Updating Site Policies - Member Input Required!

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  1. Hello Members!

    Staff are currently working on a new notice/warning/infraction system for issuing out official notices. Because the site is getting larger and growing faster, it's been hard for members to know the difference from friendly advice and official warnings. It's also been hard to keep track of who has already talked to who. We want to make sure our system is as professional and friendly as possible. D:

    BEFORE we can finish up that system, we want to make sure the Iwaku Policies are up to date and still relevant! Every few months we take a look at the site policies and have members give their input. This way our rules are always fresh and make sense to our community.

    That is where YOU come in! 8D

    First: Read The Site Policies!

    Do these current policies cover issues you believe are important?

    Is there a policy that needs to be explained better?

    Is there a policy you think is out of date and should be removed?

    Is there a policy you think is missing and needs to be added?


    Iwaku believes in freedom of expression and we do not like there being too many rules that are too strict. We feel members should be responsible for their own behavior and use their common sense.

    So when suggesting new rules, make sure you aren't going over board. Such as "No cursing" or "Don't talk about god or religion" or "Never hug in the cbox" those rules would be too specific and censoring of natural behavior/conversation.

    But something like "Players must obey the rules and guides of their Game Masters." would be something relevant and important.

    So take a read and post in this thread with any notes or suggestions you might have!
  2. I think the Site Policies are close to flawless. All the policies are important to know and go by. One thing though is that the "Spoiler" one may not be as important as the rest. I'm not saying it should be taken off but to people like me, when you see someone use Spoiler in something they post, it's common sense to me that it could tell me something that I might not know about a movie or show, etc. But other than that I think you all done a great job laying out these rules. ^^
  3. I think the policies are fine as well, the only one I would stress on more would be the whole "Iwaku is not a dating site" thing, but hopefully with the new system you wonderful people are working on, that should hopefully clear up. Just because Iwaku is growing more and more, and who really knows if a member has actually read the site policies or not? (I don't know, maybe you have some sort of secret spying thing going on behind Iwaku's walls :O)

    But everything else seems to be perfectly fine! ^^ The only question I have is how many warnings will there be before an actual punishment? I know that sometimes people do things by mistake (like say the Spoiler Alert one) and they really don't mean to, so it wouldn't be fair if they did it and then got into real trouble like getting banned from CBox for a day or two or something like that. (Yeah...that's not too horrible of a punishment but you get what I mean right?)
  4. Stuff like that has always been a case by case thing, so obviously no one would be getting punished or banned for accidents or over something silly... XD That would be bananas!
  5. In the rule "Writing your personality" it sounds contradictory to tell people to express themselves as they would others to see them, and then to say that they shouldn't use "excessive slang". What is or what is not excessive is to taste more often than not. I work with kids all day who use slang more often than not, it's just how they are. So what's to say that someone who comes to Iwaku might use slang rather often in their casual speech? Should they have to change themselves? I guess what I'm trying to say is, that portion of the rule might come across as overbearing.

    Also as has been mentioned above, the spoiler rule feels a bit strange in comparison to the rest. If only in terms of importance for the sites guidelines and rules.
  6. Ah, thank you, thank you. What it's supposed to mean by excessive slang, is just the internet shorthand and 1337 speaking style slang, not the stuff we use in everyday speak. I will have that edited. 8D