Urban fantasy, action and romance. Partner search.

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  1. Hello, I am in the search for a partner for a one x one involving urban fantasy. It will be similar to the setting of stories like the Dresden Files and Nightside, with great reference to mythology and it will play a vital part in the stories; for example, we may have cameos from various gods and goddesses and etcetera.

    My character will be a bounty hunter/mercenary whose name is quite well-known in the area (can be decided where) but more of less unknown outside. Yours should be someone part of the mythological world, preferably a rival operator (and a witch!) or anything you choose. Just not a werewolf, a vampire or a neko, please. Try to make her as human as possible.

    I'm looking for the characters to be .. Around their late twenties, maybe? The romance I want in here, although it will take quite a large role in the plot won't be the mushy mushy romance, but instead more of an implied one. It means that they don't swoon over each other frequently and do romantic stuff because as hardass operators in this hardass world they should be more or less awkward with such issues.

    The plot can slowly be worked out once you've decided to take up this offer. I would prefer discussion to take place through IM, say MSN or Skype.

    MSN: Tempestofdreams@hotmail.com
    Skype: Pixelated-
  2. I'm definitely interested! I'm going to add you to my MSN contacts. I'm twinklexbat.