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    Firstly, I'm a very laid back person. Happy (for the most part, as much as any normal can be) and friendly.

    Secondly, I only do IM based roleplays. Heh, sorry people.
    I use Trillian, a very versatile, easy to use client.

    I've been rping for about 6 years and it's completely addicting.

    Yaoi. My love and passion.
    I like fluff.
    I like some drama/angst. Not too much. I have a hard time with super sad things.

    What I need in a partner (and I say these things loosely):
    -Ok, first thing is first. Be friendly! I like being friends with my partners. At least chat with me.
    -If I hit it off with you, I'll probably be alright with smut.
    -I'm ok with someone being religious! Just don't shove it down my throat or make me censor my personality. If I make you uncomfortable, tell me or leave if you must.
    -Be on preferably a lot.
    -Be alright with being a seme. I can, at times, depending on my character, act out as a seme. But I'm used to uke. I sort of like playing the dominant uke type too.

    I'm used to playing Nanase Haruka. I do play him as a fandom character but also slightly modeled after Haru so I have room for mistakes in his personality if that makes sense. I support Haru x Makoto but I especially support Haru x Rin

    Sooooooooooo... Please. I need someone. Like, now.
    Please contact me via pm. It's preferred. But if not, and you post here, I'll most likely see it.
  2. I never heard of Trillian but I just got it on my Kindle Fire just for you :P I have RPed via IMs before but I don't really RP on IMs now.
    I am willing to return to IM RPing if you really want to do the rp on IM.

    I would love to do a yaoi rp with you. I love fluff and love drama even more! <3
  3. Wonderful, thank you~!
    I'd be happy to rp with you.
    PM me for my username. ^^
  4. I'm having a problem though. Every username I've been trying to get has been taken >.<

    I'll keep trying to sign up though
  5. Alright, if you need any help just ask. :3
  6. finally got it to work! Had to go to the website to register >.< PM ur user and I'll add you.
  7. Oh god... I could hardly contain myself after seeing this thread post. RinHaru is my weakness. It's like my favorite yaoi pairing of all time. I'd love to be the Rin to your Haru. He's my favorite Free! character. I usually like my plots to be serious, but I'm definitely willing to make this a fluffy roleplay for you. Not sure about this Trillian thing though. I'm a little nervous about certain sites like that, but I might be persuaded to sign up. If you're still up for roleplaying this, let me know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.