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  1. Urban fantasy setting with a secret library in a city surrounded by jungle
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  2. Click, clack, click, clack. There were few sounds that Yanaike hated, but this was one of them. And it was even coming from her own feet! It was the sound of her boring plain brown shoes ticking against the pavement tiles of the sidewalk. If Yanaike could choose she would just wear her favourite white coloured boots: they felt much softer and were designed in such a way that no sound could be heard when Yanaike was hitting the floor.
    But no, Yanaike couldn’t choose her own shoe wear, neither could she decide her own clothes. If she didn’t want to stay out she had to be covered by a dull looking school uniform, that, even though Yanaike was not even going to school! For the same reason she had pulled up her own tail and was now holding her tail folded at her back in her shirt.
    Luckily, Yanaike was almost home. She disappeared from public view by walking into a small alleyway between two high buildings. At the backyard Yanaike started to climb the emergency staircase of the adjacent block of flats. In contrast to the normal staircase of the apartment building, the emergency staircase led one floor higher and it was there were Yanaike’s secret loft was located. Yanaike grabbed the key, opened the door and locked herself inside. She closed the curtains before the two tiny windows and finally she was able to release her long brown-haired tail.
    Yanaike didn’t want to live like this any longer. What she really wanted was to flee back into the jungle and continuing discovering new places. But then again, Yanaike had found her magic was slowly disappearing out of her veins. Somehow her magic seemed to be strongest around this particular city. Somehow this city had something to do with the disappearing of her magic and Yanaike was eager to find out what exactly. And basically that was why she’d adopted the life of a regular teenage girl, except she didn’t really go to school like all other teenagers did, she felt too smart for that. Instead Yanaike spent her time searching for clues about her magic disappearance. Unfortunately, she wasn’t very lucky so far.
  3. Nevi was worried. There was a frown on his face, that was unnatural in itself, but that wasn't what was bothering him. It was that he had caught a disease that seemed to hang over the great city and infect the air. Not a disease of the body, but a disease of the mind. A misery, a coldness, a hatred, Nevi had been dazzled by the advancement that lied within the city, yet its populace didn't share his excitement. They all had faces twisted into frowns and never spoke as they walked from building to towering building. Optimistic Nevi could only imagine that they were all suffering from some sort of mental plague, one that he himself had been feeling the effects of and was compelled to rid.

    Why had he come here? Well... he had a very good reason a long, long time ago but forgot what it was. No matter how hard he tried, Nevi couldn't quite remember why he had wanted to enter the city, but for some reason, he did. It wasn't easy, they threatened to kill him when he first came, called him a 'savage.' When he asked what they meant by that the men swore and shot at him, wielding loud weapons that spat metal and fire. Feeling like the men were mean and not really wanting to talk to them again the ranger waited until they left and, under the cover of night, climbed the wall.

    When morning came Nevi quickly found that the city people wore clothes much different than his and stared at him piercingly. So he found a collared grey shirt in a rather large green box along with some faded blue pants. The pants were too big, the ends dragged against the ground and he found the shirt collar extremely annoying. His bow and quiver also seemed to bother people, so he hid them away with his clothes behind some bricks piled up for no apparent reason that he could see. He kept his hat and the red ribbon of course, he would never take them off no matter what.

    Nevi milled about for a few days, finding that one, people still stared at him, probably because he was at least a head taller then everybody. Two, all of the people who had food and drink asked for green paper in exchange for some reason and threw him out of their homes when he explained he didn't have any. And three, he developed his plague theory and was lost. He was between two of the identical grey buildings that made up the city. Unlike the jungle, where there were plenty of landmarks and waypoints, everything in the city was exactly the same. In fact, Nevi was so absorbed in thought that he didn't seem to notice the man with a rusty switchblade slowly approaching behind him.
  4. After Yanaike had grabbed a quick bite of yesterday’s pizza, she spent her time behind one of the devices that humans seemed to call ‘computers’. She had… bought… well, obtained… actually… one of those computers for her own. She couldn’t really understand them. Why did those humans made things like these? These devices were filled with the imperfections that the city-kind of humans seemed to have. Computers couldn’t show emotion, they couldn’t use magic, and they seemed so simple-minded.
    Nonetheless, Yanaike was fascinated by the machines. She’d ‘opened’ her computer after she’d bought it and quickly discovered that it was filled with tiny pieces of mechanic elements, and they all seemed to serve their own purposes. It was amazing how the humans got so many things together working as one. It was quite a puzzle for Yanaike to put all of the mechanic elements back together, but it did help her to discover the logic behind the machine. Now she was just wondering what she could do with a computer. Maybe it could somehow help her to trace the source of the thing that was causing the magic to disappear? But how? That was the question that was bothering Yanaike for a few days now.

    As she did yesterday, Yanaike decided to go for a leisurely stroll to help make her mind up. She opened the two diagonal metal doors that led to the flat roof of the apartment complex. She jumped outside and after she locked the door, she turned on all fours and started running. Her tail was wagging around, enjoying the wind, as she quickly jumped from rooftop to rooftop, and swiftly dodging any obstacles meanwhile. Her head was filled with thoughts, but they were suddenly interrupted when Yanaike spotted a colour between the grey and boring streets. Multiple colours actually! There was a man below her, wearing a weird kind of green hat with and an orange feather. She also noticed a red ribbon around his wrist. Other than that the man was wearing ‘regular’ clothes. Was he one of the city-humans? Then again, his hat and ribbon hinted otherwise. Was he an actual outsider? Out of curiosity Yanaike leaped down, out of anyone’s view. As she had landed on the ground, Yanaike pulled in her tail, as she didn’t want the stranger to find out anything about her. In her ‘normal’ school uniform Yanaike approached the stranger, when suddenly she noticed another guy wielding a blade, approaching him from the other side.

    Without any overthinking, Yanaike decided to warn the stranger.
    “Look out, sir!” she shouted as she pointed her finger to the man with the blade.
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  5. Nevi was about to start retracing his steps when he saw what appeared to be a teenage girl in routine looking clothes. He had wondered if the happiness that came naturally with youth was harmed by the city's sickness. He found the girl's facial expressions interesting, curiosity then... panic? She yelled and pointed behind him, to which he saw a man.

    The man wore a black shirt that extended into a hood, it looked much more comfortable then Nevi's and the ranger was actually going to offer a trade before he noticed the knife in his hand. The man's shaded face was set in stony determination as he held the blade out, pointing it at the opminist with a steady grip. Nevi's shoulders slumped and a few drips of sweat formed on the back of his neck, no no no, he could do this. The man's scarred lips began to move, but they froze then he knife was suddenly missing from his hand.

    Nevi held the blade in his hands, studying it carefully. He would not be haggled into trading something useful for something of poor quality ever again, the fourteenth time was the last. He mumbled under his breath, "rusty, dull, sloppy craftmanship really." The mugger was in a state of shock, he stared at his empty hand, then looked at the strange man who had with ease taken what he had been gripping so tightly and was now... judging it?

    Nevi shook his head and looked up at the merchant with nervous determination. "I'm very sorry sir but I have no interest in this. Not much of a knife user and I'm sorry to tell you but the knife itself is rather poor. Besides, I don't seem to have any of what you people want here." With that he folded the switchblade back and handed it to the man who had been pointing it at him. The man slowly backed away before scrambling out of the alleyway. Nevi scratched his head and before turning to the girl he muttered, "people here are very, interesting..."

    Nevi lifted his odd hat to the girl, his happy smile coming back to his face. "Thank you miss. I'm not very good at being pushed to trade for something. I am Nevi Vale, and you are?"
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  6. A trade? Yanaike felt confused for a moment. It did not really seem to her like the man, wearing grey was proposing a trade, it looked more like he was about to murder him. She even felt a bit scared, even though it was not her who was the target. However, the man was gone now and Yanaike was happy that it did not came to a fight. She’d never been a great warrior. She had not enough strength to put up much for a fight and now that her magic was unreliable Yanaike was basically unable to do anything useful combat-wise. Besides, she didn’t want anyone to know whose side she was really on.

    The man was now introducing himself as Nevi Vale. Yanaike was in doubt. Was she supposed to introduce herself as well? Yanaike never understood the timing of introducing. She could remember that night in that room. A large artificial spotlight was pointed at her and she was being questioned by two large men. They kept asking her name, however Yanaike did not feel like telling them. The next day Yanaike decided to tell everyone her name immediately, but that also did not seem to be the point as the people on the street were staring at her as if she was some crazy old woman. She couldn’t really figure out when it would be the right time to introduce. The one thing that Yanaike learned, was that she could better give her name if people were asking for it.

    However, somehow Yanaike didn’t really felt like giving her name to Nevi. She only knew him for like one second, and yet he already required her name. She decided she wanted to know a bit more about this Nevi first. Maybe if she ignored the question, Nevi would stop asking?
    She walked towards him and started circling around him, while sniffing her nose.

    “I… uhm… I am…” Suddenly Yanaike recognized a familiar scent. The smell of the jungle! Could it really be true? Was this guy actually an outsider?
    “Where do you come from?” Yanaike asked hesitatingly. She didn’t want him to find out anything about her, yet.
  7. The girl seemed confused by Nevi's asking for her name, causing the ranger to immediately assume he had offended her in some way. He was worried something like this would would happen, what with this city being like a entirely new world to him, it was doubtless the language would be different. Nevi always introduced himself quickly when he met someone, since he liked being called by his name. He asked for people's names so that he could do the same, but that didn't seem to be how it worked in the city. Nevi was about to apologize when he gave her face another look. Not confused, lost in thought perhaps?

    This girl was even stranger then the man, something about her was different from all of the other city people. Most of them didn't even respond to Nevi's introduction, clearly another side effect of the City Plague, hearing problems. Suddenly the girl began walking around him and, sniffing him? Did he forget to bathe before he entered the city? He had that note in his treehouse reminding him to clean himself every day, which was odd because Nevi didn't know how to write. Regardless the girl orbiting and smelling him like a hungry wolf made Nevi very uncomfortable.

    Finally the girl began to slowly respond, but then a look of surprise took her face. She asked Nevi were he was from in a manner that hinted caution. He hesitated, could he trust this girl? He had only just met her and she wouldn't even tell him her name. The weapons the men at the wall used, he was terribly afraid of being shot by one, they put holes through the thick jungle trees. But again, the girl was different, and Nevi felt she wouldn't tell the men. The tall man crouched down so he was at eye-level with the girl and spoke in a hushed tone. "I come from the jungle Miss. I climbed the wall."
  8. Yanaike jumped and she yelled in excitement. So he actually was an outsider! Yanaike knew it! Her thoughts had been right all the time. But wait. Did he just tell her he simply climbed the wall? But… How? Technically it was already nearly impossible because you had to do long vertical climb up, and then after that you would have a nearly as difficult vertical climb down. But aside from that Yanaike had always assumed that such a large structure would be trapped somehow. She had seen lots of weird mechanical things in this city. It wouldn’t surprise her if the humans had attached some kind of zapper to the wall which would zap people to death if they would climb over it. That was why Yanaike had never tried climbing in the first place. But it seemed her assumption was wrong and there was no defence system attached to the wall. Which brought Yanaike to the next question: why didn’t more outsiders succeed in climbing the wall?
    She had her doubts whether she had to tell Nevi the way she got into the city, but she did not really want to reminder herself of the catapult technique she used. The landing had been kind of… Yanaike shook away the thoughts about it.

    Right now Yanaike found herself wondering if Nevi already realised she was an outsider as well. Yanaike had to admit that she had not kept her secret hidden very well. She had just used her nose for identifying! It had to be pretty obvious that she was an outsider as well, as there was no insider who would do something like that. Then again, if he would knew, wouldn’t he have shown more signs of recognition by now?

    Anyway, Yanaike decided it would be a good idea to show him. It would be nice to have a friend around with whom she could share her idea on the weird behaviour of the people in the large city. Yanaike looked around for a few seconds.
    “Follow me” she whispered and then she ran into the narrow alleyway, hiding herself from public view. It was there where she released her long brown haired tail, wagging it around cheerfully. Although it was pretty uncommon for a human to have animal characteristics, even in the outside world, he had to understand by now that a girl with a tail could never be an insider.
    “Oh, an my name is Yanaike, by the way” she added, as she bowed lightly.
  9. Nevi was so surprised by the girl's sudden burst of excitement that he briefly lost his balence and fell over in his squatting position. He quickly got up and smiled as his question was answered, youths were unaffected by the City Plague. Good, he wasn't quite sure how this would help him find them find the cure but it was a move in the right direction. The ranger straightened his hat and gave the girl another look. Lost in thought again, and so quickly. He was beginning to feel she did this a lot and it was a defining trait of hers. And what was with the sniffing? Did she have bad eyesight?

    Now she's telling Nevi to follow her further into the alley where the shadows hid them from any city-goers. The ranger did as he was told, wishing to know more about the mysterious girl. Then she revealed, she had a tail?! That was so... Awesome! He spoke with wonder in his voice and a look of amazement on his face. "That's really cool! So you came from the jungle too?" Nevi could only assume this because none of the city goers he had met before had tails. They didn't seem to have anything interesting on their bodies anyway. He suddenly felt the urge to get his gear, but didn't understand why.

    The girl introduced herself as Yanaike ,which was a very fun sounding name, and gave a small bow. To which Nevi removed his hat and bowed graciously, sweeping the alley ground with it. "It's a pleasure to meet you Miss. Yanaike. I am Nevi Vale and I- have already told you this, sorry." He finished his sentence with a awkward smile as he he placed his hat back onto his head.
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  10. Full of admiration Yanaike watched how Nevi took of his hat and bowed. Now that Yanaike got a closer look at it, she realised how amazing his hat really was. The green colour reminded her of the jungle and then there was the intimidating orange feather on top of it. Yanaike realised she missed her own black witch hat. It felt weird not wearing anything on her head and leaving the top of her long brown hair exposed to the wind. Maybe Nevi would let her wear his hat? Just for a while? The hat would probably slightly too large for Yanaike’s head, but she would bothered more if it would have been too small. She imagined how she would look like kind of an admiral, having Nevi’s hat on. The more she thought about it, the more she realised that a hat could play a big role in defining someone’s identity. A grin appeared on Yanaike’s face. Well, she could at least try to ask him politely.
    “Is there any chance I could wear your hat?” Yanaike asked while wagging her tail around cheerfully. Immediately after she’d asked the question, she realized that the question was pretty pointless. The answer would probably be a ‘no’. It seemed that the hat was very valuable for him, else he would have taken it off already in order to look more like the standard humans in this city.
  11. Nevi watched as Yanaike's tail wagged back and forth like a dog's, even though it looked more like a monkey's. He was rather entranced by the oddness of it, a girl with a tail! Not only that one that seemed to match her emotions like that of a dog's, wagging with more speed as she became more excited. By now it was basically implied that she was a outsider, she had acted in ways that the city-people did not and was overjoyed to hear that Nevi came from the jungle, something that the wall guards were most certainly not. Soon she asked if she could wear the ranger's signature hat, to which he immediately responded with a grin and a nod. "Of course you can! I just would like it back, o.k.?" Just before he removed his hat Nevi remembered something that stilled his hand. He pointed at the dulled orange feather and cautiously said, "just be careful with this. It's a old pheonix feather and if it catches a spark the whole thing will be on fire for a while." With that he removed the hat from his noggin and placed it gently onto Yanaike's head, revealing one of his old burns on his forehead nearly hidden by hair.
  12. As Yanaike had expected, the hat was a bit too large for Yanaike. It felt over her head and almost covered her eyes. Nonetheless it made her feel proud. She saluted Nevi and started marching in circles around him. That made her, for a second time this day, hate her current shoes as they were ticking against the floor tiles so loud. Yanaike tried to ignore the sound and now focused on Nevi.
    “Greetings” she said, trying to sound as formally as possible. “I am admiral Yanaike! From now on you will follow all of my commands.” She grinned.
    “I’m just joking” she added quickly, to make sure that Nevi wouldn’t take her too serious. “You know, I have my own hat as well: a witch hat. But I haven’t worn it since I entered this city. Nobody in this city seems to wear hats, well… at least not hats like ours. So I took mine of because I didn’t want to be too outstanding.” After fooling around for a little longer, Yanaike decided to give the hat back as she wouldn’t want to be the one responsible for catching fire. She had to admit this guy was pretty interesting. There were so many questions Yanaike wished to ask him right now, and before she knew it she was rapidly firing of questions to him.
    “How did you get this hat?”
    It wouldn’t surprise her if there would actually be a story behind it, just like… her necklace.
    “How did you get that burn on your head?”
    Yanaike had not noticed it before, maybe it had to do something with the…
    “How did you get that feather?”
    It seemed like something that only important people would wear.
    “Are you… important?”
    The feather on his hat. Maybe he was like a leader?
    “Do you have an army?”
    That would make him even more important.
    “Do you like cabbage?”
    Vegetables were important as well.
    “Why are you in this city?”
    Something… uh… important?
    “What are you doing here?”
    Like a secret mission?
    “How long have you been staying here?”
    She had to put her hands before her mouth to make the questions stop. Every time Yanaike met someone new and interesting, she couldn’t stop her curiosity and just kept asking questions. She was aware of her bad habit, but just couldn’t stop it. Sometimes her thoughts just went faster than her sense of good habits. And now that she thought about it, it was even unfair. She was the one asking questions, yet she had been the one not telling too much herself.
    “I’m sorry” she mumbled with her hands still placed on her mouth.
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  13. Nevi gave a small chuckle as Yanaike marched around him in military fashion, his hat nearly covering her eyes. She imitated a admiral but was apologizing as the ranger let out a laugh. He straightened his posture and firmly saluted. "Yes Ma'am. Will do Admiral Yanaike!" After their little laugh the girl began describing her own hat and how she choose not to wear it due to the city-folk not allowing awesome hats into their attire. What interested him most was that she said she had a witch's hat, did that mean she was a witch? While born with no magical ability himself Nevi found the arcane arts to be incredibly interesting. As he was handed back his hat he thought of asking the girl further on the subject before he was suddenly bombarded with questions.

    As Yanaike spewed a stream of questions at him Nevi tried to answer each, but it all came out as snippets of sentences. "It was giv-" "I don't like to-" "It was in ret-" "Not at-" "No." "No. I like app-" "I don't re-" "Trying to fi-" "Less then a week." Finally the tail-bearing girl put her hands over her mouth to stop the flood of words flying out. The ranger smiled and scratched the back of his head before replying to her apology with a "it's fine." He needed a bit of time to catch up, this girl just kept getting more and more strange. She had also reminded him of something. The burns. They ran down his arms as well, pale red splotches against milky white skin. This brought back a unfortunate, ancient memory. Scratchy smoke filling his lungs, wild flames springing out of walls and floors being drained of their color, hunks of burning ruin falling in around him.

    As this horrible memory was brought back to him all the emotion drained from Nevi's face. The worst part of it was that that's all he could remember. He didn't know the why or the how, only that it happened and that it ruined much more then his old house. But what else did that horrible fire destroy? He tried to convince himself that the feather had somehow caught alight but... Nevi realized he was just staring into space while having a conversation with Yanaike. A apologetic smile adorned his face while he busied his hands with straightening his hat. "Oh. Ah... Sorry about that. So Yanaike, you said you have a witch hat, are you a witch? Also, could I call you Yana?"
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  14. Yanaike was a bit disappointed at the answers given by Nevi. She still really didn’t know anything more about him. She wanted to ask the questions again, however before she got a chance, Nevi asked her a question. About her witch hat and if she was a witch and if he could call her Yana? That last question seemed kind of random compared to the other two questions, then again, Yanaike herself had a pretty good reputation of asking random questions as well.
    “Yeah, sure” Yanaike responded. “You can call me Yana, although it will be admiral Yana for you, in that case.” Now the more difficult question. Yanaike answered affirmative, although a little doubt could be heard in the tone of her voice.
    “And yes I am a witch, but…”
    Suddenly a by-passer appeared at the beginning with the alleyway. With an ice cold glance stared towards Yanaike. Yanaike was shocked for a moment. Did he…? Did he heard? Did he saw her tail? At the way he looked, it was almost as if he was some sort of surveillance patrol, knowing that two unidentified people had been in this alleyway for too long. After the man had disappeared out of Yanaike’s sight, Yanaike quickly pulled in her tail.
    “Do you have a place to stay, Nevi?” Yanaike asked hastily. “There are too many other people here who might notice us. If you want you can come to my place so we can continue talking?” Yanaike didn’t really want him to stay at her place as it would be too small for two people, however her temporary home seemed the best place to have a private conversation for now.
  15. Nevi was still recovering from his bothersome flashback when Yanaike replied to his questions. Admiral Yana, he liked it, it made the ranger think of the short girl in military garb leading a army of ships into a open ocean and helped him forget about the incident, allowing it to once again fade away from his thoughts like a old bruise. Her answer to his question on if she was a witch or not interested him more though, the 'but' specifically. Nevi imagined magic as something someone would be proud of. Did have something to do with her tail? Before she got the chance to explain further she trailed off, and looked to the entrance of the alleyway.

    Nevi followed her gaze to a man in garb similar to that of the wall guards, except less heavily armored. There was venom in his stare as he looked at Yana then left. In that short moment Nevi felt the urge to defend the girl, even though they had only known each other for a few molments. He knew these were his old tendencies popping up, and he knew they annoyed most of his friends. After hiding her tail Yana asked Nevi if he had a place to stay to which he replied, "No. Not unless you feel like climbing the wall, which I noticed seems much harder from the inside." Nevi was greeted with barbed wire and a large patrol when he climbed the wall, it was pure luck he wasn't seen.

    Yana then offered Nevi to stay at his place, making him smile and say, "that would be great if it isn't too much trouble." He then imagined what the witch girl's home would be like. Bubbling cauldrons and shelves full of strange ingredients immediatly came to mind, exciting him greatly.
  16. Yanaike wondered if Nevi really got the idea that it wasn’t her intention that he would stay for longer than just a visit. However she didn’t really bother for now.
    “Are you able to run over the rooftops?” Yanaike asked. Immediately after asking the question Yanaike knew what his answer would be. Of course he was able to run the roofs. He climbed the wall. It would be a simple task for him to reach the rooftop. And the part about running over them would be just as easy compared to dashing through the jungle.
    Without waiting a response Yanaike jumped to the windowsill of one of the adjacent buildings and from there she used the drainpipe to quickly climb up further. In just a couple of seconds Yanaike had reached the rooftop, four floors higher. From there Yanaike leaned over the edge, looking below.
    “Follow me” she whispered, just loud enough so that Nevi could hear her, but silent enough so that no one else would be able to hear her. After that, Yanaike started running. She decided to take a break on a couple of points along the route, just to make sure that Nevi would still be following her.
    After about twelve minutes of running and waiting, Yanaike finally reached her own roof. She opened the two metal doors and revealed her place to Nevi.
    “Welcome to my loft” Yanaike said in an inviting tone. “I haven’t cleaned it for a little while, so please ignore the rubbish lying around.”
    The place that Yanaike called her home was quite unique. It seemed that a part of her habitat used to be the top floor of one of the high buildings along a long straight road. However a newer apartment complex had now been build and had required the demolishment of several old buildings. Her home was located in the intersection between the old and new buildings and seemed to be leftover space, not anymore belonging to the series of old buildings, nor to the new apartment complex, which could be told from the inside of her room as for a small room it had some weird corners. The metal doors to the rooftop indicated that her house was once used as a storage area during construction, however her front door and the connection to water system and electricity grid indicated that it once originally was planned to be a normal apartment. Now, her front door leaded to the emergency staircases, connecting to an almost inaccessible backyard. That was why Yanaike always used her roof door.
    Inside the ‘loft’ daylight was shining in from two little windows. On the left side there at one of the windows, was a corner where Yanaike had placed a couch she’d found on the streets one day, an old but still functional piece of furniture, and a desk with the computer on top of it. On the right side there was a small kitchen and a table with two chairs. It was also the place where the only regular and flat wall was located and Yanaike had used that opportunity to place a bookcase there, containing lots of books which she found in the city. There was actually a place people called ‘library’ where tons of books could be picked up for free. Next to the bookcase there was another weird corner with the second window of her apartment. She’d hang a hammock next to the window and a telescope was placed between the hammock and the window. A door in the corner led to a small bathroom, which wasn’t really used for its purpose. Her home wasn’t cleaned for a while and that could easily be told from the musty smell hanging in her apartment and a few empty pizza boxes lying on the floor.
  17. Nevi nodded before he watched Yana nimbly make her way up to the rooftops. She then looked down and told him to follow, another nod her reply. The ranger quickly climbed onto one of the big green boxes and gave himself as much running up room as possible before taking a large leap to a higher windowsill. He forcefully pushed himself off and grabbed onto the edge of the roof of the building that was adjacent to him. After pulling himself up to the top of the roof Nevi briefly stretched, he hadn't ran ever since he crossed the wall as most city goers frowned upon running for fun, or anything fun for that matter it seemed.

    A wide smile spread across Nevi's face as he began sprinting after Yana and jumping from roof to roof, he had already started to miss the feeling of wind in his face, of blood coursing through his body. He didn't have to worry about his hat due to it's shape making it very aerodynamic, the wind doing nothing more then make his feather twirl about a bit. While they were running Nevi again considered getting his gear, but the thought was removed from his mind when he looked out into the city. He had never been at a point where he could properly see the enormity of it, the pure vastness of the grey landscape. The buildings got even taller going towards the center of the city, ending with a tower so tall that Nevi couldn't look at the top without stumbling. He also noticed some buildings that belched out black smoke, clearly they were broken and required repair.

    Eventually they reached Yana's 'loft' and entered. Nevi noted the odd placement and was slightly disappointed with the interior, he hid it of course, he didn't want Yana to feel bad. Besides not being the potion laboratory he expected, and smelling faintly of grease, Yana's place was... cozy, in a way. As he looked at the hammock he said, "nice place you have here. Reminds me of my tree house, smells like when the bigger wolfs come by too." He was unaware that his last comment could be taken as offensive, and continued looking around before removing his hat and taking a seat on the couch. "So admiral Yanaike, you wanted to continue talking?" He spoke with humor but was very ready to question Yana further on her being a witch.
  18. Yanaike was happy that Nevi seemed to like her loft, and she didn’t take the comment about wolfs offensively. She was more worried about the way Nevi acted, the way he sat down on the couch. She just hoped that she’d made her intentions clear of this being just a visit and not a permanent stay. She doubted if she had to emphasize that, however in the end she decided that she didn’t want to be rude. Slightly strained Yanaike plumped down on the couch. Nevi had asked her if she wanted to continue talking. Yes, of course, that was why she’d invited her in the first place. She nodded.
    “Hmm… yes. I’m sorry but I didn’t really got the answers you gave to me at my questions. I’m still wondering: what are you doing in this city?”
  19. Seeing Yana plop down onto the other side of the couch caused Nevi to relax his position, resting his back on the cushion behind him and placing his hat on the arm to his side. He crossed his legs and considered Yana's first question. "To be honest I have no idea. I know I know I had a good reason a long time ago but I can't remember what it was. Now that I'm here though I think it was to get rid of the City Plague." It occurred to Nevi that Yana probably didn't know what he was talking about, and he added. "I believe there is a sickness here that is making everyone unhappy, so I called it the City Plague." He was very interested in what she thought of his theory, as well as if she had any incite on the matter.
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  20. Yanaike couldn't help but letting her tail out, wagging it around in excitement. It was not that she was happy about the things that Nevi said, no, it was more that she finally had someone to talk with. Of course she'd her own thoughts and theories about the people, the city and everything. But she was never able to share them with anybody.
    "A sickness, hm...?" Yanaike nodded. "I'm not sure. My theory is that the people living here are just living a different way and that they do that voluntarily. It is as if they don't know... maybe don't wanna know, what it is to be a human? Or... even better, as if they don't know what it is not to be a human! As if they are trapped in a web full of strict rules, work and being emotionless. But I do not have the feeling that they mind! I wonder if they know about the outside world? I wonder what they've chosen if they had the choice!" Yanaike wagged with her tail again. She loved having philosophical conversations and she wondered what Nevi would thought about her theory.
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