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  1. So it seems that every night I come up with a new idea for a role-play, and sadly don't have time to do them all, but this one seems exceptionally fun and dramatic if done right.

    It's a bit more strict than my usually role-plays, so it would take a lot of OCC discussion before the story so there would be no toe-stepping.

    I love Sid Meier's Civilization and am currently playing V with obsession. And a few years ago a thought about writing a story about the diplomacy. Then I found Iwaku and thought it would make an awesome role-play, and am now curious to see if anyone else does.

    So I figured the players would make their ruler and their empire, explaining what they are centered around, their peoples happiness, their resources, the number of large cities, conquest, city-state relationships, religions, wealth and all that good stuff. Then also what kind of ruler they are. Do they punish those who do not follow their beliefs? Do they let them have freedoms, or is it a strict dictatorship where what they say goes. Just lots of details.

    The characters would be easy, it's the making of empires that would be hard. Everyone would have to make their kingdom and explain their location, resources, and all that. Then once I get a full player list, I would close it then we would have to discuses the wars or conflicts the other kingdoms had. And that's my major draw back from doing this whole deally do.

    I had a story in mind that would focus all on the diplomacy. It is where much of the world was at war, not everyone, but most everyone. The more peaceful rulers have come together and agreed that the best thing to do was to hold a giant embassy. They work together to get the other rulers to join them, and eventually manage to get them all to come. Some were harder to convince, and a few strings had to be pulled. So they all met up at a city-state without allies of affiliations to have a peace-meeting. For weeks they stay in a small room, never allowed to leave till terms are met.

    And that's where we would all be, in the peace-meeting. We would discuss current affairs and terms, views and trades. Some allied members might whisper to each-other about the one across the room which they are warring with. Others may plot to spike a drink for their enemy across the room.

    So what do you think?
  2. Seems... complicated, but if done right it should be very interesting.

    Count me in.