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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nico, May 12, 2015.

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  1. For some reason I can't upload a picture from my computer, it keep giving me that default grinning avatar. I can only use one of the default pictures because of this. Plus before I tried to change my avatar my friend said it was broken for him. I guess this is a bug I'm not sure o~o
  2. This is odd. I haven't had a problem changing my avatar, and just now changed it once to check.
  3. Oh I think I had a problem like that before! I tried to change my avatar from my old one to this one, but the picture kept showing as my old one, and I resolved to just try again later, but I saw that the picture had changed to my new one on my profile tab thing, and eventually it just changed everywhere else too.

    Not sure if it's the same problem as yours, but maybe my experience with it could help? :o
  4. This is your answer, you are most likely experiencing what is known as 'Buffering'
  5. Caching*, perhaps? In some cases, a hard refresh (ctrl+f) after you've uploaded your avatar will fix such issues.

    (*Occurrence where your browser "remembers" some images and other elements so that it would not have to fetch them from the server each and every time. Sometimes, it would pull up the "remembered" element even when a new one has replaced it in the database.)
  6. @Nico I just wanted to check and see if this was still a problem or if the people above had the right idea! :D
  7. I haven't actually checked it, I quite like the avatar I have now xD
  8. Seeing as this is a different avatar than Nico had when the thread was first created, I'm guessing the avatar changing problem has been resolved xD
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