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  1. Hey everybody, this is just a little notice to let you know that were are in the process of tweaking and updating the forum style. This is going to include a new banner set, some updated colors on all styles, new graphics here and there, and some visual tweaks.

    You may have already noticed a few tiny changes! I've got to do these changes in small parts so when people report bug/style issues, I know what change is the problem. O_O


    During the next week or two, if you have any problems with the forum style or run in to some bugs that are preventing you from viewing the site properly, POST IT HERE IN THIS THREAD.

    This is especially important for you people who use phones, tablets, or other means of mobile devices to access Iwaku. We want to make sure the style is mobile friendly.

    As a special treat, for your wonderful patience and help while we do this tweaking, we will be adding some new color-sets. Which colors? YOU PICK. Go to COLOURLOVERS and share some color palettes that you really love. And like other people's posts in this thread if you love the color set they show off. What ever color sets are most popular, we will choose those for a couple new styles. (You can check out some of MY color palettes here.)


    UUURRRGH, why do you have to change things!? Leave it the way it is!
    It's really important for Iwaku to keep up with mobile-friendly design trends. A big majority of members are now accessing the site through these mobile devices. We also want to keep up with our competition by having up-to-date and visually pleasing site style.

    Can you add more LIGHT BACKGROUND styles?
    Yes! If enough people request them!

    Can I design a site style or graphics for you?
    No. With no offense to anyone, the administration would like to do the site designing. HOWEVER, you can send us some BUNNIES that will definitely be used in site graphics, or post up color palettes that you think will make great combinations.

    And if you have any more questions, ask them!

    Currently trying to fix:
    - The hover-text in the navtabs is invisible.
    - Navigation links are invisible in the responsive menu
    - Post buttons look a little strange
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  2. New colors for the non responsive? FINALLY!
  3. The staff purple looks HORRID against the grey background.
  4. Okay, as of 3:30am, I think the FOUNDATION of the styles are done. o__o What everyone should be seeing is a black/grey foundation layout, and their LINKS should be the color of their style choice. (Pink style = pink links, gold style = gold links, etc.) Before I can go make sure all of the color styles are more colorfied (so all styles aren't just grey) I need to make sure everyone can see everything as it is right now. 8D

    So, NOW does anyone see any spots where they can't read the text somewhere?
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  5. Iii would actually like it if the foundation was an available theme choice. I rather like it. ._. I presently have the red one on, and they go well together, the red outlines, buttons, and links, with the gray banner across the top.
  6. The 'Iwaku' at the top is hard to read if I have my computer at the wrong angle but aside from that the new style is actually quite pleasing to me.
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  7. I'd kinda like the "Top of Page" button gone. I'm usually on my laptop, but I do get on using my phone sometimes. In both places, I find that button to be in the way.

    Other than that, totally up for new colors :) I like pretty things!
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  8. Dude... good job on the layout. I dug it instantly when I first logged on today, and I haven't even tested the other colors yet! So far, so good on the bugs, but if I run into any issues, I'll let you know. [:
  9. Took a bit of time to get used to, but I like it for the most part
  10. Bright Scales could use some more contrast; perhaps on the box frames? Everything's just kind of a blurred together light gray. I know Iwaku is designed for a dark set, but my eyes hurt reading too much white-on-black, so please know that some attention to the Bright Scales wouldn't be unappreciated!
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  11. I just noticed that the poll result fill bars are hard to see.
  12. I'm not a fan of the black back ground I'm a pink fan.
  13. Just to let everyone know the updating progress, I am almost done with tweaking the foundation/skeleton of the style! There's just a few little bugs and settings that are being a pain to find. >> We're also going to be updating the forum to 1.2 very soon, so that might delay style progress while we work out any update issues. O__O

    We'll be adding about 5 new LIGHT styles for all of the people who have been requesting light-style alternatives!

    These color palettes have been great in giving me an idea of color sets people really want to use. 8D so keep those coming.
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  14. I miss Revision's Sky.

    Current color themes are far too dark for my taste. I prefer browns and blues.
  15. I would like something that is not quite this dark, but not that bright either, sort of a go-between style so that my eyes do not get burned out. It would be much appreciated.

    No, not really. But anyways, I weally weally like these pastelly-ish type colors because they're bright but not aggressive.

    Lovers in Japan
    She Sells Seashells
    H a n a i r o *
    s h o r e
    Lucid Dreaming
    Almost Invisible

    Now I got to admit, yo. Some of these are probably not ideal for forum design because of the lack of color differentiation. I'm not a design expert. I just like brighter colors, but I don't like them to be painful on the eyes. That's why I like pastel.

    That, and I am also color blind to a certain shade of blue and a specific shade of red. I can't tell you which color of blue or red because I have never seen them before. Now I'm not sure about some of these color palettes for those who are more drastically color blind. =P I just can't see a certain blue and red.
  17. little twinks you got to be joking when i got online one day the hole site change And to tell you the truth I like now its very Pretty All back and red ^^ (to me its Red)
  18. Ok, I just have to say that the chrome looks that's been added to the rich text editor (while very nice) is very difficult for me to see :(
    Not enough contrast between the icon and the bar.