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  1. Hello! Before we get started, let me tell you a little about myself: I’m female, 19 years old and ask that you be 18+, because some of the roleplays I’d like to do are more mature themes. Also, I only like to roleplay with females. Sorry, but it’s just my comfort level. Currently, I am looking for a majority of fandom, OC x Canon roleplays. Also, I am looking for something more long-term. If you’re someone who likes to leave after we plan, or even after the first post is sent, please don’t contact me. Anyway, on to the rules:

    Length: Normally, I write 2-6 paragraphs, depending on the scene. At the very least, I will write two paragraphs. I don’t ask that you match that, but I do ask that you can at least write a paragraph in response.
    Formatting: I write in 3rd person, paragraph form. Don’t ask me to write in 1st person, because I won’t.
    Characters/love interest: When it comes to fandoms, I will be playing an OC, and ask that you play that OC’s love interest. I’ll be more than happy to double for you. (Doubling is a must.) As for characters, I’m not going to nit pick every little thing, but let’s just try and avoid mary sues/gary sues. (m/f, m/m, f/f/ pairings are allowed.)
    If we’re doing an original, I do like m/f pairings the most, and I prefer to play the female, though f/f and m/m pairings are allowed.
    Spelling/Grammar: Honestly, as long as you have decent grammar/punctuation and I can understand what you’re saying, I’m good. We all make mistakes sometimes, even I make them.
    Patience and commitment: While I can reply multiple times a day, there will be times where life happens and I can't reply as much or even at all. If something happens where I won't be able to respond for a few days, I will let my partner know about that. Now, if we decide to roleplay and plan everything out, don't leave the roleplay (without a word) once everything is planned out. If you're just not interested anymore, let me know! I won't be mad, I'll be more bummed if you leave without a word.
    Location: I prefer to roleplay over email, but you can PM me here as well!
    Romance is a must, though it doesn’t need to be the only thing the story is about.
    Doubling is also a must when it comes to fandoms.
    Split roleplays are an option.
    Do not contact me if you plan on leaving before we can even start the roleplay. (After planing, for example.)
    Don’t just message me saying “Want to roleplay?” Tell me about yourself, your roleplaying style, age, what you’d like to roleplay, favorite color or something.

    Cravings (Fandoms):
    (the more * means the more I’m craving it. Also, who I’d play is in bold.)
    x Edward Cullen.
    OC x
    The Joker.
    OC x Bruce Wayne.
    How To Get Away With Murder.*
    x Wes Gibbins.
    OC x Frank Delfino.
    Doctor Who.
    x 10th Doctor.
    OC x 11th Doctor.

    Other Fandoms I roleplay.
    Ghost Whisperer.
    Grey’s Anatomy.
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
    Once Upon A Time.
    Sherlock. (BBC version.)
    Star Trek. (2009 reboot.)
    DC. (Cinematic.)
    Marvel. (Cinematic. Will take some convincing.)
    Orange Is the new black.
    Breaking Bad.
    The Hunger Games.
    Supernatural. (Earlier seasons.)
    American Horror Story.

    If interested, you can PM me here!
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  2. Really wanting something from my cravings!
  3. Still searching.
  4. Still poking... :)
  5. Really wanting how to get away with murder. :)
  6. Interested in doing a How to Get Away with Murder one :) or Grey's Anatomy
  7. Nice! PM me?
  8. Still searching.
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  9. Kinda craving breaking bad at the moment... :)
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  10. Anyone interested?
  11. Would you be interested in Percy Jackson or The Hunger Games?
  12. Sure! Pm me?
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  13. I can dig a Star Trek rp ^.^
  14. Awesome! PM me?
  15. Updated.. Really craving some DC!
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