stole, but he did use his powers now and again to earn some cash legitimately. He was a mercenary, essentially.

    He watches the girl closely as he takes a deep draw on his cigarette, and notices her pull up her hood.
    "Hmph." He muttered to himself as he pushes up his sunglasses on his face. He knew she didn't want attention drawn to her. And that's exactly why he wanted to know who she was.

    He kept following her, but the crowd was thinning now as she started to walk to a bookstore, and it wouldn't be long before she noticed. As long as she didn't see him, he could slip away and watch from an unknown sp-

    *Let the bass cannon kick it! NYEEEEEEE-EEEE*

    Just as all was going to plan, he wasn't far from the girl in the quiet alleyways before his ringtone went blaring off. Why the hell did it have to go off now? And more importantly, why did he choose Flux Pavillion - Bass Cannon as his ringtone? Cursing to himself, Chrome turns away and pretends to study a poster, but it was obvious his cover was blown now unless by some miracle the girl didn't hear the obnoxiously loud dubstep. He knew he should have turned the volume off.

    Seemed like every damned gang leader wanted him today. Well now wasn't the time.
  8. Raven heard music coming from behind. 'Great who in the world?' She turned around and could see a man who was obviously trying to be hiding the fact that he followed her. She could tell not only by were they were at but by his emotion she could sens his hope. She looked at her face was hidden except for her eyes as though she was in her cloak. She knew if she walked near him he might run so she decided to just give up and ask. "Who sent you?" She asked in her monotone voice.
  9. Ghost stood right between Raven and Chrome as they looked through him at eachother. I gonna have to kill him. He thought. Too many people to capture her and kill him so he waited for the situation to play out. He unholstered his pistol and moved out from between them so that he could see both without turning his head.
  10. Chrome doesn't answer as he folds his arms, looking down so his long brown hair covered most his face, a silver strip going up some of it.
    "Ain't nobody sent me." He mutters back plainly, no sense of variety in his voice - just as if one pitch was being constantly played as his mouth opened. He takes a deep inhale on the cigarette, not turning to face the girl as he breathes out a thick cloud of smoke. He notices she was still looking at him. He had to do some bluffing to get out of this one - and talking wasn't really his thing.
    "Nothing to see here. Just passing by." He lies to the girl; his voice still not changing, taking the cigarette out his mouth and stomping it in with his boot, watching the embers and ashes sprawl against the floor. He winced a little as he could hear the scraping of metal nearby. Just his luck - a small metal spoon was slowly crawling against the ground towards him. He discreetly twiddles his fingers, pushing the spoon away so it wouldn't be affected in his radius. He hoped the girl didn't notice the spoon.
  11. Raven folded her arms and replied in her monotone. "If no one sent you then why follow me?" She looked at the man questionable. She wasn't ready to believe him just yet because of her past experiences with her father and other villains that wanted her dead that was after all how she first meet Rose. She thought she saw a spoon near the man but ignored it for it didn't seem important.
  12. "Ain't following you." Chrome coldly said, watching the poster as deep inside he was stressed at the situation - he knew he couldn't just stand here, the spoon was going to come back to him soon, and already he could hear the thing grinding along the ground in the distance. He had to think of an explaination, and walk out of this calmly. If he ran, he'd look suspicous and the woman would probably tail him. If he just walked off now, the same would probably happen. But he had to end this conversation. Fast.
    "I got no place to live. I'm homeless." He says blankly, gesturing to his dirty leather jacket, and remaining calm. "As I said, I'm drifting by. Richies like you probably don't have to go lookin' through bins, huh." He says somewhat scornfully, brushing back his hair. The spoon continued to screech against the ground towards him in the distance, and it was clearly audible.

    He just hoped the woman would think it's another noise, but he could tell she wasn't easily fooled. He'd have his work cut out for him here... although on the bright side, maybe he'd get to know a bit more about this somewhat strange woman. He continued to stand and look at the wall with his arms crossed, waiting for the woman to walk off. But something told him it wasn't going to be that easy.
  13. "Sure your not." She continued with her monotone as she spoke treating this man the way she first did in a way the Titans. "No I don't have to look through bins..." 'Or at least not yet...' "But I wouldn't say I'm considered a Rich." She watched him still curios and cautious. She could hear the noise again and realized it was metal. 'First cans, then a spoon what next? And I know it's not me so could it be this man?'
  14. "So keep walking. Where I go isn't your business." He says coldly, folding his arms and narrowing his eyes behind his sunglasses at the woman. Suddenly he heard the rattling of a spoon, and all of a sudden it gives a clunk off the ground, and he flinches as the spoon sticks on to the side of his arm. His eyes widen with surprise, and he curses loudly. He'd blown his cover now, and all he could do was run - no human could do that, and it was obvious.

    He suddenly turns on his feet, starting to jog out of the place, and taking a running jump over a fence with his parkour ability, rolling on the ground after the fence, and continuing running down the back alleys. Even if she wasn't giving chase, he had to get out of here. No one could know about his powers.
  15. foxtrot stayed in the forest like always, standing in then tree,watching animals run and hunters kill their prey, he was waiting for his moral enemy black beetle, he jumped off the tree with the tomahawks in his hands,he sniffs the air, he can't smell any humans close to where he is, He then feels like hes being watched,he turns back and sees a black shadow, he then turns around seeing the black beetle five feet away from him
    black beatle.JPG

    "Hello Foxtrot" his voice misty and deep, his yes aiming straight at his head, foxtrot jumps in the air towards beetle and he pulls his arm up spraying black smoke, he flies through the trees and falls straight to the ground knocking him out
  16. Raven knew the man obviously wanted her to leave him alone but right before she headed off she saw a spoon attach to him. Before she could ask he had began to run. Raven rolled her eyes. 'I don't think so. You didn't answer my question.' She saw where he had gone and gave a small smile. 'I know exactly where that leads. Should I follow? I guess not for now will meet again soon if I go father down and take a right. Well why not that way I don't have to blow my cover as well.' She began to walk once more as though heading for the book store but instead of going straight she took a right and waited for him to bump into her.
  17. Ghost followed Raven to her cutoff point. He decided it was time to make his move. He stood behind her and turned visible. "Boo" he said calmly before placing his index finger on the inside of her coller bone and his thumb on the opposite side. The pressure points there would incapacitate any human for a short enough time.
  18. he then starts to wake up,he opens his eyes and sees the dark night of the sky, and lots of stars, there's barely any clouds in the forest,then he felt the ground, it didn't feel like grass,it was hard, he the stood up and was shocked,he saw cars and buildings around him, he then looked at the ground,he was on the roof of a building,he was still holding his tomahawks in his hands, then people in blue suits saw him,one of them flash a light on him and he puts his hand in front of his eyes, then ca siren comes on and he runs away
  19. Chrome looks behind him, gasping with relief. He thought he'd lost her fo-
    "Gack!" He yells as he runs straight into the woman, losing his footing for a second but doing a backwards roll to stop him from doing that. He looks into the woman's eyes hatefully once he was back on his feet. He folds his arms and spits on the ground in front of him, knowing that he wouldn't get away from this woman now.
    "Move it." He growls. "I've got better matters to attend to... rather than dealing with you." He says, and licks his lips, his voice slightly raising to an angry tone but otherwise not changing from one single note still. He noticed another man behind her, and he looks at him indifferently. If he was distracting her, that was a bonus for him.
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  20. Red X was standing on the top a near by building. " what do we have here?" He leaps off the building only to teleport. He sits on a near by mail box. " little mrs birdy got some boy friends" He says jokingly. He looks at the other two and begins to laugh " is this your new team?" He tilts his head as he looks back at raven " ahh...... where is your team?" He asks when he realizes she was not with Robin and the others.