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  1. The Fiore Kingdom has had more than it's fair shares of guilds of legends and failures. With the fall of Phantom Lord and the continue rise of Fairy Tail, other guilds have yet to steal the spot light. But that day is today; Urban Legend has opened it's doors!

    Coming together, band with your other wizards to create teams that will rival each other and other guilds. Soon the name of Urban Legend will stand toe to toe with Fairy Tail! Do you have what it takes to be part of us?

    Guild Master:
    Ramisa Maradaur

    Asst. Guild Master:

    Elitist Wizards: (will need at least five)

    If you are curious to join, bring it up and on! This is going to be fun and I'll need and asst. guild master just to help maintain it all. There will be job postings up as well, but that will take a little time and of course people interaction. The first little bit will be about building relationships and teams!

    Let's see what you are all made of and let's keep it in reason as well. Variation of abilities is smiled upon! And if you want to be an elitist wizard; first 5 to PM me will get such titles.

    Character Sheet:
    Wizard Abilities:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.