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  1. We are currently working on a full style update with a professional style, thanks to a very hefty donation from miss @angelkate !


    Much to the horror of our change-haters, this IS going to change the way Iwaku looks in many areas of the site. Some things will be shifted around and we'll have to get used to it.

    With any big update, it tends to come with new bugs we have to figure out.

    We will be REMOVING most of our current style color choices.


    Because it is a professional style, we should have BETTER mobile support AND we'll be able to report bugs and problems to the style coder who have much more knowledge for fixing these kind of things.

    The new style framework gives us a chance to make NICER Dark vs Light versions without all of the annoying problems we had with inverting the colors.

    Which means we might be able to give you many new color options! Which includes some medium backgrounds and not just black or white choices.

    Now is a good time to tell us what your FAVORITE COLORS are, or show us colour palettes you really like.
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  2. Warm browns and oranges!

    Also, @Anglkate Thank you so much. We all appreciate it. :hug:
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  3. I ask for something with orange! And just more layouts without fluorescent colours, like the lime green, hot pink, etc. Otherwise the only complaint I have about the layouts is something that can't really be monitored (people using colored text that doesn't show up well on certain backgrounds, like using white text... so many times I've thought a post was blank until I highlighted it. @_@)
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  4. Blues, always blues. Any shade!
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  5. I feel this so much.
  6. So far my absolute favorite is:

    Lucid Dreaming

    Runner up is:

    Where's the Rum

    Some I choose from your pallets (I might or might not go back to look at all of them)

    End of the World

    Tainted Love

    Dad is a Painter

    70's Kitchen

    Break Your Heart

    In summary I like soft colors be it warm or cold and multiple colors like earthly :)

    You took away the reply to post button D:
  7. I think we all know which color I will say...

  8. goodness gracious has all my fav colors: blue/green/purple :D

    Jungle Ferns is greeen :D

    Little Dragon is cool
  9. Browns, blues and golds!


    (sorry for the capsgasm)
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  12. PLEASE, keep it a dark colour.
    It's much softer for my eyes when I do some late night typing, so any colour, but keep it soft to my eyes.
    Change isn't what bothers me, overkilling is what does.
    Just look at otakuworld.me! D:

    Alas, it seems the overhaul is inevitable.
    So, pleeeeaaaaase, Diana, you seem smart enough. Keep it simple and sober.
    For me?
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  13. I really, really need a lighter color. I think we need to keep both light and dark themes, but I think at least a few of each is really the best idea.

    As for colors, I would appreciate the less-common pastel colors for themes <3
  14. I second @Anglkate on the blue/purple/green. I also like darker backgrounds but with the colors not so brightly contrasting that I feel like I'm at a rave. @_@ I have sensitive eyes.

    I picked this avatar partly because of the perfectly contrasting and beautiful colors that are all favorites of mine.
  15. I can promise there will be a Black bg theme, a Dark Grey bg theme, a Light Grey bg theme and a White bg theme at minimum. O___O Hopefully all with complimentary and non blinding colors, based on the most popular colors request from members. Anything outside of that will be a happy bonus.

    So it'd be also really helpful if you told me which colors you liked with which backgrounds. 8D Bonus points for finding a palette on colourlovers so I can see the exact tones and shades.
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  16. I like our current garnet setting, and would also like a burnt orange on dark grey if possible
  17. The only thing I have say negative bout the style change on mobile is everything gets screwed when I rotate my phone horizontal... Is there a to fix? I wouldn't mind a lighter bg colour then black. I love the look but my eyes start to hurt after a while.
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