Urban Fantasy Roleplay Partners (MxM, Long Term)

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  1. To start this I’d like to say I’m new to this website and highly intimidated by the amount of experienced people roleplaying on here. Please go easy on me and because this is going to be one of my first roleplays on here, I’d like to accept less strict people (people that don’t expect brilliant storytelling and great voices). I’m always online and always active, so I’d like to roleplay with someone who’s pretty active too (if you’re not, that’s okay though, as long as it’s at least one reply per day).

    I write large paragraphs and write at least two per reply. I only do male-on-male, I only do it over private conversation and I’m open to libertine (but it’s not something that has to be part of the roleplay. I’m not very experienced with libertine roleplays), but romance is a must have with my roleplays. I prefer to be the more submissive boy/man but I can give it a try being the dominant one. I will not participate in libertine scenes with anyone under the age of eighteen.

    I have one main story idea but I'm open to other ideas too that we can both come up with.

    Main Plot Idea (open)

    Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance [heavily based on a book/movie]

    Pairing: MermanxHuman (I’d prefer to be the merman but that’s just a preference. I can play the human) [Character A = merman, character B = human]

    Story idea: Character B is a just-out-of-college psychiatric doctor. He works at the local hospital, visiting patients that have attempted to end their lives or have hurt themselves through their delusions and hallucinations. He has yet to meet someone so deep in their delusions that they won’t be convinced they weren’t real, and despite only working there for a few months he hasn’t got a doubt he wouldn’t enjoy his job.

    Character A is found washed up on a beach and is taken to the hospital. He keeps muttering about his home, the sea and how he has to get back before his shoal realise he’s gone and come to find him. The nurses and other doctors come to the conclusion he’s in need of some mental help, and they send in character B. Character B talks to him for quite a long time and he situates character A in a psychiatric hospital for further help. Character A won’t talk to any of the other doctors and they make arrangements for character B to be the doctor he speaks to.

    Character B doesn’t know if character A is telling the truth or is so deep in his delusion it requires more work to get him out. They visit various places (with security to make sure character A doesn’t escape, because he’s tried before) to try and get character A back into reality, but it doesn’t work. Character B starts to really doubt character A is delusional.

    Overall: Imagine KPax but with a merman instead of an alien, the doctor and the patient start having romantic feelings for each other and the patient isn’t delusional and really is what he says he is. Oh, and they’re younger (20 to 28). :bsmile:

    So, yeah, if you want to roleplay this plot with me send me a message (through private message) and we can discuss it more. (Things you won't do, things you'd like to add, etc.)

    Okay, other things I do are fandom with original characters (mainly Pokémon set in Alpha Sapphire and Harry Potter, I don't mind what era) and I'm open to other genres as well (as long as it isn't contemporary).

    I'll do any pairing except incest and teacherxstudent.

    If you have any questions or anything, you can ask here and I'll answer, I don't mind. I'm so sorry, I have no idea how to do this.

    If there's anything else I need to add, don't hesitate to tell me!
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  2. Partners are still wanted! I'm willing to tweak the plot a bit (or a whole lot) and you don't have to be in the KPax fandom (nor do you have to have watched the film/read the book). This is a totally original roleplay. :bsmile:
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