Updated: Still Seeking Rp Partners

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  1. Call me A.D.D. but I get bored easily and like to have a lot of things going on at once. This is especially true when I am Message Board Rping.

    I am currently still seeking partners who would like to do a OneXOne. However if you want to do a group…well hell, I guess I am game.

    Anyway, I enjoy fantasy, romance, adventure, science fiction, and horror. Any combination of those is fantastic. I don’t care to do modern unless there is an element of fantasy or some crazy action going on. So if you want to do a modern Rp, get ready to sell it. Lol

    I prefer to play a female character, however I am more than happy to dust off some of my male characters. Seriously, they are getting bored drinking and playing poker with each other.

    If you would like a bio on any of my characters or a picture, just let me know and I can whip something up.

    I will NOT do anything mature unless the situation calls for it and even then it will most likely be a scene cut. Think of me like a girl with a three date rule. Our characters need to be interacting for a while before the scenes get steamy. Just forewarning.

    I have some ideas this time around if anyone is interested, but I am always, ALWAYS, happy to hear new ones.

    A forced marriage. I really don’t have anything in mind for this one. It would obviously be a romance, but I don’t want it to be a mature story. I want to focus more on the struggles of the characters to get along. Think Hades and Persephone if you must.
    2. Anything relating to the Grimm Fairy Tales. I would love to do a funny romance one centered around the plot to King Thrushbeard, but I have recently been really thinking about a great horror one with the plot of Robber Bridegroom. If you understand what I just said, you are awesome go have a cookie! Right now!
    3. Any Rp that is rich with the classic mythos is amazing. You have an idea about a Griffin, please throw that at my face. I will eat it up. Elves, you’re on! I like these rps to either just be all by ear or have a very general goal. It’s all up in the air.
    4.I have really been interested in doing a science fiction rp not related to any fanbase. I don’t have a plot just a character in mind.
    5. If you have idea and want think I might be interested. Please ask! I am more than willing to hear your what you have and will most likely be very happy to join you!

    If any of these interest you, Please Pm me the details so we can start working on some stuffs.

    Also I would like to say, if at any point during an Rp you are unhappy or get bored, just let me know. Writing, like other art, cannot improve unless it is critiqued. So let me know.
    That’s it! Thanks guys!

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    Hey I have to go offline quick, but message me I'm sure we can sort something out to fit into al of those genres ^^
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    Thank you everyone who has responded! :)
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    MSG me. I'll definitely help ya out :3
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    Oi, I would like to work something out with you ;) I need some onexone RP for the kicks.
  6. Updated! Thank you everyone who has responded thus far. :)
  7. I'm really interested in the idea of an arranged marriage and its consequences...message me!
  8. If you're still interested I would like to try doing a sci-fi Rp with you. I have somewhat of a rough plot in my mind for one, but you know, it's not like we need to do it at all! Anyways, get back to me.