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  1. I am seeking partners, I am comfortable playing either. male or female in most of these rps.

    I post anywhere from a single paragraph to several depending on what the situation requires basically I will match your post size, but no one liners please.I don't think post size matters as much as quality of story and character development. (one liners are not conducive to this)

    I am open to suggestions and I am rather flexible so message me if your interested or post with questions.

    Post Apocalypse-Changed: As wars arose and grew more and more aggressive, bunkers were built deep beneath the earth, some as large as small towns and most with enough supplies and means to survive for 50 years. As the atomic war threatened human kinds survival, people retreated to their bunkers. When they emerge 50 years later (some sooner) the world is a changed place with new species of both animal and plant kind, making it seem as though they have emerged on an alien planet. As they begin to grow food and filter water, people start getting sick and some die but some begin to change. (think of it as rapid evaluation, Someone who is blind may develop the ability to see through others by touch or someone who was burned once may become fire proof and be able to manipulate flames etc...)

    Fantasy-Kings Labyrinth:it would be comparable to the Victorian age mixed with the middle ages. There are none of the modern convinces such as electronics (no electricity at all) There are however, basic guns, like pistols and riffles, nothing automatic.
    There is a city of significant size that is right in the middle of the labyrinth, or at least, it is assumed to be the middle. Nobody really knows for certain as the maze has never been mapped, changing each night.
    The City is set up in five block sections. Basically five cities close together, farms and such between.
    Central city. Which of course, is in the middle of the other four.
    North city, South city, East City and North city are the other four.
    The maze is divided into five sections, just as the city. The city itself however, is the middle section. The other four, are the fore directions, just like the city.
    Within the labyrinth are several different creatures/ monsters. Which is why border patrols are in place and only authorized individuals are allowed into the maze. (I have more details for this one that will be discussed via pm)

    Fantays/modern-Magic of the moon: ( I know, out of season, but still fun!) A small country town far from any big city has a long berried secret. Once, a long time ago, a coven of witches were discovered out in the fields brewing a potion in the light of the moon. When the witch hunters came they spilled the contents of the cauldron before the spell could be completed.
    Generations have past since then and it's been all but forgotten, just common folklore and children's tales.

    One young girl was told the tales in great detail by her great grandmother who gave her an old leather bound book. The little girl grew up reading the book, which was filled with fantastical creatures and all sorts of information about them. It seemed every time she opened it, there would be more inside yet the book never looked larger.

    The towns people began to know her as the freak and a witch and other unkind insults. The girl however, for the most part, ignored them and when she went home she would get lost in her books and writing her own stories and creating worlds of fantasy.

    One Halloween night when she was still just young, she went out into the fields when the moon was full and bright. There she was pretending to be the witches brewing, she chanted the words her great grandmother had told her about.
    What she didn't know was that the brewed potion had gone into the ground and up again through the crops and fed to all the locals. The girl unknowingly completed the spell.

    The spell still took it's time and did not go into effect until the moon landed full on Halloween again. And that's when things began to change. The costumes are beginning to be fused to the person and granting them powers and abilities that they did not have before.

    Sci-fi-Inside the Bubble: The earths resources have all been used up and the plants have died and left the earth a dusty waste land with terrible sand storms that are continuous. Human kind built giant domed structures and built cities within and deep below ground. As the years go on, the domes are becoming more cramped and rations smaller and rules stricture. Inside the bubble they wait for the ships gone to space to search for a new home to return but it is looking more and more like they never will and fears of extinction are real.

    Pirates: The world is primarily water and pirates rule the seas. Merchants and fishermen must buy their passage across the seas, paying them with food and alcohol and other useful items. Some people have developed abilities that help them to live in this water world. Gills and webbed fingers and the like (be creative! :D ) These people are often shunned and end up going pirate. In some placed they are accepted as valuable members of society.
    (yes, this was inspired heavily on the movie: Water world, I think that's what it was called....)

    Modern,survival adventure-Lost in the Amazon: Basically a group of people get lost in the amazon and have to try to survive but just end up going deeper and deeper and having to flee from hostile natives and mysterious animals that have yet to be discovered

    Post Apocalypse-Wolves Run:
    So in the world it's primarily humans and thing such as werewolves are unknown to the general population. Well, a scientist hits a guy with his car and since he's way up in the mountains theres no time to take him to hospital so he takes the guy home to his lab with the intent to patch him up etc.. by the time he gets thee the guy is pretty much healed. So the scientist takes blood samples and long story short ends up creating a "cure all" from the the guys blood. After the drug is sold off and widely accepted, a side effect kicks in, people are turning into wolves. Some of them going mad and attacking people and the people who are bit turn into wolves.
    So in my book, humans hate, fear hunt and kill wolves and live in these walled cities. the walls made of metal infused with silver to keep the wolves out. the world outside these cities are all gone back to nature, forests and everything.
    Then there are the werewolf camps where basically wolves caught alive are put and studied, trying to find a cure. They are not treated well at all, beaten and starved and forced to work.
    So there's 3 types of werewolves. The natural ones (like the guy hit by the car) who were borne werewolf, then the infected (taken the drug an turned werewolf) and the bitten (anyone bitten by a natural werewolf or an infected)
    There's not a lot of difference between them though. Basically a natural werewolf is gonna be stronger, faster and just more powerful. There's not as man of those.

    Alien invasion: Basically there was an Alien attack on earth 300 years ago but humans lost this war and are now enslaved by the aliens. Humans are being treated like animals and some humans act like it. There's been no formal education so all the humans know is slavery.
    Not all of the humans are satisfied being slaves and many have escaped to live in whats left of the world outside the slave camps, having to live in hiding and always on the run.

    Ghost Writer: You're character purchasing an old blank journal from a used bookstore. When he/she writes in said journal, everything he or she writes fades. When the book is opened again, there is new writing in the book. (I have some plot idea for this but it's very flexible)

    FANDOMS I would be willing to rp
    (I only play OC's)

    Walking dead
    Lord of the Rings
    Harry Potter

    I'm open to discussing others, just cant' think of anymore at the moment
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