Updating our Donor System aka Account Upgrades!

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Greetings minions. ⊙,⊙

We're making some changes to the donor system! Why? Well, we're making it easier for the Owl Mother to manage the greater Empire. With multiple websites and multiple payment gateways it's been a messy beast and since it all goes to the same bills anyway (JARED), we're simplifying things where possible.

Iwaku is such a badass that through yearly fundraisers we're able to pay for the bulk of our hosting and software licensing costs for the entire year. How amazing is that? However the Account Upgrade subscriptions need to be streamlined and updated for our modern community. Basically we're just going to cut out extra nonsense that no one is really using. If you have a current subscription it will run until you decide to cancel it. All new subscriptions will choose from a single upgrade price.

We will have one upgrade at $2. It'll come in One Time Payment, Recurring Subscription, and Invisible versions (for those people that like perks but not the sparkles). It can also be gifted to a friend! We chose 2 bucks to off-set some of our Paypal fee issues on the 1 dollar transactions, while also being fair to the amount of site perks you get!

If you really, really, really want to donate more, save that cash for our yearly FUNDRAISER EVENT where our reward goals are always too cocky and regrets are had! Our next fundraiser will be sometime in 2020. (It's not happening until every last one of these damn owls are mailed.) And if that is not enough you can always support Iwaku and it's Sister Sites through the Owl Mother's Patreon. The rewards for tiers are ridiculous, but you will get access to personal updates.

Iwaku's bills always get paid with or without donations. So do you know what is ACTUALLY important for our success and survival? You guys! Without members who are active and engaging, there is no community. You minions are the most valuable thing here. <3 Here are a few ways that you can help keep Iwaku a wonderful place to roleplay and hangout.

  • Roleplay. By golly, go roleplay and have fun.
  • Greet new members! You might just meet your next partner!
  • Post topics and replies in General Chatting. Again, you could meet new friends and potential partners.
  • Reply to Help topics, especially in our Roleplay Guides & Roleplay Help section. New players need guidance.
  • See somebody being a shithole? Report it. Iwaku is a friendly and inclusive community, we want it to stay that way.
  • Vote every single day in the top site listings. The higher we rank, the more people that see us, and the more new members we get!


Donator Perks has been updated to the Account Upgrades Guide. It lists what you get in the subscription.

We now have a Where the Money Goes guide so you can see what software, addons, and other resource costs Iwaku piles up during a year. It'll be periodically updated when needed after update days.