Upon The Clockwork Shore

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    What little I remember was no picture of serenity. It should not be framed in such terms: heaven becoming hell, paradise lost, a golden age extinguished. There was no such thing. The world was a tangled mess like it has always been. Only now, the coils are different.

    So very different.

    In the fifteenth year of Queen Viola's reign, humanity was audience to a cosmic event. A shower of meteors that rained on every continent and ocean. The dust of a thousand impacts ushered in an age of twilight.


    And for a moment... just a moment... we believed the ones that hit the land were our biggest problem.

    But in the oceans struck by the meteors, in the mother womb from which we all once crawled, a new and horrifying life was spawned. A bacteria not of this world. A virus from beyond the stars. A mutation that would erase our stewardship of all the Earth.


    We are the city of Tunridge, and all contact has been lost with the other nations we once competed with. Alone in the night, we persevere to keep the empire strong and technology supreme. By virtue of the finest minds and bravest spirits we shall outlast this age.

    Twenty miles beyond our shore, the Royal Navy keeps quarantine around Athanor, the first meteor that hit the ocean bed. Their task: to prevent all spread of alien bacteria and avert the invasions that claimed our sister nations.

    Yet for every monster vanquished in the artillery inferno... a microbe or two will reach our sewers.

    Infection is inevitable.


    And yet we have the grace of months. Lessons learned in the last transmissions from our allies have given us an edge... a chance. We know the pattern of infection, the modus operandi of the dark intelligence that rules the hybrid invaders.

    We have the means to hunt them.

    And by royal order of Queen Viola... we now have the hunters.

    Formed from the finest minds and greatest inventors of our age, The Registry is assembled, and is now at work.



    You are a member of The Registry, an esoteric league formed by order of the crown. It's mission: to bring together inventors, geniuses and detectives of the finest caliber. Together you will thwart the schemes of alien hybrids at loose in the city. It is an age of steam and clockwork menace.

    Each of you has one savant talent - a natural trait that has distinguished you, perhaps since birth. And likewise, each of you has one technical forte - a field of knowledge that grants you mastery of a type of tech. You may be a veteran of the social elite, or a lowlife who caught the eye of government. Whatever the case, you wear the symbol of the Registrars and are pledged to the defense of Tunridge City.

    There are no character sheets. Simply give us an idea of who you are, what skills you have and how you will work with the other agents. Also, a juicy Steampunk picture would be nice.

    The story will be episodic, and each of you will have a chance to suggest a villainous scheme connected to the alien bacteria.
  3. <__<

    Revi, who the hell did we invite to this thing?
  4. Okay, I blame stress on the fact I didn't see this up when I looked for it. Anyway. Ozzie, Diana, Grumpy, Nekomimist, and some random yet undecided people we were going to try to grab.
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  5. *Raises hand* Would a crazyrich widowed Duchess with limitless connections and uncanny marksmanship fit the bill?
  6. Much as I would love to cockblock the Admin of Iwaku in a roleplay.... yes.
  7. Your fancy rich people disgust me. I see I will have to bring in the disreputable character.
  8. Okay. So I'm going to get my character written very soon. I'm just in nervous tangles over something at the moment.
  9. Zachary Ashland is the second member of the Registry, longest serving after the mysterious first member whose name has been erased from records.

    He is a lord of the nobility and has a seat in the Chamber of Solon where he advises on the tedious minutiae of government legislation. Though hardly glamorous, his experience has given him a sharpened memory and an eye for detail that makes him indispensable to the Secret Service. His past times are the rapier and foil, for which he serves on the Tunridge University fencing team, and his skills remain sharp despite the early onset of long-sightedness.

    But the talent which brought him most expediently to the eye of Queen Viola was his knowledge of the Tunridge sewer system. Not by any personal choice, Zachary spent 10 years relegated to a sub-committee of the Water Board in his younger days, and in this time rubbed shoulders with city engineers, dock workers, sea captains and marine biologists. The result was an aggregate knowledge that later catapulted him to the limelight when the Hybrid invasion began. Due to his memory the man retained, and still retains, an encyclopaedic understanding of how and where the aliens might access the city.

    When working with other Registry agents, opinion is divided on whether Zachary is a genius or a very boring man. He has the tendency to ramble on about small details and draw specific attention to what seems irrelevant. The same might be said of his relationship with his wife, where at times he may fixate upon a fleeting comment or offhand emotion. But with a mind as sharp as his rapier, there is no doubting his tenacity. Like a dog with a scent, he will not give up the chase.

    You just have to put up with all the sniffing around beforehand.
  10. Oooh.
    I... I.....
    I adore this. And all kinds of horrific visions are going through my head. The possibilities! The imagery!
    I will.. be thinking up a character. And plan to work on it and post it up Monday.
    Thank you for making this and the invitation.
  11. The Duchess Beatrice D'Allessio is a charming woman with the natural gift of charisma. As a child, she was that sweet little girl that every adult doted on. The one that made friends with any person or creature in a heart beat. In her blossomed youth, Beatrice enchanted the social world with her beauty and her easy manner. It didn't matter if she were speaking with a maid or a princess, Beatrice could make a friend.

    It was during a country gathering that the Duke D'Allessio met Beatrice. As a man whose business was to teach the operations and handling of unique weapons and combat arts, having a wife that could make connections so easily would be an asset. At just barely 18, she married for convenience. The love that developed wasn't of the romantic type, but over time she did have a great fondness for her husband, despite their age difference and the way they married.

    The Duke's talent of weapon use and combat teaching skill made him one of the members of The Registry for quite some time. Providing the training of many Registry members, as well as making good use of his wife's endless little black book of contacts.

    Some months ago, the Duke befell misfortune when a combination of illness and accident took his life on a Registry mission. Since then, Beatrice has taken over his business, now seeking a talented apprentice to follow in the Duke's footsteps and resume his teachings. She has been enlisted as an official member of the Registry, due to her value with connections and has a personal mission of finding what went wrong with her husband's mission.

    I hope this works. 8D I dropped a few random bunnies in there, if anyone wants to grab one and roll with it for character design/connections that is quite fine with me.
  12. Hmm... we need another dude.

  13. Mercy Ashland, wife to Zachary Ashland, is an inventor under the employ of the Registry. She is a kind and compassionate but obsessive and the sort to forget to eat or to jump tracks of conversation when she has sudden inspiration. She often sees other members as opportunities for experiments.

    Her early adulthood was spent writing whimsical novels involving the science she saw blooming around her. But in time, she became more taken with the designs filling her notes than the writing itself and set about trying to make one reality. She was well versed in theory but not in actually mechanics and it took several attempts to make the first machine a reality, but after that, the designs and the inventions became easier and easier. A gift of mechanopathy did not hurt in these efforts.

    When she met Zachary, she was not as flattered at his odd attentions as her family thought she should be. He seemed dull and she was a vibrant young woman. But time changes many things, and she began to find humor in his ways, interest in his studies, and love for the man she would eventually call her husband.

    Mercy’s inventions and talents have caught the eye of the Registry, and she often creates augmentation technology and weapons for dealing with the bacterial menace that threatens the Empire. She is also a field operative, as some of her inventions are finicky and need occasional onsite repair.

  14. A composer arrived from Potyomkin; a name so unknown he did not possess a face. His mechanical symphony roared from empty opera houses during the first days of the meteor shower, when Tunridge quarantined itself from the world. It was this hysteria that inspired him to make something never before dreamed. A new sound.

    Queen Viola, as a condition of her patronage, appointed him to The Registry.

    He is known as 1.
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  15. Okay, IC is up. We have a bunch of Hybrids trying to destroy a naval ship... somehow. Use this to introduce yourself in whatever flashy manner you see fit. I'm thinking there's one alien for each of us, but you can go for 2 if you want a challenge.

    Maybe you're chasing them through the streets or on the rooftops. Maybe you're on the boat, or in an airship following it. Maybe you're in the midst of a fight. Whatever. You're all grown-ups. Tell the story with me and don't ask stupid questions as if I've got it all figured out, because I really... really... don't.

    The only thing of which I am certain is that if all of you pop up on the bridge right next to me I will fucking eviscerate you.

  16. I think I may need to bow out of this one because as much as I was excited about this group of players, I'm drawing almost a complete blank on a character concept. x___x I can't seem to put together anything cohesive.

    Steampunk isn't one of my go-to genres, so that may be the problem here. I'm sorry, guys.
  17. THAT's your reason?

    No exams? No real life drama? No internet problems or impending vacation?

    You're dropping out because you CAN'T THINK OF A CHARACTER?


    Sit your ass down. We're gonna brainstorm.

    Folks and folkettes, we need a character for Ozzie. I'm thinking she should play the scoundrel - a character from the underbelly of the city with certain disreputable skills which we cannot do without.

    What say you?
  18. o__o *Sits down*

    Well, that is the basic idea I was trying to work off of. >___> It's the particulars that I'm struggling with. One idea would be to have contacts from the seedy underbelly, but while it would be DIFFERENT from the people in Diana's circles, she's already our "find people to get it done" person.

    I have a few vague ideas involving the Black Market or sleight of hand and prestidigitation, but nothing concrete.