Upon a Midnight Dreary did I ponder weak and weary on Roleplay Partners not named Lenore.

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  1. Good evening darlings and well met! I see you've made it to my little Partner Request, I hope I'm just what you're looking for. I'm a seasoned veteran of roleplaying (I've been roleplaying online since 1998!) but I've not got a lot on my plate right now in terms of games. Let's chat, hmm? I'll try not to bore you, I promise.

    I tend to focus on the 'fun' aspect of roleplaying. Character interaction is by far my favorite thing! I am a sucker for romantic interactions especially. (Not flowers and chocolate... Well. Not always anyway. But more along the lines of pushing someone against a wall and stealing a rough kiss.) As for genre, I'm mostly open to suggestion but my favorites are Modern Urban/Rural Fantasy or Paranormal/Supernatural Modern and High Fantasy. I also love lighthearted 'slice of unusual life' things. As you can see I adore magical anything. I've not done a lot of sci-fi but I'd sell a bit of my soul for handsome men in tight suits piloting mecha and hanging around in space.

    Most of my information can be found on my Roleplay Resume if you look but I'll tell you here that I am a primarily male roleplayer. (In fact, please oh please look at my Roleplay Resume! There's important things there!) I enjoy playing the boy next door, the jock, the geek, the bullied and broken, the diamond in the rough, and the caretaker types. My characters are usually just a touch neurotic.

    I love background characters more than I should, nothing kills my muse faster than having a character who exists in a vacuum. I've been told my character interactions are an interesting web, everyone is connected.

    Speaking of backgrounds; I love ambiance. Lush descriptions of the weather, food, houses, and so on are like candy to me. I love a good stormy night or snow piled high or the aftermath of a spring storm or the clear starry skies of summer evenings.

    I love to talk to my partners. My Muse craves interaction and I want to plot with you, discuss characters, background characters, locations, and weather! Music, as well. Are you listening to something for this scene? Does your character have a theme song? A playlist? Well, send it my way, loves. I want to hear what you're enjoying about our games and what you'd like to change.

    If you've made it through all those words, welcome to the end weary traveler and warrior of words!
    I'm up for plotting through Skype (watchingthequeen) or the PM system here on Iwaku. I'll play anywhere as well. I look forward to our future adventures together, darling.

    An example of a few of my favorite plot candies and fandoms: (open)

    Rivals/Nemesis’s (With lots of sexual tension and misdirection)
    Reunions (Haven't seen you in forever. Wow.)
    Forced to Work Together (Coworkers or even something like a Knight being forced to work for a Lord he detests)
    Best Friends who Fell Apart
    The Diamond in the Rough becomes the Diamond in a 24 carat gold setting
    An example of a few of my favorite plot candies and fandoms: (open)
    An example of a few of my favorite plot candies and fandoms: (open)

    Guild Wars 2
    Harry Potter
    Heralds of Valdemar

    Mythic Pantheons
    Unquiet Dead

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  2. Your use of Poe has intrigued me. Perhaps, we may do business...?
  3. Hi Lorelei! I'm glad that Poe tugged you in but I hope you're interested in my little request for more than my Poe? ^~ I looked over your resume and it looks lovely! Give me a PM or I'll PM you in the morning whichever comes first and we'll discuss potential mayhem and plots.
  4. So I managed to snag myself a lovely new partner to play with but I'm going to go ahead and bump this bad boy up because when it comes down to it I am a very greedy bastard.


    I'm Greedy.

    So this is a greedy bump.

    Plus an update all at once!

    Have you ever had a character of mine pass you by for whatever reason? Was it a Masque a few years ago? Just a general interest in one of my precious babies? Maybe a Charp? How about one of my famous character rants in the chat box? No? Really?

    Well then!

    Let me just toss my character and plot and stuff blog out there for you guys~

  5. I would love to start a roleplay with you! I was stalkerish and read your rp resume ^-^ I am sure we can come up with an awesome rp together if you would like to?
  6. I saw 'Guild Wars 2' and got incredibly excited! I'd love to role-play some Tyrian adventures with you, if you'll have me. Most of my characters are salads, but I have the odd Norn and Human as well.
  7. I have mostly salads too, @Fauna ! With one incredibly out of place human. I'd adore having some Tyrian adventures! I will PM you in a few moments. :)
  8. Hello again dears! Some RPs fell through the cracks and I'm feeling a little desperate for something fun again.

    I'm really in the mood for high fantasy right now. Princes and Kings and Knights and Lords and Mercenaries, oh my~

    If interested, just give me a yell.
  9. I have never, in all my years of roleplaying (or just anything really), come across anyone who was interested in the Heralds of Valdemar. Colour me interested. However, it's been... far too long since I read the books (I got them in college when they first came out *cough*), but I wouldn't mind polishing up on them if you're still interested. Even if only just to talk about the series.
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  10. Oh gosh! Another Herald fan! There's really not many of us on the forum, I'd absolutely be delighted to talk to you or plot something. It was a series that really shaped what I wanted out of my fantasy. The Hawkbrothers especially! Magic that turns your hair white is just one of the best things ever. It's a shame Lackey doesn't have plans for any more of them at the moment but I can't blame her really, thirty or so books would wear anyone thin.
  11. I was thinking of a roleplay where a demon is forced to work under an angel or human would be nice.
  12. Hello there :) I'm very intrigued with what you have said. Might we set up a roleplay?
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