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  1. Oh man. Oh mannnn. I am SO HYPED for so many upcoming movies! The Force Awakens, Deadpool, The Fifth Wave(hopefully it'll live up to the novel, butttt I'm a tad wary), and shame upon me but Zoolander 2. Though that's more of a 'hype for dying from ridiculousness' thing.

    Are you excited about any soon-to-be released movies? If so, what upcoming movies are you guys hyped for?
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  2. Deadpool & Civil War.
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  3. I will always be a kid. I am excited for The Nut Job 2, Kung Fu Panda 3, Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets, and Ice Age: Collision Course.


    For not animated movies Amityville: The Awakening (because of Cameron Monaghan), The Jungle Book, Nine Lives (maybe, still waiting on a trailer), X-Men: Apocalypse (finally another movie with Nightcrawler!), and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

    And of course The Dark Tower, but that is in 2017 (hopefully).
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  4. The Force Awakens. Let's hope they do the series justice.

    Not really excited for anything else, other than Deadpool.
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  5. Deadpool and Civil War I'm just flat out excited for (especially Civil War. :3).

    Batman VS Superman I'm skeptic about, it looks like it might be good, but it also really looks like DC is trying:

    1) To catch up to Marvel in a handful of years, not realizing how much pre-planning and build up Marvel had to do to make there's work.
    2) Shoving in wonder woman just to go "Look! Female! See?". When she should either get her own movie or simply not shoved into every trailer (I mean look at Black Widow. Never got her own movie, and everyone loved her without Marvel needing to just flaunt her about in the first avengers trailer).

    Then there's Star Wars Episode 7.

    This one I'm both excited and cautious of.
    I really REALLY want it to be good.

    But Disney is... Unpredictable with their licensing, sometimes they know to respect the series, other times they monopolize the hell out of it for quick profits.
    And there's three things that make me fear is going to be a monopoly.

    1) Claiming to make a movie every year. Either they're investing a ton of resource and separate teams to make all these movies, or they're rushing it out way to fast.
    2) Cutting off the Expanded Universe. The fact they chose to go "Nope! We don't want this!" rather than going "He's a huge universe, let's add to it" shows a lack of respect.
    (Yes I know people will argue this defensively with stuff like "They said they'd keep some!" or "Expanded Universe had a lot of shit!". But most expanded universe ignores most of the rest, they don't need to make reference to the bad, and to my knowledge they still consider Kotor, one of the best things in Star Wars non-canon).
    3) When I was little and went to Disney World, I went to a ride called Star Tours. It was fun, but in their store right next door? They had shit like Mickey Mouse Jedi figurines and the like. Which helped highlight that Disney even back then viewed Star Wars as a bit of a label thing to sell their stuff through.

    But yea, all four of these movies I am excited for and want to see.
    But two of them also have some doubt involved.
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  6. Toy Story 4, I really want Woody to be reunited with Bo Peep, also i cant wait for the other pixar movies (Mostly Coco.)
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  7. The Force Awakens.

    Also, this doesn't count, but since every episode is basically a one-hour movie, Game of Thrones Season 6.
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  8. Basically Just Star Wars.

    I’m excited for all of them. Especially the Star Wars Anthology.

    Whether it is actually “good” or not, I’ll end up liking it. The Prequels were great. And I’m glad they are doing movies to continue the story. Instead of just letting random people go off on tangents and create all the shit that is the EU.






    That's pretty much it. O_O It's the only one I intend to go see in the theater. Everything else is cool, but I'mma wait till it's out on DVD.
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  10. THE HYPE.

    Oh hay @Diana , didn't we all go see one of the Star Wars Prequel movies together one time? lolololo I think it was Revenge of the Sith?
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  11. Ratchet and Clank the movie. April 29, 2016. My mom and I are gonna go see it.
  12. Looking forward to Star Wars (of course), Hateful Eight, and the Revenant. Love me some Tom Hardy.

    Also, soon, we'll all get to be faux-movie critics with the Oscars. Fingers crossed for Mad Max in there somewhere.
  13. Is that going to be a thing?!

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  14. YEAH MAN!!!!! IT'S COMPLETED. CHECK THE IMDB! I really wanna get tickets for the opening day......maybe my boss will let me have that day off.

  16. @Seiji There's a website (I think it's ratchetandclankmovie .com) or you can check youtube. I'd post a link but it's near impossible for me on this damn phone :p
  17. Got the link for you ^^
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  19. Oh my god 2016 is the hypest year for movies OF ALL TIME.
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  20. There's more? *posts* xD
    This board needed to be flooded with Ratchet and Clank trailers, right?

    Aww dang I could only find one more.