Urban Art PANIC.



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I found this on Yahoo today.~
Here's the summary of what it is, if you don't want to just click on the link now.

[h=1]No need to panic, it's art[/h][h=2]Mark Jenkins creates works of art that he installs in urban areas. The disturbing scenes of people stepping off buildings or floating in rivers attract attention and are so realistic that startled pedestrians have reported the “bodies” to police. Jenkins’ intention is to create scenes that force city dwellers to drop their cell phones and interact with their environment.[/h]

While looking through the photos of these artistic scenes, I was thinking what I would do myself. o_o If I happened to come across one, you know?
If it was the guy in the river? I'd be very upset. I'd probably call the police and tell them about the body. o_o; And then cry a little at how bad I felt for the body to go through that..
If it was the guy with the knife in his back with the graffiti? I think I'd also call police. >.>; And run.
If it was the girl on the ledge! I'd stay near and watch for a while to see if she was stable. T ^T;

I was thinking, this is kind of startling. I sometimes find it hard to tell fake bodies from real humans in art. o.o

So I wonder, Iwaku peoples,
what would you do personally if you were someone to walk by one of these scenes?
Do you think this is art?

I do. >_> But, some might not. -nod.- ^^
If you wanna. o.o;

Ummm yeah I think that's way too far, even for art. I don't think you should desensitize people to images of people being stabbed, in a trash can, in a river or on a ledge o_o. In a gallery it'd sure as hell be interesting, but I think it's a bit... detrimental for the public, making them panic and calling the police, haha. God, especially that one of a girl on a ledge.. x_x
._.' It is quite dramatic. -nod.- I agree... I don't know how to feel about it.
These seem just mean.
Get people all freaked out and worried about other people.
It's sort of like the boy who cried wolf.

People in that area shouldn't learn to think "Oh, dead body? Must be art. Whateves. No need to call the cops."

Personally? I hate it, even the very idea of it.

create scenes that force city dwellers to drop their cell phones and interact with their environment.

It also creates scenes in which the police and other emergency services are called repeatedly throughout the day by people thinking that someone has been stabbed, thrown into the river, or about to commit suicide. He's wasting valuable time and money of emergency services for the sake of artistic expression. There are plently of other ways to have people interact with their enviroment that don't need to drain public services. It's like being prank called, only mutliple times in the course of a day, week, maybe even month.

As Kitti noted,
It's sort of like the boy who cried wolf.
He keeps this up, perhaps someone who is suicidal or discarded in the trash might not be reported in a timely manner.
I guess it depends on how long he keeps it up. If he just does a couple and stops, he's not going to desensitize our already majorly desensitized public. I wonder how many people walked past it before someone finally noticed the "bodies." People die prematurely every day by suicide, genocide, murder, and just accidents. Yet, people still drink and drive, ignore the ones who are legitimately suicidal, and ignore the fact that people are getting slaughtered or enslaved every day. Maybe, his dramatic statement might actually wake people up a little. However, it may do the opposite and make people even more desensitized.

Regardless of the result, at least he tried. That's more than most of the people out there who say they're good people but ignore the homeless man on the street who's dying from necrotic fasciitis despite TRYING to get medical care, or the abused male spouse, or children who have seen their entire family brutally killed in front of them. Instead they're too busy judging people for various reasons, caught up in their own ego.
That answer.
That completes how I feel about this.
You win the prize of my respect.