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  1. I’m searching again for new roleplay partners! But, this time, unlike my previous request I have a very specific idea/theme that I like to try: Urban Fantasy!

    So basically our roleplay will be situated in a large metropolis kind of city, and there are fantasy-elements involved. Other than that we’re pretty much free to go. However, I do have some ideas, which I will gladly share with you. However first a few minor things:

    I hate clichés. So I’m not going to do a standard super hero kind of action RP or a stereotypical love story between a vampire and a vampire hunter. An idea like that is fine as a base, but there has to be something more going on in order to our story fresh and interesting.
    I’m fine playing either gender as main character, however I prefer female main characters slightly more. I think I can make them a lot more realistic than a male main character. But if you really want me to play a male character, I guess I’m fine with that as well. As for side characters, I can play anything!
    I guess I’m fine with sexual content as long as you’re 18+ and both our characters are 18+. Sexual content doesn’t have to be in our story. In case we include sexual content, it always has to be plot related!
    I’m also okay with any kind of love relationship: MxF, FxF and MxM. However I do have a preference for MxF stories. Basically, I’ve never done FxF and MxM before, so I need some guidance from you if you want to do this. However I won’t go into sexual content if we do a non-straight relationship, simply because I don’t feel comfortable with that. Of course we can also have a non-love-related relationship going on between our characters.
    I have some pre-made characters, which I looove to use since they are already very far developed and unique in their ways of thinking, doing etc. I will introduce them to you if I feel If I feel they could fit into the plot. If you like me to create a new character, or the plot doesn’t allow one of my pre-made characters, that’s okay for me, but I might have a bit more trouble creating a nice character (especially if the plot is kind a vague).
    I want you to reply at least twice a week, as I will become bored if your posting speed is too slow. If you have other stuff going on, please tell me, I can respect that. I, myself will respond between five times a day and two times a week, depending on real life pressure, difference in time zones and the amount of inspiration you give me!
    Post length is not important. My post length varies a lot. I will try to match yours, but my post length really depends on the amount of working material/inspiration you give me and what kind of scene we’re working on. It’s difficult for me to reply with long posts if our characters are in the middle of a conversation.
    I’m a brainstormer! This means that I do not like it if you force a certain plot on me and I do not want to force a plot on you either. I expect us to come up with an idea together, based on input from both sides (not just input from me, not just input from you), not only before we start our RP but also during our RP (plot twists). I will regularly ask you questions in a separate thread or conversation to try to find interesting new ideas.
    And last but not least, I’m not a native-English-writer. Even though I use spelling and grammar checks, you might notice some minor mistakes and there might be cases that I cannot find the right words to describe exactly what I want to say. All I ask from you is that your grammar and spelling is at least on a level that you’re posts are understandable for me.

    Now some idea’s to get us started with. If you really want to try something particular, but it is not listed down below, please tell me!

    Busting clichés
    A very extreme idea I have, which I love to try for a really long time is this: we take a cliché, preferably a medieval fantasy cliché and now we implement that into a modern city setting. It sounds weird, but it could really be a lot of fun! Imagine a princess locked in a tower and a prince to save her, but now in a large metropolis city.

    Why would adventures be limited to the woodlands? A city has lots of great places as well to discover. Imagine small alleyways leading to an old abandoned church, or imagine a hidden park, an unused metro/sewer system, infinitive possibilities!!!
    Also remember that our characters do not have to be familiar with the urban area. One or both of our characters can be outsiders?

    Random encounters
    A thing I’ve been craving for a while is a relationship (does not have to be specifically love-related) between our characters. How big is the chance that two random characters meet each other in such a large city? And how big is the chance that those two characters meet again?

    Visions from the past
    If you like to go with a more apocalyptic kind of setting, that’s fine as well. Our characters could be among the few/only survivors left in the city. However if we do this, I want our characters to have visions from back when everything was still normal. I think it’s quite interesting to start with an apocalyptic setting, but not make our minds up about what exactly happened yet. Bit by bit our characters remember things that have happened, and bit by bit the past becomes clearer.

    Super Heroes
    I’m not a big fan of this as it would make certain characters overpowered, in contrary to regular characters, but I’m open to try something super hero related. I don’t do fandoms! So you need to come up with your own hero or villain if you want to do this. Also an interesting pairing and base for our story could be the classical super hero x journalist relationship, and I have some more ideas to make the journalist a bit ‘less regular’ as well.


    If you like to do one or more vampires, I’m fine with that, but I don’t want to do a stereotypical love relationship between vampire and non-vampire/vampire-hunter. Interesting add-ons could be a vampire roommate, a more gothic kind of setting, involving churches somehow, etc.
  2. busting clichés sounds fun. Do you have ideas on how you want to do it.
  3. Yeah, like I said... basically we take a fantasy cliché (preferably something out of the medieval time period), and than we implement that idea into our urban fantasy setting. For example the princess locked in a tower and the prince who has to save her. Imagine that the princess is able to send the prince text messages or something. Or I don't know... Really much anything can happen here as long as we throw lots of ideas in and as long as we accept that the story will probably not be very logical!
  4. Tell me what you think:

    Urban fantasy that isn't superhero based, but everyone has magic at some level and weapon play experience. In the town that the story occurs the town is run by a powerful gang and shadow-like government that has pretty good grasp on the city. The main characters work together to survive as they challenge the system and try to bring it down. They don't necessarily want to be heros or anything but they certainly want to beat back their own impending doom.
  5. Yeah, sounds like a really great idea to me! I will send you a PM so we can discuss some more details!
  6. I'm still searching for one or two more partners, so feel free to reply or send me a PM if you're interested! :D
  7. Still looking! :)
  8. Id love to roleplay with you! Message me if your still looking and wanna talk plots!
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