Upon the wings of dragons and hobbits I come to say "Top o' te mornin to ye!"

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  1. Hello! I am an experienced roleplayer and hail from a sturdy forum and Im happy with my lot. But recently I wished to broaden my horizons and seek new comrads in the quest to alleviate the boredom of life. I have been browsing this forum a while and certainly it seems active enough as well as friendly.

    So I happily join your crew and hope we all get along swimmingly! :wink:



    Anyway the main things to know of me are as follows:

    • I am a Lord of the Rings obsessive to the point of ridiculousness
    • I am a Dragon obsessive to an expert level
    • My main Roleplaying genre is Fantasy but I can be drawn into all kinds of ideas if the plot is well thought out
    • Although devoted to my roleplays I am also somewhat erratic some of the time

    There! Thats me, do what you will with me! But please set the dragons and hobbits free!
  2. *eats a sliver of dragon meat and looks up, pushing her glasses on her nose* Oh, a new member. ^^

    Welcome to Iwaku, Oh, Harbringer of Doom. I am Iliana, Goddess of Fire-And-Other-Hot-Shit-But-Mainly-Fire-Because-I-Am-A-Phoenix-Dammit. How's that for a title.

    I hope you've found everything to your liking. If you need anymore guidance around our fabulous forum let me know and I'll yank your leash and pull you off in the right direction. 8]
  3. *manic anger suppressing eye twitch*

    Thanks a lot, I shall be grateful of the help if ever I have need of it

    *throws Phoenix leg over her shoulder and her Companion Dragon, Sinaras, snaps it out of the air*

    I approve of your fireyness ;)
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Erranruin.
    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you.

    Here, have some awesome cookies.
    I'm also a dragon lover!

    I guess you can keep the Unticklable Dragonlord title. Not entire sure about Harbringer of Doom and Black Chaos bits though.
    You'll have to fight for it....
    ...so I hope you take all the energy goodness of these cookies...

    See you around!
  5. I love Lord of the Rings.. I think we will get along great!
    Welcome to Iwaku ^.^
  6. Heya welcome to the forums, miss dragon lover.
  7. :D

    *noms dragon cookies*

    Bring it, Ill fight for my title hehehe

    @Celestialis you most certainly are awesome

    Thanks for the welcome Ruikio :)
  8. Hi Erranruin! I'm glad you joined us because we ARE friendly and active. =]
  9. Welcome to Iwaku, Erranruin. I'm October nice to meet you. I am also a fan of LOR, I've read the books a couple times and seen the movies a couple dozen times. Someone should totally do a LOR RP...that would be awesome. I have a Hobbit character I made for a game that never started, too.


    WELCOME! I hope you enjoy the site! Let us know if you need anything, we're here for you!
  10. Well I intend to make a lotr rp once Im in a more stable place in life so Ill send ya a vm when I do ^^
  11. Erranruin, what the heck happened with our past inn? Will more people flock here? :O

    if you still don't remember me, fluffy dragon :p
  12. ...oh... I remember you..... *glare*

    No it's just down for maintenance or something, Im sure it'll be up in a couple of days I was just detoxing from roleplay and found this site in a fit of desperate google searching. I was surprised to find it really good so I think I'll be switching back and forth from now on ^^
  13. ohh...well, I like the green here but it's a little tad slow in loading time :3

    anyway, cookie! *hands erranruin one*
  14. *noms cookie*

    Cookies go nowhere to let me forgive the fluffy dragons btw

    *still noms contentedly*
  15. *threw a few more cookies*

    for truth's sake, I'm not the one who brought THAT up! My dragons will always be Kohryuu-like...
  16. You were complicit in the evil

    *catches the cookies nonetheless*
  17. *glomps Erran when she's least expecting*

    I was, am, and always will be a neutral force in every battle! nyaaa~ :3
  18. *Jumps at unexpected glomp*

    ...how very... diplomatic

    *is NEVER the neutral force in a battle*


    *tackle-glomps hero to the ground*
  19. nyaahahaa~ gotcha~ *tickle Erran on the belly*

    I dislike diplomacy. Mostly I just run away without saying a word...
  20. Ah so a coward

    *directs Hero's attention to the first post*