Urban Legends

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  1. I've been watching a few Japanese horror films about their urban legend creatures and it made me think of a few urban legends that we have in our homelands.

    I think a lot of Americans know the man with the hook for the hand terrorizing kids at the local make-out place, where the story always ends with "And there was his hook, hanging on the door" causing lots of screaming but what other creatures have we made up as Urban Legend material to scare each other?
  2. Well, there's the one about Bloody Mary. Say that name 3 times in front of a mirror and a creepy ghost appears. XD

    There's also this creepy one my English 101 prof read to us. A girl laying in bed hears a dripping noise in her house and it scares her and she's too scared to investigate. She's comforted by the presence of her dog. Every time she reaches her hand off of the bed, she waits for her dog to lick it and when the dog does, she brings her hand back up and goes back to sleep.

    When she wakes in the morning, she walks into her bathroom and screams. Her dog's bloody corpse is hanging from the shower head. It explains the sound of the dripping all night long, which brings her to a question: who was licking her hand all night?

    Well, her question is answered by a message written in blood on the wall: Humans can lick too

    @__@ Friggin creepy.
  3. I remember that one too.

    In PA we had the cobb hole, a deep hole in the river bed (no one knows how deep it goes) that was said to be the hole of a giant ray.

    Theres also the flying dutchman...
  4. O.O That creeped me out.
  5. eh. heard the humans can lick too in year seven. freaked me the fuck out then though.

    aussies have the infamous......Drop Bear!

    looks like a koala, sounds like a koala, but DROPS DOWN FROM THE TREETOPS TO DEVOUR YOUR FACE!

    it also doesnt exist, being that it is a koala (who can scratch like a MOTHERFUCKER when they're not stoned on eucalyptus leaves.)
  6. Like australia doesn't have enough REAL life threatening things to be scared off! >.> <.<

    When I was a kid there was an urban legend going around about a man who kidnapped women and then asked them. "Do you want to get raped or smile forever?" And when they answered they chose for the latter one, he would take a knife to the corners of her mouth and cut them wide open, in a permanent grin.
  7. Wow Myrn, that's just like the Kuchisuka-Onna! She approaches you with a mask covering her face and asks "Am I pretty?" and removes the mask revealing that she's had the corners of her mouth cut wide open and if you say "You're pretty" she kills you (since pretty and kill are homonyms in Japanese) and that's actually the inspiration for this thread XD

    And yeah Warde, Australia has enough to worry about other then killer koala! Aren't bunyips from Australia too?