URSET: Junomedra's Quest

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URSET, the United Regency of Space Exploration and Travel has a top of the line Colony Vessel named Junomedra. With over 100,000 staff and civilians on board, Junomedra is one of the largest self-sustainable exploration ships in the Regency. It's mission: To explore the vastness of space, learn of new planets, stars, and colonize inhabitable locations. Of course, the universe is not without it's dangers. Hostile Alien races travel the stars, hybrid races from cross breeding gone wrong, as well as self proclaimed pirates can be a danger to planet-side missions and in rare cases to the Junomedra itself. See the OOC!
Astra Teegan

"Muahaha... haha.. BRUUUAAHAHAHAHAA!"

Okay, so she was hamming up the dramatic laughter more than she needed to. But Teegan was having a good morning - for once. The Junomedra had just come in to the orbit of a new planet. Higher ups were calling it Halamedies 29 and the atmosphere was habitable by most oxygen breathing species. This meant that Teegan was getting the opportunity to stretch her legs planet-side and do what she did best.

Discovering glorious new animal species!

"Teeeheee AHEM." Teegan coughed. As exciting as it was, maybe she'd need to reign herself in a little. Everyone was still all ticked off about the Jellyspider incident, and frankly all those damned Med Students were running around calling her a Mad Scientist now. Really, she was a zoologist! There was a difference!

Luckily, the exploration team was already down on the planet. Teegan looked out at the vegetation surrounding the small campsite they had set up. It was so lush! Like a giant rainforest. With her sack strapped firmly to her back and her datapalm in her hand, Teegan was already marching off towards a break in the trees. Time to find herself some animals!
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