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  1. Please note purely satirical. I actually do like the update. :P

    *Sips Tea while sitting on comfy chair all retired and shit*
    *Site get's an update*
    *Goes to check said result*






    MY EYES!



    *Gets off chair, puts on General Hat and badges*
    *Get's on his Baneblade and yells*

    "Drive me forward Revolutionist! I wish to hit this update with my sword!".
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  2. Not this shit again.
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  3. Do you WANT me to have a fit of frustrated rage and destroy you along with all of mankind? o_______o
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  4. @Gwazi - Suck it up, buttercup.
  5. We survived you once, we can do so again!
  6. >:[ You realize it's frustrating enough with all of the genuine complaints, dumb complaints, and so on without someone starting a riot and making it worse.

    It's not fun. ;___;
  7. Wait with your revolution until Diana officially says that she's done with all the updates, otherwise Diana might explode. We dun wanna die by her organs smashing us all dead o.o

  8. Let's all just sit the fuck back and let Diana do her job. Joking or not, this is a bit much.

    In the meantime, here are some sweet tunes to calm you all down.
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  9. Every time you say the word revolution or talk about having one, George Washington's corpse gets defiled.
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  10. Sounds like a good time.
  11. Would it be possible to also not use pure white font on a pure black background? Grey down the font a bit, it physically hurts my eyes to read anything greater than 1 paragraph because of the contrast. I'm using Grey Mist to deal with this problem, but it's just so...Well, grey. So bleak and bland but it's the only one that doesn't have clashing colors and/or hurt my eyes.
  12. Try turning down the brightness on your screen. It tends to help with those sorts of problems -- makes everything less eye hurt-y.
  13. dimmed it a bit. o__o if I dim it too much, though it's going to look like colored text and then conflict with people's bbcode styling in posts.
  14. Serious question.
    How is the site back but updates are still being done?
    Didn't the site need to be closed down for it to avoid losing stuff?
  15. This is true, but I shuffle between this site and my games, I'm not going to adjust my monitor for one website when I play 3298762389 games and vising 23894726 other sites in between. It's the better option to use this cloud of grey smoke than adjusting everytime I change windows to play a game.
    Perhaps an alternate skin for those of us that have this problem? It seems to be a rare problem and I'd hate to make you change the whole site for just me, but perhaps just a skin that uses different colors?
  16. She said on the announcement thread that pretty much everything that was left to do could be done while the forums were still running.

    o3o I'm switching between a bunch of tabs, too, but I still like to keep my brightness low. Are you sure all your games and such demand a high brightness?

    I mean, just a suggestion. I think it would be more comfortable to just turn the brightness down across the board.
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  17. ALSO

    What shade of off-white were you using before the updates? I know that that "white" was slightly dimmer than pure white (the difference being quite noticeable when comparing the two), and that seemed to work well on a pure black background. Why not just use that, instead of trying to find the new perfect off-white?
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  18. -whispers- because I dun remember what color it was. ._______.
  19. Is this helpful?
  20. I've adjusted my monitor many times to be sure it wasn't too dim or bright, gamer before RPer, and with my particular monitor a setting of 75 is the ideal point for 90% of the games I play (occasionally I do adjust it if I plan on playing one of the 10% for extended periods of time.)
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