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  1. Hello! Welcome to my interest check! I hope that what you find here will hopefully entice your interests! I look forward and welcome any partners who are willing to RP with me! I also do welcome people who just want to chat, I love meeting new, interesting people!

    ABOUT ME (open)

    I am an 18 year old girl from Northern California who is currently a Senior in high school (graduating a few weeks from posting this). I've been on RPG since 2011, and have been involved in many group RPs in my tenure. I've only really gotten into 1x1s recently, since I realized just how fun they are! Despite my current occupation as a student, I do have a lot more free time than I should (not something I am necessarily proud of...), and as a result I can produce many posts in a day if I was really into an RP. I was an athlete, then I graduated. I have competed in many other sports such as wrestling (not WWE, but olympic), basketball, soccer, and such. I also am a huge fan of sports in general, as I am obsessed with watching football and basketball (Go Niners and Dubs!). I also do have an interest in military topics, and have a huge knowledge in the world of cars. English is my second language believe it or not, and I do speak Mandarin & Cantonese Chinese and understand some Vietnamese



    Talk to me! I'd like to get to know my partners and what's up with them :)

    I try to respond as fast as I can, but sometimes I am either out of it, bored, or god forbid, busy.

    I'd like a long term partner, I don't really like one-shots and stuff like that.

    I have a LOT of free time, so I spend a good majority of it refreshing my inbox.

    I'd prefer to have my partner be okay with mature situations, and not just fade to black scenes. But if we must fade to black, then that is fine.

    I try to match whatever you give me. You give me a one-liner. I'll give you a one-liner. If you give me a novel, I'll try my best to write a novel.

    Grammar is a huge thing with me, I do prefer the best from my partners! However, mistakes are tolerated, nobody is perfect!

    4 paragraphs minimum!

    Please inform me of any disappearances lasting more than a week! Any longer without notice and I will assume the RP is dead.

    Rules & Guidelines
    *Must read!

    1). Please no anime/emo characters. I do prefer more realistic characters. In certain situations I will accept those, but most of the time I will not.

    *2). Realistic characters please, unless we're doing something totally awesome. Ties to the 1st rule.

    *3). Be warm, be polite. I like nice people, and don't worry, I don't bite :)

    *4). If you want to experiment with a kink, please let me know! I am very open minded!

    5). Detailed action/sex scenes are much preferred! But your best is also appreciated just as much if you cannot be as detailed!

    6). If you're rude or creepy I won't even bother replying. No exceptions.

    7). I am on from 4 PM to 11 PM on PST (as of 3/27/15)

    8). Please, PLEASE tell me your timezone, or at least what times you are on so I can know when to anticipate your posts.

    10). If you've read these, send me your favorite song in your interest PM.

    11). I am okay with mature scenes, I just don't like being pushed into them instantly. This entire section is dedicated to mature scenes so...

    12). The magic number is "23"

    13). I generally try to avoid scenes depicting drug abuse, but if it must happen, it will happen.

    *14). Don't be afraid to message me! I check my inbox every 5 minutes because I have too much time on my hands!

    15). Character sheets are a must. The way we do them can vary in any way. However, I don't like filling out histories and personalities, and like leaving that to be revealed in our RP

    *16). Please don't disappear! Flakers irritate me to no ends. Seriously.

    *17). I do prefer a modern and realistic setting, but that doesn't mean you can't try to tempt me into a different setting :)

    *18). First impressions are huge with me. If you introduce yourself with an entire essay, I will be a LOT more likely to respond than someone with 2-3 sentences. Details, details, and details.

    *19). I am no stranger to anything. Anything you give me, I will probably do it just as long as you dress it up real nice and really convince me. This applies to all kinks, fetishes, and quirks that you have. Seriously, ask! I will probably do it if you're nice enough!

    I am a huge sucker for slice of life RPs! I find that the RPs I enjoy most are in that genre! If you have a good slice of life idea, don't be afraid to present one to me! I warmly welcome all slice of life ideas no matter how bizzare, cute, weird, or boring they seem! Even simple ones can really entice me! I do prefer FxF pairings, but that doesn't leave out MxF!

    That doesn't mean that you can't come up to me with an entirely different idea with me! The worst that can happen is that I don't go with it, but that doesn't leave out the possibility of us creating another idea together!

    Here are a few things you could use to develop an idea with me!

    Sports (MMA, Boxing, Football, Amateur Wrestling, Track and Field, etc)
    High School

    Pairings - These are meant to be taken in any direction you want (feel free to throw in some too!)
    Best Friend/Best Friend
    Childhood Sweethearts
    Married Couple (Newlyweds, long time married, etc)
    Hopeless Romantics

    and many more....

    Fandoms/Universes (I will absolutely do canons!)
    Red vs Blue
    Fast and Furious
    Call of Duty
    Hunger Games

    Premade Ideas

    I'm Back... [FxF] [MxF] [Mx(Ft)M]
    Character A and Character B have been friends for as long as they could remember. One of them is just handy dandidly fine and the other person not so much. The other person could potentially be transgender, depending on whether or not we want to do that. However one day, Character B disappears from Character A's life, and no trace of them can be found. One day, Character B reunites with Character A, but they're not exactly the same person they were when they first met....

    Suck, Squish, Bang, and Blow [FxF] [MxF]
    Two street racers collide against each other one day during an event organized by their mutual friend. After said event, the two become bitter rivals... but at the same time, they unknowingly fall in love with each other despite their intense and heated rivalry.
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  2. PICK ME :D

    Hi! So, um. I like your first idea at the bottom and I think we could possibly pull together another idea from the top. I was thinking they both will be some kind of athlete maybe a boxer or whatever you have listed there. Just a rough idea so far in my brain but I feel like it would be interesting to develop something further together! What say you?
  3. Shoot me a message! We'll work something out.
  4. Your inbox is too full to start a new conversation! D:
  5. Try it again now?
  6. Nope :/

    I'll just tell you what I'm interested in here.

    Married Couple (Newlyweds, long time married, etc)

    Also, my favorite song? That's kind of hard, but I'd have to say it's Target Audience by Marilyn Manson.
  7. I'd be interested in an FxF married couple rp:)
  8. I got really excited till I saw you only do modern style roleplays

  9. I'll do I'm back with you! ^^ I even have a trans gender character I would love to use.
  10. I think it's on your end. My inbox is far from full.

    Shoot me a PM!

    Shoot me a PM!
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  11. Hey! I'm really interested in the Best friend x Best friend , Rival x Rival or your last pre- made idea! Totally love them and willing to do either MxF of FxF! May be new around here but so far from being new at RP writing.
  12. Awesome! Just shoot me a PM and we can work something awesome out! ^^
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