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  1. Hello again lovely peeps of Iwaku. :] Once again i'm looking for partners. The past little bit I have found them to be quite scarce. So i'll make it quick.

    1. I'm up for anything, just pm me suggestions or post a visitor message or reply here. just contact me somehow.
    2. I play female
    3. No limits other than incest (including step), no threesomes, foursomes etc., and mxf only
    4. I will rp over thread, pm, or email
    5. I do fandoms and animes. Just ask me which ones (oc x oc or oc x canon only)
    6. If you have questions just ask away.

    I do have something I would like to try, but no one's been up for it. Contact me for further detail if you don't have a suggestion first.
  2. Would you mind doubling
    (Like, we can each be one girl and one boy?)
  3. Sorry but I don't really like too.
  4. Whats your idea?
  5. My idea is a craving that never quite got satisfied awhile ago. I was looking or a romance and I wanted to use my new character. She's a blind dancer. And I don't have any idea who to pair her with.
  6. Hey I'm trying to get back into writing. But I am totally up for anything. So if you are willing to take a "newbie" who might be a little rusty since it's been a little over six months since I've written anything. I am up to hear what your idea that others have turned down is. :)