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    Rosalee Lennox was not a very happy person. Of course, she had been happy a week ago, but now she was miserable. Precisely one week ago today, she had been out riding in the woods, then woken up several hours later locked in a room. She still wasn't certain where she was, although out the windows she could see only a sea of trees. Somewhere in the forest, and she hadn't seen a single soul since then.

    But she had heard one.

    Below her floor, she had heard some sort of roaring, like a beast in terrible pain. She almost wanted to help, but she wasn't sure what sort of creature could make so much noise. Apart from that, she was locked in this cursed room. All that she had to entertain herself was a bed, a dresser filled with clothing that was - oddly enough - all her size, a mirror, and a small shelf that had absolutely nothing on it. That was it. There was an attached bathroom, thankfully, but she was getting quite hungry. The only thing keeping her from starving was the fact that she still had her bag with her when she had been put here. Her food was running out, though, and she knew that she had to venture out of the room and go searching.

    She pulled one of the pins from her hair, shaking her curls loose. No point in being prim and proper at this point. She had already shed her riding cloak and was walking around in just an ivory dress. It was oddly warm in here. She went over to the door, using the hair pin in the keyhole and wiggling it around slowly until she felt the catch. There. And her father had said this was a poor man's skill. Tsk. She was pleased the servant boy had showed it to her. The door clicked and she tugged it open, seeing that the walls were curved. Hmm.. So she really was in a tower. It was simply a massive one. She hesitated just a moment, then started down the stone stairs, hoping to find a stocked kitchen or somebody who could help her.
  2. Nestled in the heart of the tower, a bellowing roar echoed throughout the tower. The stairs eventually leading to a floor with a peculiar set of doors. The doors were as tall as a castle's gate, wrought out of iron and bronze, with a relief of dragons soaring through the sky. These doors were also sealed, great beams of irons stretched from one side of the doors to the other, locking away whatever was on the other side. A terrible bellow came from the other side of those doors, and the sounds of something impossibly large thrashing and clawing against them.

    Behind those giant locked doors a beast thrashed in pain, claws tearing into the floor, the doors, and across it's own flesh. The pain grew as the sun started to disappear over the horizon. Bones were snapping, sinew tearing, and every nerve felt it was alight with fire. Chucks of the dragon's flesh was tore from its body, only for the flesh to turn into ash as they hit the floor. As the last shred of light disappeared, the dragon was no more, replaced with a red haired man huddled on the cold stone floor, panting heavily as the pain slowly subsided. No matter how many days Ardmi endured his curse, the pain never lessened. Uncurling from the ground, he took a moment to stare at his hands. Even during the nights when his curse was at its weakest, he still carried a part of that dragon with him. His hands glistened with red scales, fingers ending in bone white claws. He was sure other remnants of the dragon marred his body, but his only mercy was that there was no one to see him as he was now.

    His clawed hands felt stiff and clumsy, but he still had enough dexterity to dress himself in a robe. All the while he cursed the witched for what she done to him. Approaching the large doors, he moved over to the corner, to the much smaller door so he could get out of the room and into the tower. His body felt heavy with exhaustion and hunger, but he urged himself to move downstairs. Exiting the room he stopped abruptly, looking at the spiraling stairs that lead higher into the tower. There were footsteps, there was someone else here! His hand pulled the hood of the robe up and over his face, moving quickly to the stairs leading down. His footsteps echoed off of the stone walls, and undoubtedly alerted who ever the footsteps belong to of his own presence.
  3. Rosalee paused a few stairs down from her room as she heard the same creature as before. It sounded closer now that she was on the other side of her door, but it was still muffled as though it was outside or something. She frowned, still feeling as though the sound was one of agony. What sort of creature was it? Why was it in pain? She hesitated, glancing back at her bedroom. Perhaps it would be more prudent to return there and simply wait to be rescued. Her stomach growled, reminding her of why she had left in the first place. If she didn't eat something, she wouldn't survive the wait for somebody to show up. She took a deep breath, nodding to herself as she continued on down the stairs.

    The sounds had stopped, she noticed. Instead of the creature roaring in pain, she heard nothing. That was interesting. She went onward, realizing after a few moments that she heard footsteps that were not her own. Ah! Somebody else was there. Good. She relaxed a bit, continuing on down the twisting stairs. This was a bit tiring, but she didn't mind. Soon she would be fed, hopefully, so she could make the journey back up with no problem. She smiled to herself, then paused as she got to a set of doors. They were massive, and beautiful. She noticed they were locked, but her eyes were on the dragons. Many odd tales floated around about dragons, and she wasn't too sure which ones were real. All she knew was that she found them to be gorgeous, and she envied their ability to simply fly off.

    She turned away from the door and continued on down the stairs. Since that door was locked, she doubted that the person she had heard was inside. That meant they were, hopefully, further downstairs. Just how far did this tower go..? She didn't dare peer over the railing, fearing how dizzy she would get. Instead she simply went down to the next floor and looked around uncertainly.

    "Hello? Anybody here?"
  4. Ardmi did pause when he heard the voice calling out into the tower. It was the voice of a young woman asking if anyone was there. Now he felt like a fool, running from a woman in order to keep hidden. Or perhaps he wasn't a fool, as he was certain any woman who would lay eyes on him would pass out from fright, or scream in hysteria. He wished he could just move to one of the other rooms, keeping quiet until the curious girl left and went back to where she came from. Where did she come from, he pondered for a moment, Was she a victim of the witch too? He drew back into the shadows near the stairs, waiting for her to reach the landing so he could get a better look at her.

    The next landing looked like it was suppose to be for entertaining guests, several set of comfortable chairs littered the room, tables containing board games of fantastic quality. A fireplace burned in the corner, the coals red hot despite no one had been turning over the coals. In the middle of the room was a chair next to a chess set, the black pieces carved from obsidian and the white pieces out of ivory. It seemed that a game was in the making, a few pieces scattered about the board. He watched her as she walked into the room, taking not of her appearance. She seemed elegantly dressed, the dress of ivory was rather fetching on her and with the dark curls cascading over her shoulders he couldn't help but to think of his old life.

    Before his curse, he would had confidently strolled up to a fine woman such as her and asked her to dance. She did seem old enough to court, and he was sure many a man were broken over her disappearance. But now, he kept to the shadows, his pride too great to allow himself to be seen in such as way. But how long had it been since he even seen another soul, save those unfortunate enough to find the tower as his dragon cursed self swooped upon them. He wondered if this was just a trick of the witch, showing a beautiful woman here...only for her to be disgusted by his form.

    He had to know more about her. He coughed a little, clearing his throat and alerting the girl of himself. With the robe on him and the hood drawn up, it would be hard to gleam any details about his appearance. His hands were hidden in the long sleeves of the robe, but his emerald eyes were clearly visible underneath the shadow of the hood as if alight with green fire. His head bowed a little more, bending at the waist a little, a bow. "I'm sorry...I don't usually see people here..." his voice sounded rough and a bit hoarse, the mix of the beast's roaring and the lack of regular speaking made his voice soft. He raised his head a little, keeping carefully away and in the shadows.
  5. Interesting.

    That was the first thought that came to mind when Rosalee arrived at the next landing. She hesitated, then slowly walked into the room to take a look around. The fire made the room warm, much warmer than her room upstairs had been. This was actually quite nice. She relaxed a bit, her eyes roaming over the chess set. It had been years since she played, but she had enjoyed it before. She went over to it, examining the board. Somebody had been playing. That meant she wasn't alone, right? Well, of course not. She had heard footsteps. Somebody had to be here, unless she was just imagining things..

    She jumped in surprise when she heard a cough, turning toward the sound. Well that answered that question.

    "There is no need to apologize," she assured him, bowing her head in return automatically. She straightened and gave him a smile, though it was rather disconcerting to not be able to truly see him. Still, she was too relieved to discover somebody else after going days alone to really care. "My name is Rosalee. It is very nice to meet you. I was just.. looking for a way out of this tower, if there is one, or a kitchen," she explained, hoping he wouldn't get upset. What if he was actually the witch who put her in here? She highly doubted it, but maybe. Anything was possible at this point. She just hoped she could trust him.
  6. "Rosalee..." he muttered softly, testing her name on his tongue. It seemed to suit her. He kept his distance, not wishing for her to get too close and have a chance to see him by accident. However when she mentioned trying to find a way out of the castle, he gave a bitter laugh. "Sad to say, there is no way to escape, and even if there was one, I couldn't tell you. You could say I am both a prisoner along with well at this tower's warden." He waited for a moment, letting his words sink in before he added, "And you shouldn't be out of your room. During the night it isn't bad...but it's dangerous to be wandering the tower during the day." He didn't mentioned that he was the danger she had to watch out for...but he bet the witch would let her know of his curse in due time.

    Or was it possible that the witch wanted something like this to happen? For the girl to unwittingly stumble onto his cursed form during the day? Some hapless girl faced with an impossibly large monster? His anger flared a little, and an echo of the beast's constant anger buzzed in his mind. He ground his teeth together, trying to rein in his temper. It was best to keep her at arm's length. Yes, that was the best course.

    "I can get you some food," he said finally, "but I want you to return to your room. She might be furious to see you leave your room." He glanced around, as if the witch was nearby and he didn't want to earn her wrath. However looking at Rosalee, he had a feeling that she wasn't so keen on being shut up in her room again. After all, there wasn't any guarantee that he wouldn't just lock her up in her room and let her starve. He let out a breath before admitting defeat, "Fine, you can follow me to the kitchen." He moved passed the tables to another staircase that spiraled downward, "The larder is on the next level along with the kitchens. Please, watch your step."

    He remained quiet as he continued down the staircase, torches throwing wild shadows as they climbed down. Occasionally the light from the torches gave flickering glimpses of the man's face, but not enough to discern any details. As they hit the next landing, the fragrance scent of many dried herbs filled the air. Cured meats and sprigs of herbs hang among the rafters, and stacks of barrels held enough food to feed an army. The kitchen was much cooler and darker than the rooms above, a massive fireplace on the opposite side of the kitchen was burnt down to smoldering embers. Giving only a small bit of light.

    Ardmi grabbed an armful of wood and toss them into the fire, stirring the coals until the flames started to lick up the wood and fill the room with the warm glow. He wished Rosalee wasn't here in the kitchen with him. Even as he kept his back to her, it was clear that he was having trouble. The clawed hands that he took great pains to keep hidden clearly shook as he gathered dishes. His hands felt too stiff, about lacking the dexterity to even fix a meal for himself, let alone sometime for the princess. He growled in frustration as a wooden chalice of wine slipped from his grasp and splattered across the floor. The man's pride was still as strong as ever, refusing to ask for the help he clearly needed as he stooped to clean the mess.
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  7. Rosalee frowned a bit, though she wasn't terribly surprised to hear that there was no way out. She had been hopeful but not foolishly so. If it were that easy, the witch was not doing a very good job. Though she honestly still wasn't sure why she was here. It seemed pointless. She mentally shrugged off the thoughts, watching her new companion as he told her to go back to her room in case the witch got angry. Oh.. so he knew the witch too. Was he another prisoner? He seemed angry enough to be one. She opened her mouth to protest since she didn't want to be some dummy for the witch to play around with, but he seemed to read her mind and spoke before she could interrupt. Closing her mouth without a word, she gave him a smile and followed him downstairs. Much better.

    She was surprised by how well-stocked the kitchen seemed to be. It smelled delicious, much nicer than her kitchen ever had. Granted, she only stepped inside once or twice to swipe an apple before dinner. She gazed up at the hanging meats, then turned as her companion - what was his name? She never thought to ask.. - stoked the fire. The warmth and light were very welcome and she soon relaxed more. She kept quiet since he didn't seem entirely pleased with her following after him instead of retreating back up to her room, but her silence only extended until she heard the dull clunk of wood on stone and the slosh of wine.

    "Here, let me help you," she said softly, picking up a towel and laying a gentle hand on his arm as she offered it to him. She gave him a smile and picked up the chalice, taking it over to the sink to rinse since the outside was going to get sticky if it dried. There. Satisfied, she patted it dry and set it aside on the countertop. Perhaps he would want help making food as well. She hesitated, not wanting to overstep her bounds since he had obviously been here longer than she had.

    "What would you like me to do?"
  8. He was caught off guard when he felt her hand touch against his arm, pulling his arm back sharply as if the girl's hand was a branding iron. He coughed a little and took the cloth she offered, cleaning up the mess and went back to his task. Even hidden under the cloak his body seemed tensed, and it was to be expected. He was her jailer...and in this room was plenty of items that could be used as a weapon. On the table between them was a set of large knives, any one of which could be a deadly weapon on an unexpected foe. His eyes darted to the knives, then back at her before he spoke in a low voice, "If I let you help me, can I be assured I won't end with a knife in my back? She would bring me back just so she could kill me herself if you managed to get a weapon here."

    His words could have been a joke...but considering the circumstances it might was a bit of a grim one. Using the end of his sleeves as impromptu gloves he grabbed one of the knives and cut down a small bundle of different herbs from the ceiling. Removing the twine, he pushed the small pile of herbs and the smallest knife of the set over towards her. "Chop those, as fine as you can. And don't cut off your fingers." He paused for a moment, watching her before he turned and grabbed some sort of smoked fish and was working with a pot. He was falling into a routine, fixing a meal, focused on each and every little task. Every human task.

    The beast lurked in the back of his mind, demanding its base needs. To just tear into the meat and fill its belly and curl into a nice quiet place. It was a chaotic creature that shared his body and mind, but the order and structure kept it at bay, made it easier to focus on himself, on who he real was. After a while of silently working on the cutting board he had forgotten of the girl who was behind him, and not trying so hard to hide the signs of his curse.