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  1. Hello! Thank you for showing some interest in the RP! To make a long story short for the sake of this thread, this RP is a fantasy-based RP. There are three factions, which consist of the police, a gang and a group of rebels. In this free-for-all world, players may choose one faction to be from as well as choose one power for their character to use. Any power could be used, so long as it's not on the list of powers that cannot be used or refuted by me (which would really only happen if it was an OP variation of sorts).

    Please refer to this link for the full details of the RP, as well as rules on the bottom. This is where the actual RP will also be taking place: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/upland.62445/

    Birth Name:
    Height and Weight:
    (Anime / animation only)
    Power:(One, please.)
    (Gang, Police or Neutral.)
    Miscellaneous Information:

    Hope you see you in the RP!

  2. Birth Name:
    Madeline Liú
    Alias(es): Adel
    Birthdate: December 16th
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Chinese American
    Height and Weight: 5'5 | 119 lbs
    Power: Electromagnetism Manipulation
    History: ᴍᴀᴅᴇʟɪɴᴇ was born into a middle class family with both loving, caring parents. At fifteen, her father was called back into the army to support the military in an ongoing war. Contacting him only five times while he was overseas, the fifth time being the last she and her mother could talk to him, he wasn't heard or seen of since. Thus, he was presumed to be dead. Madeline was prepared for the news. Even at a young age, she knew what wars can result in and didn't mourn his 'death' for too long. Her mother, on the other hand, took three years to grieve.

    Doing alright in middle school, then poorly in high school onto college, Madeline – now known as Adel to her friends – hanged about with the wrong crowd. Wild parties and numerous one night stands was her way of living and having fun. Being introduced to drugs was also among the list. After being busted by her mother, Madeline spent two years in rehab for drug abuse and came out sober at the age of twenty three. It's needless to say that she dropped out of college during this time and had no intention of going back. Yet, she was welcomed back home with open arms of her friends, mother and new step father.

    Two years later, Madeline was, again, sucked into the auras of bad influences and found her way into the clutches of a localized gang who 'took' care of her every needs. She left home with her mother crying and step father yelling at her in the background, but she didn't care. Naiveté at its finest, she convinced herself that the leader of this local gang – known as Mythril – was basically 'the one' and could take care of her better than any parents did. Of course, this meant that she was reintroduced to series of drugs and old habits back in her college years. During this time, a series of misfortunate events started to occur when a group of friends jumped off a bridge, people they knew claiming that they were doing it for fun. Then other people started doing it and more soon followed. Authorities dubbed people who commits such acts as 'the suicide club'. Several of Mythril's members has been added to the category and when Francis, the leader who took her in, did the sinful deed as well – Madeline is now the appointed leader thought to much disagreement.

    Affiliation: Gang ✦ Leader of Mythril
    Miscellaneous Information: After Francis' death, which didn't take long too grieve over, she resumed a down low relationship with her lover, Tyson. Due to them being in different factions, it's incredibly difficult for them to see each other normally which proves distress on both of them seeing how the two love each other immensely. Even though nothing can be done - especially the assassins that hunt him down - they still manage to see each other almost every night.

  3. Birth Name: Ashurnasirpal Najafi

    Alias(es): Ash, Commissioner

    Birthdate: November 23rd

    Age: 27

    Nationality: Persian

    Height and Weight: 6'3'' | 218 lbs

    Power: Pyrokinesis


    Ashurnasirpal was born in Iran, spending at least 4 years there before his family and him relocated and settled to Upland as American citizens. Immediately, they were subjected to racism and discrimination in the community. Fortunately, his parents had little problem securing jobs but it only made matters more severe in the future. Ashurnapsirpal was later enrolled in school where he was given his shorter nickname, Ash, by his teacher.

    Life continued to be hard, people wrongfully accusing his family to be terrorists and related to "Osama", unable to comprehend that they are Persians and even American citizens, not Saudi Arabian immigrants. At age 16, Ash came home to a burning house and grieving parents, with graffiti that spelled out "Fuck Terrorists" on the concrete. Not once in his mind could he had imagined that people would go this far, to a family that have not yet done anything because of their skin color. It was a huge turning point in him, his anger fueled by the growing fire.

    After the incident, Ash grew up believing that a normal police system could never stop the crime in the city, he began to see the benefits of a corrupted force. A force that doesn't kill its enemy is weak and irresolute for this kind of place. Subsequently, he trained and joined the 'corrupt' police force, a place where he was allowed to legally enact his hatred upon gang members in particular. Ash had no mercy for them and any other type of criminals, there was only black and white in his 'justice'. A veteran in the crime scene along with a record for putting away and out criminals, allowed him to quickly rise in ranks and become commissioner.

    Affiliation: Police ⌐ Commissioner

    Miscellaneous Information: None
  4. [​IMG]

    Birth Name:
    Tyson ‘Ty’ Roller



    Birth Date:





    British and French.

    Height and Weight:

    6'1, 185 lbs.


    Aura Manipulation.

    Tyson Roller is a popular ex-banger, presumed dead by Mythril after he was double-crossed by lower ranked gang members in a drug operation which saw two bullets lodged into his cranium. This put Ty in a coma for two weeks in total, but he was saved from the brink of death by members of the freedom fighters, so he decided to stick with the faction and help them fight.

    As a member of Mythril, Tyson was known as a hit-man originally, where he received the moniker of “Soulo”. Eventually, he was bumped up to shot-caller by Madeline. Tyson was filling in for a friend who was murdered when he was partaking in the drug sale. Apparently, the same vendor who Mythril was getting the drugs from was responsible for the murder. When Tyson and the two minions he brought with him got to the rendezvous spot, Tyson was shot by these same men, who were also responsible for killing his friend. Tyson has a complicated past with the leader of Mythril, Madeline Liu. He is madly in love with her, but he left Mythril to stay by the side of the freedom fighters until he paid them back properly for saving his life, not wanting the organization to fall to the clutches of any evil due to the brash decision of starting an affiliation devoted to fighting both Mythril and the corrupt Police. Tyson is also constantly hunted by Mythril’s assassins, which make things all the more confusing and difficult. Despite this, Tyson sneaks around as often as he can to visit Madeline, usually once every twenty-four hours at night.

    Neutral // Freedom fighters


    People often turn to Ty for moral support or advice on their lives – especially if they have no one else. Tyson is extremely intelligent, and is grounded by is experience generated throughout his life events. He is warm and welcoming, but maintains a style of fighting which is more grisly and barbaric than calculated.

  5. Birth Name: Sean Pinetti
    Alias(es): Tunnel Rat, Rogue.
    Birthdate: 03/04
    Nationality: Brazilian.
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 128 lbs
    Power: Electrokinesis
    Affiliation: Freedom Fighters//Neutral
    Misc.: He is always studying something. So he is only seen by a select few in the Freedom Fighters if he is not helping on a job or in a meeting.


    History: Sean grew up in the slums. His mother was his role-model and his only parent, just like every other prick in that neighborhood his dad took off before Sean's birth. At the young age of 7, Sean's mother died of a heat attack at 32 due to smoking. Sean's uncle took him in, His uncle owned a large pizzeria in the town.At the age of 13 his uncle let him roam around freely. Sean was raised on the back streets, drug deals, prostitution, murder, police corruption were not new to him, but the level Upland displayed was way beyond what went on in the slums. Sometimes things weren't merely two guys, but 20 men. Police would beat people for their money occasionally or any other thing they could get out of them. It all disgusted him, but there was something Sean always looked forward to seeing and that was the Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters were always doing something to try and correct this city even when it seems pointless.


    When Sean was 17 he wanted to do something about all the crime in the city like the Freedom Fighters. Sticking to his childish ambition he chased down Mythril, the leading gang, with a team of six other people with similar ideals. They stumbled across a Mythril gun deal, pulling on ski masks and pistols, pulling out shotguns they found laying around their homes, they opened fired on the dealers. The supposed "firefight" was a massacre. Every one of Sean's friends and allies died before his very eyes. The Mythril and the second-party searched all over for Sean. Sean was a tunnel rat and used the sewers to escape the madness. When he found the light at the end of the tunnel signaling an exit. A Freedom Fighter ran past the bleeding boy who suddenly collapsed. Two days later Sean awoke in a local hospital his uncle was chastising some man, who looked vaguely familiar. That night Sean was released from the hospital.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    When Sean returned home his uncle attempted to lecture him, but the kid just ignored him going to his room. Sean shut his door tight and locked it. Closing his curtains he decided he was gonna join the Freedom Fighters at all costs. Thinking of ways he could contribute to the group, he remembered getting away in the tunnels hearing the Mythril men yelling "Tunnel Rat." He began studying the city's underground system. The computer started lagging halfway through his research, afterwards the keyboard sparked. Sean jumped back, when he went to unplug the keyboard to replace it the circuits started going haywire. This was his first discovery about his powers. Sean continued his research by actively touching the monitor making commands by redirecting electrical currents. By the time he graduated at the age of 19 he had the city, subway, sewer, and tunnel systems memorized and mapped out like his hand.

    A month after his graduation day he began braving missions on his own. He would go to deals and meets and bring his unlucky trailers to the sewers where they were shocked to death. He would then throw the bodies into fires in the woods and leave a card with a Rat head on it and the words in big blue letters. "Tunnel Rat". After sometime of doing this he was eventually caught in an alley and jumped. Luckily another Freedom Fighter who had been following his work came to his rescue. The Freedom Fighter began taking him on missions and job requests, Rogue as they called Sean, would lead them out of heated situations and dispose of the bodies like every other time. By the age of 21 Sean gained enough reknown that Mythril actually acknowledged his presence. He disliked this and rid the world of the savior "Tunnel Rat". He became a ghost who would kill then leave. Each scene he left would be significantly different than the last. By October of that year he had officially joined the Freedom Fighters and has been working with them ever since.

    (Sorry for long history I got into it a little too much XP)
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  6. Hey how many people are we waiting for?
  7. I'm considering placing a charrie into this mix. Posting a temp sometime during the weekend.
  8. I'm still here, if this is still going to happen. I ran into a bit of trouble in reality, but slowly making my way back. Working my template now and will hopefully have it up before the day's end. Sorry for the wait though.
  9. ((K, here's my charrie... She'll probably change throughout the RP, cause I'm not certain about a few thing within her background. But, will work on getting them solid before we really start.

    There are opportunities for two friendship connections with Whisper - one within the gang and one within the Freedom Fighters. If anyone is interested in taking those places, let me know.))

    Birth Name: Annette Westlan
    Alias: Anataha - Whisper

    Birthdate: April 14th
    Age: 22
    Height: 5' 8 1/2" Weight: 152
    Nationality: Korean American/French

    Power: Metal Manipulation
    (This includes natural minerals and unnatural metals within the body as well.)
    She can use the natural metals/minerals within herself, others, or her environment to form into weapons or other objects of use. Capable of producing them as separate items, or weapons connected to her. She carries on her a set of metal rings in various materials - two thick ones around her upper arms, a few bracelets, and an ankle bracelet. When she is someplace where the right amount or right type of metal is not available, she'll use her bracelets instead.

    With slight control of electricity (only when using conductible metals) she's capable of hovering items around her form, using energy to create projectile weapons, as well as creating lightning rod weapons that sends electrical pulses she holds through to the target she hits with the item. (Like a tazer). This sort of opportune ability is rare and mostly occurs when she is within a high amount of electrical or static electric energy. Her body is incapable of creating enough electrical energy for such, but due to managing conductible metals, she can collect and store such energies within herself through physical contact of something or someone with high conductible energies.


    Affiliation: As of right now, a rouge. She's somewhat working with the Freedom Fighters, but she keeps slipping back into the gang. She has a personal connection to a woman working under the gangs who took her in when she had no one, but there's a new friend in the freedom fighters who's trying to help her slip out of her grasp for good. She's wandering; stuck in the middle and not sure what to do with herself.

    Hair: Long, black that falls to her mid back. She tends to keep it tied back whenever she can, but her bangs always fall over her eyes - it's better that way. Sometimes she'll cut it short and dye it auburn or a dark blue when she wants something different or needs to hid her identity.

    Dark brown eyes, but her left eye is slightly clouded; a partial blindness due to damage she sustained after fighting against one of her father's clients a long time ago. Her eyelid was open with a beer bottle, leaving a shard of glass in her eye that requires surgery to remove it. It has attached itself on the nerve and causes her vision to fluctuate. Soon, its presence is slowly cutting away her sight in that eye. Surgery could save it, but really...? If it was possible, then she'll definitely go for it.

    General Description:

    As of right now, Annette is just a wanderer between the good and the bad, not sure where she stands within them both. Her best bet is to only assume the way Upland is now is as normal is things are going to get, and anything worse than that - and believe it, there is worse - are the very things she should fight harder to avoid.

    All she wants is a safe place to die, that's all. Well, she's not quite sure if she's dying or not, but she hasn't been feeling good as of late, always weak and sick. (Her abilities are beginning to strengthen themselves within her and she doesn't know it). But, there's something deep down that drives her towards an unyielding quest to strive for something better than death - an the life she's living now. With all the strange things that are happening with her recently, she's just wanting a place to figure it all out without being used.


    Personality: Harper has a warped sense of good and bad. What she knows that's good for her, is normally bad for anyone else. Pain is an accepted course in her life and love is just another type of pain she must endure. There's nothing better - not in this world anyways. She tends to draw towards danger and dangerous people - a magnet for bad situations and bad decisions; but she knows better and wishes to have some control over this fetish. The worse things are, to her, the better it makes her feel. Trouble is a security blanket - the comfort of a dangerous, deadly life. But when things go too far, she'll run and hide like a scared puppy, only to follow a new danger home with her tail happily wagging.

    Harper's no's are really yes's; her battles are never really won, because she favors defeat more.

    Tendencies/Habits: Has a mental picture of a person in her mind of whom her subconscious exploits. This person is the one who comforts her when she's in her worse, a sort of conscious that helps her feel right when she's wrong or when wrong is being done to her. This entity is also the person she attacks when she's angry at herself. But, when she's infuriated about a situation, she looses control of such mental attacks and they become physical. Harper will either find herself scarred and bleeding from her personal battles, or find what's left of the one who wandered too close. She's not sure why or how these things happen, but she's always the one with blood on her hands. This opened up the wonderful world of hematophilia - her blood or others, she doesn't care. She just likes the feel of it; another security blanket... Harper also suffers from agoraphobia - the fear of being trapped in an inescapable place or situation; yet, she continues to place herself in such situations... out of comfort or her form of punishment; who knows why she does this. This causes her to go through a major hyper arousal panic attack, in which she comforts herself through bleeding...


    History: When life was normal, Annette just started college for a nursing degree and worked part time at the Harrison Casino as a waitress. She also held a part time job at her father's garage, learning about rebuilding car bodies and artistic vehicle detailing. She wasn't a major artist, but painting a long, thin line down the side of a vehicle wasn't like rocket science. Her lines were straight enough, and the job paid well. Turns out she had more talent as an artist than a nurse. As her grades began to drop in college, her skills in detailing and tattooing grew. Soon, she was doing more work at her father's shop than actually attending classes, which really upset her dad a lot - but she was now a hot commodity. Everyone was coming to his shop for artwork from her, and if they needed their car fixed, then there ya go. Business was major!

    Her mother, the head RN at the local hospital, on the other hand, hated that Annette left college, blamed her father for allowing her around such a poor crowd and being a bad influence, and decided to leave them both. Annette wasn't very attached to her mother in the first place, but still her absence had a huge impact on her. With her connections at the casino, she ended up befriending a woman from the gang known as Mythril. She knew it wasn't a good idea to mess round with that gang, but there were new problems at home she was trying to avoid now... They were her ticket out.

    Her father had to shut down his mechanic's shop due to financial reasons, and resorted to selling his daughter for whatever price he gained. This was the only way he felt he was able to feed his small family. Annette tried her best to use her artistic talents to keep herself out of such a venture, and she constantly refused to be used and mishandled, for whatever reason. But her father just simply lost all sight of right and wrong and just ignored her pleas. Eventually, Annette left home with whatever she was able to steal from the house. Now, as the city slowly dies, Annette treads on in hopes of finding a better place to support herself and live... She's scared to return home...she's not sure if she should go to Mythril.

    Her stumbling lead her to the Freedom Fighters. She's not sure if she's the right sort of person to be there, but her connections to the Casino is a huge help in keeping an ear on both the Police and Mythril, for all the chatterboxes and rats of Upland converse there. So now, she's kept her place at the Casino, and has opened herself a small tattoo and detailing shop near the downtown area. Her ears are always listening, and with her keen memory she doesn't forget anything; therefore, she's a vital Informant for whichever side she falls within.

    Weapons: Really does not carry a weapon, but has two large bracelets around her wrist and one around her right foot. She uses the metals to shape whatever device she needs to do what she pleases. But, she does carry a set of throwing daggers in various shapes and sizes, and can sometimes be seen with a set of brass knuckles that always changes shape.
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  10. Birth Name: Camilo Cambra
    Alias(es): Diego Ferra
    Birthdate: January 17, 1984
    Age: 30
    Nationality: Brazilian/Portuguese South American
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    Power: Electromancy With this unusual ability Diego as capable of creating electric charges of varying intensities within his body and can then expel those charges outward. Anything that can hold a charge or maintain a current is fair game.
    History: 30 years ago Camilo Cambra Jr. was born into the poverty stricken mountain towns of northern Brazil. The mountains were cruel and cold, especially to the young. Many mornings one might wake to the grieving calls of mothers who children were lost to frozen nights just hours before. Camilo grew up with this harsh reality but the boy thoroughly believed in the American philosophy, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." This inspired him to move past the pathetic condition of his home town and family to hopefully one day, if fate were to have it, he make his way farther North where it was warm and rich with food and money. When Camilo turned 14 he knew it was time to carry out these daydreams of a better life in which he catered to nothing but himself and his own selfish desires. So he left. The road ahead was difficult but it was nothing he wasn't used to handling (though perhaps a bit warmer down off the mountain). Nearing the end of the Amazon, Camilo came across a group of unique, burly men who seemed to find him just as of a sight (apparently Brazilians rarely bare pale haired children). Luck was on Camilo's side for these men were sailors and had been planning to make their way up to the States. He decided to catch a ride with these illegal fairers. Once Camilo hit the sandy beaches of Miami his eyes widened with disbelief. Everywhere around him was money, sex, power, and anything he could possibly ask for. He began working immediately for a wealthy family as the pool cleaner. This particular family was a notorious without question. Rumor had it that they attained their fortune through illegal activity; or more specifically, gang related activity. Camilo's boss, the man of the family he worked for, became cross with Camilo one day and decided to get rid of him. Fortunate for Camilo that he was the Misses favorite worker so she convinced her husband to allow him to stay with the family however this would not happen as long as Camilo stayed in Florida. So from there, the family sent him on an assignment working for the family business which included moving to a big and rather corrupt city in California. Too bad, Camilo and the Misses got along swimmingly.

    Miscellaneous Information:
    Diego? Camilo hates his birth given name so once he got to California and faking citizenship became necessary, he ended up taking the name Diego Ferra which he originally received and old, racist bum who'd been living on the street.
    Currently Diego supposedly works as part of reception management at a local Beverage and Pharmaceutical (code for drugs and alcohol) retail center.
    Heroine and Nicotine addict.
    "I need to quick smoking..."
    Bloody proud of himself.
    Affiliation: Mythril For the dear Misses.
  11. I don't know if Braxnond is still doing this. It's been weeks since some of us have posted. Nonetheless I still wanna do it.
  12. We could email him and ask if it's o.k if we proceed.
  13. Could you do that im busy with something at the moment so far I just give people the status of the thread since no one else is here.
  14. I've emailed him three days or so ago already. I, for one, would like to do this RP as well.
  15. There's an unfortunate chance we won't get to if people have already tried contacting him. I know it's hasty but I'll mention that I wouldn't mind collaborating for a story line that allows the use of these characters. I'd just be sorely disappointed if I don't get to use Diego.
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  16. Well, I'm up for creating a new universe for my charrie, if this RP ends before it starts. Just let me know when and where.
  17. Cool beans! At least we know in case things fall through that not all hope is lost! :bananaman:
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