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  1. Due to reasons, I'm looking for someone who prefers PM over group/public threads. Less pressure that way.

    Style: Third person.

    Length: Avoids verbose and or one-liner posts. (Unless we're having too much fun, haha!)

    Frequency: One or two responses a day at least, usually. Won't take longer than 2 days unless something unexpected comes up.

    Candy: Character development, chemistry tension, mysteries and or suspense, plot twists.

    No-no's: Inconsistent portrayal, tasteless gore, unexplained impulses.

    Interests: Bring up your fancy through PM. I surprise even myself sometimes.

    Pardon my bland formatting; I'm on smartphone browser!

    Currently there has been a plot bunny chewing on me. Let's feed it!

    In the world of Erevia, dragons and humans coexist together, fight together .. and against each other.

    Well, even same species have domestic feuds, right?

    There are Ryders who fight alongside their mount, Slayers who subject dragons as hunting targets, and Shiftlings who are were descendants of the magnificent creatures.

    Character A hunts exiled dragons for the perks: free lodging, smitten fans and, the highlight, lots and lots of gold .. as tribute to the Dragon Lord who has kept his/her family hostage.

    Character B is a Shiftling who left his/her sanctuary to live in the exciting human world. A bit of fun goes wrong when his/her identity is accidentally revealed to the entire town.

    Their lives are intertwined when A captures B, blackmailing to expose his/her whereabouts to the entire kingdom unless he/she aids him in defeating the Lord, and saving his family.

    Character C is a chagrin to his/her town after sealing a Pact with a young dragon. Tamers were useful when they intend to fight for the army, deadly if they changed teams. On the night the king sent assassins to remove such a volatile pawn and pillage the town to remove evidence, C flew away with his/her partner to safety, vowing to avenge everyone who was sacrificed. He/She stumbles upon a strange duo, and decides to join them. Before he/she unhatches the plan to thwart the humans.

    I honestly don't mind if this is MxM, FxF or MxF. PM me for collab talk!
  2. Mmhhh I would like to do this. Mxm and play char B
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.