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  1. With the recent announcement regarding the forum audit, we announced that the Admins are busy reworking some aspects of the site in an effort to improve site usability and adapt to the needs of the memberbase. In line with this, we're going to be reorganising and tweaking a few things around the site.

    In order to do this as smoothly as possible without any posts or people getting lost in the mix, the site is going to be temporarily down for maintenance during the following times:

    June 16 2AM Central Time - June 16 10AM Central Time

    It is completely plausible that the maintenance will not take the full time slot and that function will resume early but the full eight hours is being reserved in order to ensure that there is no surprise extension of the downtime needed. Better to plan for more and need less than the reverse. The Iwaku Discord will still be available during this time period and updates in the maintenance process will be announced as they are available there.

    Thanks everyone for your understanding! Be sure to bring your owl treats to feed the Diana while we clean out her habitat.
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  2. y'all motherfuckers are cray
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  3. Just pull the plug.

    Go on.

    You know you want to.
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  4. Luckily I'll be on vacation that day so I won't be caring about a thing! Woot woot.

    Have fun admins! Don't break anything.
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  5. Also, since timezones are different and people are lazy, I decided to make this helpful guide of the more common timezones. ( I can do more if anyone wants to knows there)


    This would be 3AM-11AM EDT. ( Whichever you prefer)

    12AM-8AM Pacific Time/MDT

    1 AM- 9 AM MST,

    11PM- 7 AM AKDT. ( Starting Friday June 15th)

    9PM- 5AM HST ( Starting Friday June 15th)

    Other common city timezones

    London Time would be 8AM-4PM.

    For those close to Paris it would be 9AM-5PM.

    For those close to Moscow, it would be 10AM-6PM.

    For those close to Sydeny, that would be 5PM- 1AM ( Going into June 17th)

    For those close to Beijing, that would be 3PM-11PM.

    For those close to Tokoyo, that would 4PM- 12AM ( Going into June 17th)

    I can find more if anyone has a location and is too lazy to look.
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  6. aww yeaaaah I can get drunk this time!
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  7. Okay, thanks for letting me know when I have to buy a couple of beer packs and get drunk like there's no tomorrow.
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  8. Thank you for compiling the local zones for us! Very thoughtful of you. :)
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  9. Is this when the blog section is finally gonna get axed or is it still going to be around for a bit longer?

    I haven't copied stuff over yet but if it's about to get dumped then I'll get to it!
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  11. Nope, that's still being held off until software updates and will come with a specific warning that blogs are going away. You should definitely get it done as soon as possible though. :P
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  12. Waaah, I hope everything for the maintenance runs smoothly.
    I have my rp scheduled to open on that day woops
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  13. *Internal screaming*
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I’ll be sleeping and working hahaha. 8D nothing to worry about here losers