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  1. I'm looking for a few urban fantasy one x ones; stories where magic breathes all around us, gods and monsters hide in plain sight among mortals, and all the myths and legends we learned as children are horrifyingly real.

    I am usually capable of writing anywhere from 2 to 5 paragraphs per post, but I believe in quality over quantity. I write males, females, het, slash and femslash. I am fine with language, violence and sexual situations but will fade to black depending on my partner's preference. Please be 18+ if you're interested in mature RPs. Strictly romantic plots get stale quickly; give me action, drama, humor to go along with it.

    Here a few very basic ideas. Feel free to expand on them, or offer me some of your own.

    - A modern retelling of Hades and Persephone, where Hades finds the reincarnation of Persephone in the mortal realm. But instead of merely kidnapping her like the old days, he must convince her to fall in love with him, and reign as his Queen in the Underworld. I can play Hades or Persephone.

    - A witch is hired by the mob/mafia to perform curses on their targets instead of hits. The witch could have a romantic subplot with a fellow mob member or a police officer. I can play the witch or a different character.

    - In a small town, children and teenagers are suddenly disappearing without a trace in large numbers. When a teenager/young adult's sibling goes missing, they do some investigating and discover their small town rests atop a fairy mound, a portal to the faerie Otherworld. They enlist the help of a banished faerie knight and attempt to rescue the stolen children. I would prefer to play the faerie knight.

    - A roleplay about an ancient order of exorcists, banding together from different nations and all corners of the world to rid humanity of demons. I'm thinking I'd like to play a young male Catholic priest in this.

    - A young couple or roommates move into a house, only to discover it's already home to a paranormal entity. This would be a fun opportunity to play around with horror movie cliches and tropes.

    - Any unconventional setting, besides the typical town, city or school. An urban fantasy game taking place in a prison, hospital, office, hell even a cruise could be fun.

    Don't hesitate to PM me or post here if you're interested, or have other ideas to share.
  2. Your request is specific enough to excite people but open enough for flexibility and stretching.

    Would you consider a twist in the demon hunting exorcists? My character could be a male or female bat-winged race, occurring in nature rather than a vampire or demon. Looks human except for the wings, pointed ears, teeth, flexible feet. This particular one was found and raised by a friendly human as a baby, never met another of its own race but is currently searching. Suppose she/he's discovered by your character, tries to prove she/he is not evil somehow.
    If we get past that phase, mine can join your organization; combating demons and vampires would be a means of gaining the network's news of any others of her/his kind.
  3. Ooh, I quite like that idea a lot. Every fighter of the supernatural needs a kickass non-human partner at their side. Would you like to discuss further over PMs?
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