Us Against The World

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  1. Pokémon Hybrid between Equine Attraction and Myself.
  2. Aaron | Nineteen | Male | Quiet, Guarded, Misunderstood | Vaporeon

  3. Casimir | Seventeen | Male | Dissociated, Aggressive, Vague | Shiny Umbreon

  4. Aaron paced back and forth, the Vaporeon hybrid clearly angered. It seemed as if for the millionth time today, his fist collided with the wall, though it was only the second time. His crystal blue eyes were hard as ice as he glanced at his now ex-boyfriend. What he had heard, clearly didn't please him. Why couldn't it have been something with drugs, alcohol or even something criminal? Aaron would have been fine with that, but cheating? Almost everything in the room was soaked from his anger, and water. Looking around, Aaron realized the damage he had done, but at the moment, he didn't care. He was more pissed off than anything at Casimir. How foolish could Aaron have gotten, and why didn't he see this coming? His anger soon subsided, Aaron sinking against the wall and starting to cry. Vape, his Vaporeon, cautiously walked into the room, going straight to Aaron to cheer him up. "How could you," Aaron whispered, tears streaking down his cheeks. "I knew I should have never trusted an Umbreon."
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  5. Casimer shrugged, "I just got bored, I guess." He muttered. He studied the tile in the kitchen cutoff, leading in to the back rooms which were carpeted in crunchy red wool. A pair of blue and silver tennis shoes perched themselves against Casimir's door frame, but he tried not to notice them. He didn't want to admit they were there. "I don't understand why you're so upset."
  6. "I was warned about how you Umbreons could be, but I didn't want to believe it. I thought you were different," Aaron muttered, turning his focus to Vape. He loved the little Vaporeon, whom seemed to be the only one that loved him. "I thought I loved you. I guess I was wrong," Aaron whispered, trying to keep more tears from coming out.
  7. Casimir shrugged, rubbing his arm. Maybe he felt a little guilty. "Aaron, this has nothing to do with me not loving you. I do love you. I just was bored and wanted to pass the time." He mumbled, monotone and blank-faced.
  8. "If you loved me you wouldn't have cheated," Aaron muttered, picking up Vape and walking to the other room. He could barley stand to see or hear him. Aaron did still love him, but couldn't deal with him right now.
  9. Casimir frowned and picked at his chin as Aaron rushed in to the bedroom. "Wait, Aaron-" He piped, latching on to his shoulder and spinning him away from the door. "I don't want you in there right now."He muttered, "Why don't we talk about this?"
  10. Aaron shrugged his shoulder, not wanting to be touched by him of all people. "Why, so we can make up and you go and cheat on me again?" Aaron muttered, becoming more silent. This had really hit him deep, and wanted to be alone at the moment.
  11. "But I didn't cheat! I didn't love that guy! I've only known him for an hour or two, hell, I don't even know his last name!" Casimir groaned, tugging at his hair and slouching.
  12. "You know what you did was cheating, don't deny it. I'm done talking," Aaron walked off, Vape trotting after him. "Vape, protect the door," Aaron commanded, laying face down on the bed.
  13. Casimir's jaw hung to his heels as Aaron vanished in the door frame, and Vape bounced in to his place, slapping his tail against the carpet and lolling his tongue to his cheeks. "Aaron, we can't just ignore this." He trailed towards the door frame and peered in at his boyfriend. He ignored the boxers and shirt on the floor. Okay, so perhaps this wasn't his greatest idea, but it was fun, at least, twenty minutes ago. "Can you tell Vape to move so I can come in? This is my room too."
  14. Vape glared at Casimir as he came closer, ready to attack if needed. "I don't want to talk to you right now," Aaron grumbled, hardly moving.
  15. Casimir glanced down at Vape, shrugged, and kicked the Pokemon out of the room. Just the sight of Aaron so upset made him regret everything "Do you want to stop talking? We can stop talking. Let's do something else instead." He plopped himself down on the bed and crossed his legs beside the nightstand. "Why don't we go out? We could go in to the city-"
  16. Vape whimpered as he was kicked out of the room. "Why did you kick my Pokémon," Aaron muttered into the pillows. Casimir wasn't making anything better. "Plus, why would I want to do anything with a cheater."
  17. Casimir rolled his eyes, "I didn't cheat. You're just being too sensitive."
  18. "Why did you kick my Pokémon," Aaron asked again, wanting to avoid the other topic all together.
  19. Casimir groaned and face-planted in to the pillow beside Aaron. "I didn't mean to, okay? He's fine, he didn't hit anything. Sounds like you care a lot more about that damned Pokemon than you care about me" He hissed.
  20. "That Pokémon has a name, and loves me more than you ever did!" Aaron shouted, though it was muffled by the pillows. "Vape has always been there for me, and never cheated on me. He hates your Umbreon almost as much as I hate you right now."
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